Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Criminal Minds Favorite Unsubs - Part 3

Frank Breitkopf, portrayed by Keith Carradine, in No Way Out (1) and No Way Out (2): The Evilution of Frank (S2, Eps 13 and 23)

Frank was a very disturbed man who had a warped sense of humor (telling Gideon that he wanted to “pick” his brain or saying “what’s the psychopath got in the bag, Jason?”). He was the most prolific serial killer Gideon and the team hunted. He went to Golconda every year to see Jane, and finally got his prize, but when she left him, he went hunting by systematically killing everyone that meant something to Gideon to get her back. He did it all for the love of Jane! CREEPY! Share your thoughts about Frank.

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  1. Yes, totally agree. Frank was totally CREEPY and EVIL. Although I guess I pretty much find ALL unsubs CREEPY and EVIL (lol). Keith Carradine did a superb job of portraying Frank as the epitome of antisocial personality disorder. One could really get the sense that Frank had absolutely no remorse for hurting/violating others, no regard for the feelings of others. And yet he had this sort of charm, albeit a warped, superficial sort of charm. CREEPAZOID!!!


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