Saturday, October 19, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 905. Route 66 - Extended Promo Video


  1. The promo looks amazing. I can't wait to see this episode, but I am so afraid I won't be able to hold my tears.
    Does anyone know the name of the song?

  2. Cant wait to see this sad but interesting to see Haley and REaper/C thomas howell once more is great

  3. Finally we get an episode of Hotch that appears to be exciting, sad, and emotionally compelling. I do not like the story for Hotch in seasons 7 and 8. I felt that Hotch's grieving process was not addressed since season 5. We need an episode like this. Yes, it will be sad, but this is the first episode that I will attempt to watch in over 2 years, and I hope it does not disappoint! Of course, I am sure the love-interest story will be addressed once again this season, but I hope not in this episode. This probably will be the only episode I watch of CM this season, but I adore Hotch so I can't miss this emotional episode.

  4. I am looking forward to this episode of Criminal Minds. In my opinion, it is on par with the stellar quality of episode 100 since it appears well - written and emotionally touching. I love that the writers finally address the effects of the Reaper's stab wounds on Hotch. Of course, Hotch will not die, but the episode will be full of suspense. I believe that such an episode would be perfect for a series finale of the show. From the promo, it is evident that Hotch struggles to stay alive, but even though this is sad, I much rather watch an episode like this than the Hotch relationship episodes of the previous two seasons. I believe that the writers do a much better job at tragic and emotionally - charged episodes than romance. I also like Hotch with Haley much better than with his current relationship. I know Haley did not treat Hotch well at times, but I still liked them together much more. I think the scenes of Hotch with Haley in this promo are touching and that Hotch looks absolutely adorable. I can't wait until Wednesday night!!!

  5. I was looking forward to this episode, but not now. Of course, I read that they have to show Hotch's life in the past 4 years including his girlfriend. I am so sick of this storyline and I know that most people disagree with me.I somehow knew that the writers would try to mention Beth, but I thought they would at least would not mention this topic until later in the season. I am nolonger going to watch this episode or any episodes of CM. I am so disappointed. I thought I could watch just one episode without Hotch's so called girlfriend. Despite the rest of the exciting promo, I cannot watch this episode that had potential.

  6. @ Anonymous October 22, 2013 at 11:43 PM

    In what universe the writers could concieve this storyline for Hotch without mentioning Beth? Would be nuts if they did NOT, a total continuity fail!

    I'm feed up with all those shippers who wanted Hotch with a certain profiler, something they pushed, and pushed for, when they should have already known it was NEVER going to happen. They created their own delusions, involved certain TV news sites - which were only too happy and clever feeding said delusions, as that generated revenue for them, - and then decided that their ship had to be canon because they felt entitled after posting, and posting, and posting about it all over the place, and always the same tiny amount of so-called fans.

    If someone can't watch an episode because someone is going to be MENTIONED, or can't watch a full season because a character is going to appear less then 10 minutes (scattered through 3 or 4 episodes, mind you), and then goes and post complaining about it left and right, the only thing said person accomplish is sounding childish or worse, appearing like a kid throwing a temper tantrum.

  7. I want to add to the above comment. My comment is going to be short since I am tired of trying to debate this matter with those who adore Beth. I posted the previous comment since I was very disappointed to find out that Beth was going to be mentioned. I wanted the writers to focus on Hotch and Haley and his love for Jack not Beth. Let those who adore this character relish in watching the Hotch/Beth episodes. I will stick to my old DVDS from seasons 1-5. I respect Hotch's character and hate the Beth storyline and do not like how it was written. That is my opinion, and I am allowed to have one. You are allowed to have an opinion too, but I am not childish just because I absolutely disapprove of this storyline for my favorite character. Everyone is in fact allowed to have an opinion! And, just to set the record straight I am not a shipper nor have I ever been one. And, although I disapprove of the idea of shipping Hotch and Prentis the shippers are also allowed to have an opinion. I never liked the so called idea of Hotch with Prentiss either. And, one could argue that people praising Beth right and left are repetitive as well. I know that I am not the only dedicated fan of the show that disapproves of Hotch and Beth. I know for a fact that some fans no longer watch the show because of this story line. I am done with the show and everything concerning it, but I needed to add to this comment.

  8. Maria has pretty much said everything I wanted to say but I'll add my two pence worth anyway. If all those who constantly say they will never again watch an episode, just do that because at this stage it is beyond boring to read the incessant whining about a character who has at best had 12 minutes (max) screen time over the course of 3 seasons and not all of that was with dialogue, has to the best of my knowledge been mentioned in passing in one further episode and will at best be an image on the screen in the upcoming episode. To be honest, I don't even consider it to be a 'storyline' for Hotch - sure it is to some degree, but reading some of the comments etc on various boards (this included), an intermittent viewer would assume that is was a central theme, when quite honestly, the personal lives of the main characters are generally pretty low key and sparse. So for those ‘fans’ who no longer watch the show because of this, you would have to wonder what sort of show they were expecting.

    I'm not sure why it should be assumed that everyone who has an opinion like mine or Maria's or the others who don't mind Beth as the minor character she is, are somehow adoring fans of the character. Personally, I can take or leave any of the minor characters. In fact, Will has always got on my nerves, and certainly did not deserve such a massive story line IMO. Kevin is a close second, and we will soon have a shirtless Morgan (does nothing for me), strutting about with some lady apparently, but I have never felt the need to stamp my feet and go on viewing strike, should I see their names appear on the cast list.

    This episode is very obviously primarily about Hotch and Haley and Jack, but anyone who expected that someone who has been apart of Hotch's life for nearly two years (not real time obviously), who is obviously an important part of his life, and now his son's life, would not be mentioned in an episode about his attempt to move on, is really not thinking clearly. To refuse to watch a show because of the very very very very occasional appearance of a very very minor character, is a little odd IMO but as Annon etc has said, that is their opinion and they are indeed entitled to it. But please, for the sake of those who enjoy the show, if you don't like the show, don't watch it.


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