Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Criminal Minds Comments Thread for episode 8.20 'Alchemy'

Here, you can post comments and talk about tonight's new Criminal Minds episode titled 'Alchemy', and written by Sharon Lee Watson, and directed by Matthew Gray Gubler.

Enjoy tonight's episode, and remember that we'll have a new episode every week from now on until the finale!


  1. Ok I expected weird and it was. Didn't really like the writing and Gubes directing was good but not as good as his other episodes were. I wanted to love this episode because I've been missing my criminal minds but with the lacki of Hotch and JJ this week I thought it was blah!

  2. I really enjoyed this one; I thought it was very realistic and touching how grief permeated the episode; Reid's still grieving over Maeve, and with some help from Rossi, he accomplishes a couple of important things: he keeps himself from falling into the pathological grief Tess has, and he allows himself to feel, rather than think, leading to his dream sequence dance with Tess.

    The Reid/Rossi dynamic was excellent here...Reid felt more human to me than he ever has, and it was nice to see him paired with his polar opposite on the team--the intrinsically warm Italian Dave.

    Enjoyed the sly nods to "The Shining"--the hotel, of course, but especially the Nicholson lookalike at the cafe and Tess's ex being named Stephen.

  3. I liked this episode weird as it was. I think the writing however is becoming predictable. I feel like they say the same things every episode. And I agree there was not enough Hotch or JJ. It has become Rossi's team it seams. Anyway it's great to have a few more new episodes to look forward to and hopefully a season 9!

  4. I really enjoyed this episode. Even with the annoying 2 weeks off of Criminal Minds I was enveloped by the plot and directing of MGG. Especially the beginning with that weird wall absorbing thing I was just like is this even CM? And also like the person said above me I loved the nods to The Shining.

    I thought it was good that Rossi addressed Reid's sleepless nights and helping him get over it. I always find whenever it's a Reid and Rossi working together I thoroughly love the episode. Also the parallels with Reid and the Unsub was something to. How if Reid never got over his grief he could end up like Tess did.

    One of the down falls for the episode was that I felt like the rest of the team was just there. Now in days with CM episodes they usually focus on one or two characters and the rest are pushed to the background and it annoys me. I feel this is a major problem with these later seasons. Whatever happened to the great team interaction episodes like the earlier seasons?

    Anyway I thought the end of the episode was cute and sad seeing Reid and Maeve back together. It was so sad when they started dancing and Reid just rested his head on her shoulder. Ugh they would have been the best couple on the show but she's dead and we can't change it.

    Overall I was super happy with this episode and that Criminal Minds will be on its weekly basis now until the season finale.


  5. OK, I really enjoy MGG's directing. I know it's not to everyone's taste, it's usually a horror movie disguised as a CM episode, but I like them. And this one was quite possibly the best of the lot, it didn't feel as overcrowded as some of his earlier ones, and it was clearly a nod to Stanley Kubrick. I think if/when this is over that kind of horror would be a good path for him, he wears it well.

    I agree that there was a lack of some people, especially Hotch in this one. I know you can't put everyone in everything, but this was quite noticeable. That said, it says something about the workings behind the scenes that we've gotten the biggest nod to Reid still grieving since "Magnum Opus" in an episode that MGG directed. Anyone else feel like he insisted that it be in there? That perhaps TPTB wanted to move on and he didn't feel like Reid was done? If so good for him, something that huge in someone's life shouldn't not be over and done with so quickly.

    If there is a Season 9 (and there better be) I still think that Reid needs someone in his life. Anyone else notice how he seemed so relaxed and happy during the dream sequence? As a dire hard Reid fan that's something I'd like to see for him before the series ends. I know they are going to have to go a long way to create a character as perfect for him and to find an actress with that much chemistry, but hey, they killed her off and made the extra work for themselves.

    (And Maeve was *not* perfect, she didn't trust him, an FBI agent, to help with her stalker, and she wasn't honest about her fiancee. I'm sorry but you can't have a lasting relationship without honesty and trust)

    Anyway, I'm glad it's back for the month. Now here's ti hoping that CBS and ABC can get their collective heads out of their asses and renew, and if not then some other network picks up the show. It's a solid moneymaker still, someone should be able to get a couple more seasons out of it, especially if they they turn it more towards the adult drama side of things.

  6. And that last post was mine

    - RF

  7. Great episode for Reid fans! Good episode for the rest of us. Was Blake in this one?

  8. Was that an episode of Criminal Minds? Seriously??? Most of the cast disappeared and what is up with all the bizarre stuff? I know MGG likes to direct like that but REALLY???

