Monday, October 14, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 905. Route 66 - Promo Photos

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  1. The pictures and description of this episode suggest that it will be great! Since season 5, I wanted the writers to explore the consequences of the Reaper attack on Hotch. Instead, the writers mostly ignored this topic and moved on to the Beth story, which I do not like at all. Yes, I know many people on this site enjoy that story, but I do not and that is my honest opinion. I was never a Hotch/Prentiss shipper either. I was not really a fan of Hotch moving on at least until the last year of the series, and I think the Beth story was a bit forced on those who did not like the story. I do not think it works at all and still cannot watch these episodes. I guess I am so particular since Hotch was always my favorite character on CM, and I do not like the direction of his character since season 7. I think other aspects of Hotch's character should have been explored first before this story. Anyways, I am finally looking forward to watching an episode without Beth. At least, fans opposed to the idea of Beth can enjoy just one good Hotch episode before the season most likely includes more Beth episodes. I at least give credit to the writers for finally addressing the Reaper incidence's effects on Hotch. I know a lot of fans would hope that Beth was in this episode, but I am just happy I can enjoy one episode for once without her. I could be wrong but this episode appears to be an episode I will enjoy. I like the reference to Haley since I know Hotch probably struggled with her death. I know she was not exactly loyal to him, but I prefer her to Beth. This may be the last episode I watch for the rest of the season, but at least I might enjoy it before I revert back to my season 1-6 DVDs of the show. Thanks for allowing me to post my opinions on this site.


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