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Criminal Minds: SPOILER season 9 from TVGuide

Criminal Minds' ninth season, premiering Sept. 25, "is shaping up to be the season of J.J.," reports A.J. Cook of her character, who was written out of the CBS procedural during Season 6. (Fan backlash led to Cook's rehiring for Season 7.) "We're going to use the serendipitous gift of Season 6..."

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  1. "A lot of people will be angry...", well I am already. I don't like the new JJ, but I can still watch the show by skipping her parts (as well as Garcia's silly ramblings) but I am angry that this once intelligent show is starting to look more and more as a soap opera. Why would I care about Jjs marriage, or her husband, or her child. Between couple issues (Garcia/Kevin, Hotch/Beth, JJ/Will & Henry...) and far too much unsub, we've been receiving less and less profiling...

  2. I am completely fine with the fact that they wanted to change JJ.

    I think all the characters need to evolve over the years.

    I just don't like how they haven't explained the reason behind the changes and haven't even pointed out that anyone on the team have even noticed the changes.

    I'm glad that they're going to finally address JJs changes. Based on some of AJs comments and BTS info, we're not going to be plagued by the new guy, but I hope they do the arc justice to address the issues a lot of fans have.

  3. Basically saying people are going to be angry but the payoff is beautiful, kind if insinuates that JJ didn't do anything which would be irretrievable in her marriage, so they're obviously just throwing that in for the shippers and unnecessary drama.

    I'm hoping this drama leads to showing that JJ isn't perfect and for the team to acknowledge that she isn't the same woman that left the team. I do hope they manage to fit in reasons for JJ becoming a profiler and using some of her media liaison skills.

    I'm interested in what their dark secret is, to me that doesn't scream affair, it seems more like they got mixed up in something gritty.

    I'm also wondering who the familiar faces are going to be... Prentiss or Strauss in flashback form seem kind of obvious to the time frame, but long time absences doesn't seem right for two characters that only left one and two seasons ago...

    I don't know, I think if done right, JJ's arc could be really good.

  4. If they had her deliberately cheating on Will, it would make JJ at least a bit interesting and not perfect and flawless. But saying that the payoff will be beautiful already tells us that whatever JJ did, she did for a "noble" reason and that she is perfect, heroic, super-woman JJ. I expect nothing less than her protecting the team, saving the whole FBI and preventing a terrorist attack Lol.

  5. I really would like for at least one of the team members to have a happy and relatively stable home life. So as much as I can't stand JJ and think of her as a Mary Sue, I don't want them messing with her family.

  6. Oh give me a break. So they are going to be hinting that JJ's marriage might be threatened. Could they please just knock it off with all this soap opera crap. And could they please get back to focusing on the team doing it's job and interacting with each other.

    And for crying out loud let at least one of the team members have a happy home life.

  7. " They share a pretty dark secret that comes back to haunt them."

    Wow that sure sounds familiar to me. It sounds similar to that super spy arc that I absolutely hated bc it did a lot of damage to Emily's character in my eyes, She was my favorite female character and that spy arc pretty much rewrote the history of her character.

    OMG I swear I'm going to be all kinds of pissed off if they have JJ involved in some kind of spy drama crap.

    I'm tired of them ignoring the basic premise of what this show is suppose to be about in order to bring us a storyline they find intriguing. And that super spy arc with Prentiss was a blatant example of it. If I want to see a bunch of super spy crap, I'll watch reruns of Alias.

  8. I am enjoying the new JJ. Through her soccer background, she is obviously athletic. And IMHO, with her new position as a profiler, JJ is more involved with the team and the cases.

    And I also enjoying seeing these little glimpes into the team's personal life. I've read many interviews where cast members have asked for this very thing and in the interview for CVT, JM said fans have invested into the characters and this a pay off for the fans and the actors.

    What I appreciate is that it's in the background of the main story of the team profiling. The scenes (except of course for Hit/Run)only last a few minutes total, so I fell I'm still getting the team working the case.

  9. I dislike the new JJ and foresee much fast-forwarding in Season 9 to get past her scenes. The show is devolving into soap opera where the profiling is becoming less intelligent and almost secondary. I was one of those who petitioned CBS when JJ left the series and now I wish she hadn't returned. She was only missing from the BAU for a few months and it seems she had a personality transplant in that short time which I find hard to swallow. I've watched and loved this show from the start but it seems now it is hugely influenced by opinions on the social media which is predominantly teen based - you only have to read the teen views on Tumblr to see this. I actually am angry that the dark, intelligent and beautifully written show that I love is sinking into a teen soap drama. And I am sorry to post anonymously but I've found that any anti-JJ views invokes a lot of hate directed very personally!