    Right up there with HAT IMHO.

  9. what was the song title that spincer danced to?

  10. I couldn't agree more. Where was the cast?

  11. Love this episode. It has to be my favorite this season. Both the case and the personal story were done well.

    This has to be MGG best direction yet. I wasn't as fond of the last one he did but he nailed this one. The lighting, the cameras angles everything was perfect. It's the first CM episode that actually scared me. He should really direct a horror movie when he's done CM.

  12. Well I didn't like that episode. For the first time, I was tempted not to watch till the end.

    On the plus side:
    MGG was great directing it. I love the creepiness he puts in the episodes he directs.
    I also loved the Reid / Rossi interaction, and the way Reid tried to present the case at the beginning.

    Now for the down side: Far too much unsub (again...); I got bored...
    Where was the team????
    And the ending was far too cheesy for my liking... I didn't like the Maeve story arc in the first place. Still don't see the point of it, except bring some romance in a crime show. I'm glad she died, and I now hope that this is it.
    And now Beth is gonna be back for the season finale?? For more cheesey romance stuff??

    I don't know if CM is gonna be renewed for a 9th season. I wish it does, because deep inside, I want to believe that they can go back to the amazing crime show that it used to be. On the other hand, if it is to get romance story lines everywhere, well I'd rather they stop right there... Sorry... :(

  13. It wasn't my favourite episode but it wasn't the worst. I didn't think the storyline was too bad but you could definitely tell that this was an MGG episode, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, Mosely Lane is still one of my favourites but that episode had a good balance between creepy, unsubs and the team whereas this one seemed more unsubs to push the creepy factor for MGG to make the episode his own.

    I miss Hotch and JJ together in scenes and their friendship... They were missed again this episode... They kind of disappeared at one point... I thought the Maeve/Reid relationship clicked for the first time only for it to be the end of all that. Lkat

  14. It was IMO one of the most boring CM eps ever. It didn`t even feel like a CM ep to me. I didn`t care at all for the case because of the bizarre looking unsubs and their bizarre behavior.

    I also did not care for Reid`s grieving. It was much better done in previous episodes where it was more subtle. Here it was overstated but yet unbelievable. The Reid/Rossi scenes didn`t grip me because they were only cheesy and not emotional. The cheesy music also didn`t help.

    Anon Z

  15. I am also glad the Reid /Maeve thing is over . I do like Reid but somehow it seems like he's 12 years old. Enough already .i hope we get more of the other team members in the next four episodes. I'm sure we all are die hard fans and love this show . I just hope the best of it isn't over. I hope for a season 9 and I hope it's great so come on writers lets get back to the good stuff from seasons past!

  16. Great music in this episode. The final song that Reid and Maeve danced to was Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny. You probably remember it from the end of La Bamba as the music playing when Richie dies and his family finds out. Beautiful song.
    - Stevie

  17. I loved this episode. I liked the parallel of grief between the female Unsub who can't get past the grief of her child's death and Reid who is confused on how to move past his grief with Maeve. I thought the Rossi and Reid bonding scenes were fantastic. The plot was creepy. The special effects were amazing. This episode had Matthew's unique signature all over it.

    I agree Hotch was the invisible man but that didn't bother me because this was obviously a Reid episode. I'm sure the team will play an equally small part when we see Hotch with Beth and Sean in Brother's Hotchner. Let's see how many fans complain here that the team was missing in that one! This really has not been Hotch's season anyway. It's been Reid's. And I've loved every bit of the Maeve romance and death and grief and bonding with both Morgan in The Apprenticeship and with Rossi here and also with the team in Magnum Opus. Reid is a wonderfully flawed character. I'm happy they didn't fence him in with a happy relationship. It's been a much more interesting ride this way!

    - Stevie

  18. That was awful. There was no case solving, no profiling, no interesting clues leading us up to the why. It was just a bunch of miraculous leaps to impossible conclusions based on nothing. That episode served no purpose other than to showcase Reid's ongoing grief which in itself is ridiculous and to once again show us how childishly he behaves toward others when all is not right in his world. At least they've been consistent with that behavior. You'd think at some point the guy would grow up though.

  19. This has been a difficult season to watch....lots of creepy, disturbing storylines. Very little of the team. Rossi does seem to be the driving factor, at least in the script. This will be the first season I will not buy. Would rather go back and watch some of the past episodes.

  20. Hated everything about it. Instead of giving us strong episodes featuring the leader of the team we are instead burdened with another episode about Reid's grief. Please. Is this now the Reid show? Because that's what it seems like to me. He's the only character who gets any development and screen time.

