Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Criminal Minds Favorite Unsubs - Part 2

Here is our second offering of our favorite Criminal Minds UNSUBS

Tobias Hankel, portrayed by James Van Der Beek, in The Big Game and Revelations (S2, Eps 14 and 15)

A triple split personality? Who, besides Sybil has more than one multiple personality? Sorry, that had to be said. Tobias Hankel was a tortured soul who you could feel sorry for, what with a religious zealot for a father and his own heavy drug use, he truly lost touch with the real world when he went on his killing spree. The fact that he captured our beloved Reid, injected him with hallucinogenic drugs and brutally murdered people and posted his kills on the internet earns a special place in our UNSUB Hall of Fame. What do you love to hate about Tobias Hankel?

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  1. Of course, being a Reid fan, this is the one unsub who really kept me up nights. It seemed like such a long time between Sunday and Wednesday of that week! If you own the dvd's and haven't watched this episode with the commentary on, then you certainly need to do so.

    What do I love about Tobias Hankel? Nothing! I do love that James Van Der Beek did such an excellent job portraying him! These are two of my favourite episodes of Criminal Minds ever!


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