  10. I thought last season JJ's two, supposedly centric episodes, All That Remain and Nanny Dearest, had probably the best use of profiling throughout the season.

    Profiling is obviously not the strongest tool in these writers kit. They view home life of these agents as development and view seeing the characters outside of work is a reward for long time viewers, I just don't think they realise a lot of us would prefer to see development in terms of the characters as agents.

    As for JJ's season 9 arc, I was wary, spoilers so early before the season starts never makes the show sound that promising. We're getting opinions of episode that hasn't been penned yet. However, due to JJ's episode focusing on her time away and hopefully more on the job than Will (Josh Stewart hasn't filmed anything yet) I'm hopeful. I won't hate it as much as season 6, so I'll keep an open mind until I see it.

  11. To all those that are criticizing the upcoming season before one show is aired based upon a few spoilers, all I can say is thank heavens that the writers and producers do not share your monochrome vision of how this show should be written and produced. Every show needs to evolve in writing and character development. Yes, there will be some hits & misses, but overall the storytelling has been excellent thru the years.

    I for one am very please to hear that there will finally be a story arc for JJ. After 8 seasons very little is known about JJ's history or character. Unlike Reid for whom a 200+ page biography can be written based on just what the audience knows. I like Reid, especially when he is engaged, enthusiastic, humorous and spewing his stat-laden soliloquies. But not so fond of the dour, depressed and angst-ridden Reid that often appears in the Reid centric episodes.

    As a final note, there was a major Reid story-arc in Season 8 that spanned over 6-7 episodes. Is it unrealistic to expect that the writers and actors want to explore and develop the other characters on the show? Besides based on the spoilers to date, everyone in the cast will have their episode to shine.

  12. "To all those that are criticizing the up and coming season".....

    I can't speak for others but my displeasure concerning this up and coming season being declared the JJ season is based on the fact I can't stand what she has become.

    If we had gotten the original and better JJ back, our media liaison, instead of Seaver 2.0 or mini Morgan as someone else likes to call her, it'd be a different story.

    Character development is one thing but a complete character transformation which JJ seems to have gone thru is something altogether different.

    Despite my misgivings I'm hoping this arc might restore some of the fondness I once had for JJ, but I'm also dreading the possibility that it might make her an even bigger Mary Sue in my eyes than she already is.

    Now Reid is my favorite and I personally love Reid angst, but I did think they went too far with what they did to Maeve. But I also like Reid the way you described liking him. IMO he doesn't need to be exclusively one or the other.

  13. Hopefully this season will address those concerns you have about JJ.

    Imo, JJ coming back to the team was rushed and glossed over for Prentiss' return and the weekly cases. JJ came back with all these unanswered questions about what she had been up to, where she actually had been and even her role in helping Prentiss wasn't really looked into, it became about lying to Reid. No one on the team, not Will or even JJ acknowledged her changes. I don't even remember them mentioning JJ leaving the team after 7x02, and I'm pretty sure no one has talked about JJs former role as liaison since that episode and it was only acknowledged loosely through Prentiss and JJ talking about the profiling classes.

    They just wanted to bring JJ back in a way that would make the network and AJ happy and allow the writers to write JJ in a way that didn't diverge too much from the existing profilers on the team rather than giving profiler JJ a unique personality that resonates with the JJ who left.

    She didn't have to be the same person, I don't mind that she's changed, she's in a different role and not in the same situations she used to be in. JJ's never really been warm and welcoming to anyone other than victims, their families and her son, but we only get to see JJ interacting with those people every so often rather than in every other JJ scene like we used to. But I wish they just gave a nod to the fact that she changed and at least lay some ground work for the fact that JJ had experienced something which changed her.

    If you don't read spoilers, you can't know tat the writers and AJ talked about her seeing and doing things in the time she was away which toughened her up before the season 7 premiere. Just because the writers and AJ says stuff in interviews it doesn't mean we see it on the show.

    I am glad they're going to give some focus on JJ and I'm not going to read into any of the stuff said in interviews because it rarely is pulled off the way they say it is. I love that they're giving JJ some actual story line which hopefully will be about JJ. The team will be involved somehow and JJs family will probably make an appearance at some point, but hopefully JJ will get some development, some unanswerwed questions will be addressed and the writers might get the hang of balancing the agents and victims with the unsubs.


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