    The effects were poorly done. The music was cheesy and the over all plot was too confusing to follow.

    Better lucky next week CM.


  21. I thought it was beautifully done. The way they dealt with Reid's grieving and how it paralleled the unsub was very sensitive and closed the Maeve arc properly. People have been complaining that Rossi hasn't been in this season much so it was great to see his scenes with Reid. I don't think Reid's grieving was childish or inconsistent with his personality and backstory. I thought there was a decent amount of profiling as they tracked down the unsubs and nice that they saved the last victim.
    I daresay we will see a great deal of JJ next week and Hotch in the double episode finale - it is only a 42 minute show so there is a limit to getting everyone in it every week. I get annoyed when people complain there is too much Reid. Season 5 was all about Hotch through the entire season, Season 6 was all about Emily, and Season 7 was focused on JJ. I daresay if we get Season 9, Rossi, Morgan or Blake will take center stage. In my opinion, this season has been a huge step forward from the doldrums of Seasons 6 and 7. And this episode was a well directed, thought-provoking story. I regretted buying last Season but will certainly be looking for Season 8 dvds as soon as they are released.

  22. There has not one decent episode this season. I love the cast. They are truly an ensemble. The writing has been awful, outrageous and boring. And, the idea that would drop the replicator case is absurd. Not to mention it was the tease for the season. I hope it gets picked up because I would miss the cast. But the writing has been so bad I won't be surprised if it doesn't. Sad.

  23. There was a lot I liked about this episode. Thought MGG did an especially great job with the casting: the best guest stars of the season in my book. Yes, some of the standard devices of horror films didn't work for me, but I did find it overall suspenseful and enjoyable. I did think that there was some solid profiling and the storyline held together for me. Sorry to fans of the other cast members that they had small roles than MGG, but as an other poster said, CM seems unable to balance multiple characters' roles in any one episode. Other shows with ensemble casts are better at this. Reid is getting a lot play this season as that's fine with me personally (if somewhat selfishly).

    All that said, the way the Reid character is written continues to be an issue for me. I just detest that babyish quality he takes on when sad or troubled in any way...Reid was SO much more appealing in Seasons 3-5, when he acted like a grown-up. And since Reid was the team's tech person pre-Garcia, and has a PhD in engineering, it's beyond ludicrous that he would not be able to work simple a/v equipment. That's one of those continuity gaps that the showmaker should remedy. Being a techno-phobe isn't a charming quality in Reid; it's just illogical and irritating. Ugh.

    Anyway congrats to MGG for a great job! Hope you'll have more eps to direct in Season 9...and that there will be a Season 9...

  24. I completely agree with you about Reid's behaviour and inconsistency in the writing, (but I'm the opposite, the less Reid the better for me).

    As for the anon poster above who hasn't liked any episodes this season, IMO this season is way better than 6 and 7 put together and there Have been a few episodes which I've loved, All that Remains is a standout for me but I do think the writers have been lazy at times especially when using Garcia's typing skills. I think if the writers watched some of the earlier seasons they'd see how great the show can be when there is prominent profiling and profiling skills and mentions of the characters personal lives. It's nice to see the team outside of work together but I don't really need to see any of them on a date with a randomer etc, I want to know more about the characters but I think the writers don't necessarily put much effort into coming up with good ways to integrate the characters personal storylines with the cases. Hotch and Haileys marriage was entwined well but Beth is often an annoying bookend...

    I want a season 9 especially of they concentrate more on the teams dynamics with each other. I want to see how friendships within the team differ, I want conflict between characters and I want background of the characters. I think the cast have great chemistry with each other but I don't think it always translates on screen.

    I don't need to see gory or ick factor during cases, the creepiest cases are when you can imagine what happens without actually seeing the gore. It doesn't mean there can't be creepy episodes, the creepier the better at times, I just think if the writers had a better grasp on the profiling side of the case they wouldn't necessarily need all of the gore (I don't think it's as gory as some people seem to think it is but I do think there has been a shift away from focusing on the victims and more focus on the unsubs)

    Well that's my two cents, sorry it's so long


  25. I don't understand comments about not seeing anything of our characters personal lives. Just this season alone we've seen Rossi working on his book and talking to his agent in the Fallen, Morgan and Reid's baseball game, Hotch and Beth and Jack together, Reid's phone calls with Maeve, the great team moments on personal time in Magnum Opus, Morgan's speech about his father in Magnificent Light, Rossi visiting Morgan in Restoration while he's restoring a house, Garcia's date and maybe some others I missed. Next week we get to see JJ's personal life. And in "6" I think we meet Blake's husband.

