Sunday, September 15, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - Thomas Gibson will appear on the CBS talk show 'The Talk'

Criminal Minds' star Thomas Gibson will be a appear on the CBS talk show 'The Talk' on Tuesday, Sept 17 at 2pm EST.

Source CBS Press Express


  1. Yes! I hope this is indicative that we will be seeing more of Thomas. His presence, dry humor and good looks have been missed.

  2. it's look like Thomas isn't on the talk today

  3. did anybody see thomas on the talk today i didnt

  4. He was a "no show".........wonder what happened??????

  5. According to Criminal Minds Executive Producer Harry Bring, yesterday Thomas Gibson was ill and had to cancel his presence on "The Talk".

    We do NOT know if it was a cancellation, or the interview has been re-scheduled. If we learn anything new, be sure we'll share the information with you all :-)


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