    I happened to love this episode. I agree with what Kat said, the less gore the better and that's what this episode delivered. We didn't actually see any murders happening and the only real gory bit was
    an arm found in the woods.

    Excellent music, script and guest cast. Great job over all.


  26. I think we see plenty of personal lives of the team, but a lot of it is separate from the team as a whole. Season 7 we had plenty of group outings and mentions of group outings but this season I can only think of the baseball episode and Magnum Opus where the team were seen outside of the office together. I know that realistically they wouldn't hang out all the time and yes it's nice to see the characters separately but I think sometimes the family aspect that the group of people are supposed to have doesn't come across as much, especially when there's more focus on individuals and their partners.

    This isn't a major factor or one that I really notice that much when watching the episodes but looking back on the season, I think it would have helped integrate Blake a bit better to see her hanging out with everyone and show how the team interact with each other outside of the professional setting is always nice. We can't see everything in 40 something minutes, and sometimes they try to fit too much in during one episode which can make storylines feel rushed such as the Maeve/Reid storyline but there's still so much I want to see and know within the team.

  27. I don't remember in past episodes ever really seeing the team hang out very much together outside of work either so I'm not sure why this would even be an issue. If we're lucky we get this type of thing maybe once or twice a season. And this season we've had Magnum Opus and The Apprenticeship. Last season I remember Hotch's FBI race. Off the top of my head I can recall the beginning of The Big Game in season 2 and again in Season 2 for Open Season where the ladies flash their badges at that creep, season 6 had Morgan, Reid, Garcia and Seaver at the movies and then there was an episode where Emily, JJ and Garcia are out shopping.

    I think this season has been just about equal with other seasons!

  28. I love this show! And I love reading everyones opinions on this thread. It just shows how passionate CM fans are about these characters even if we all have a different favorite. I think this group of actors have great chemistry together and I truly hope we have a season 9 !

  29. This episode was ok at best. Storyline wasn't that interesting, despite all the time devoted to it. The material felt almost like it was padded or stretched to fill more time... Might have been better with more team interactions/discussions & profiling as they worked their way towards a solution. Seems like older episodes had a lot more of that sort of brainstorming.

    Rossi had a nice part except for the ugly blue sweater on the plane. Not his color, IMO. Fun to hear him mention possible "4th Mrs. Rossi..." Maybe they'll look into that?

    I agree it's odd how Reid seems to have lost all his former tech expertise. They've gotta fix that! I'm so tired of the immaturity - intelligence juxtaposition. Maeve conversation & "Sleepwalk" dance sequence in the dream at the end was nice. It gave me a little closure. It would be nice to see him come back sadder but wiser next season with an interesting, mature relationship.

    Huge fail - can they go back & re-dub the voices or something:
    Nobody took a minute to check the pronunciation of Leonard Peltier's name??
    Do they want to offend again & again on reruns??
    This is a very big deal to many people, go read about him!
    "Peltier" rhymes with "Deer." They said "Pel-ti-yay."

    Still my favorite show, can't believe there's any question about another season.

  30. Wow that has to be the best episode this season. I was terrified, happy and sad all in one episode. Matthew did a great job in acting and directing. He plays Reid so well! It was great to see Rossi get some attention. He was my least favorite last season but he's one of my favs this season. Loved this episode so much!

  31. I don't think that Reid's inability to use the monitor control during the briefing was because of a lack of technical prowess but more due to the jitters he was having from the effects drinking too much coffee and also from the lack of sleep. The effects of the two made him edgy and and snappy for a lot of the episode.

    And I kind of liked JM in the blue sweater. He really is in great shape. :)

  32. Great episode! I really enjoyed the case story and the personal story and liked how the two worked well together. MGG did a fabulous job. I loved Mosley Lane and Lauren. I hated Heathridge Manor...thought The Lesson was okay but Alchemy was AMAZING. I guess it helps that I liked the story better but his use of lighting and camera angles were amazing and really added to the depth of the story.

    It may sound like a small thing but I loved the scene with JJ, Morgan and Blake outside. I loved that JJ had a bag of cheetos! The scene was just a break from the regular. It seemed more casual and natural. I don't just worked for me.

    Rossi was also so great in this. I'm loving Joe Mantegna!

    Did anyone notice that Reid and Maeve were wearing the same outfits as they were on the day she died? That just added more to that scene. Oh and that song. How perfect!

    I loved everything about this episode. Down Side? Not enough Hotch. I'm just glad he has a big episode coming up.

  33. Interesting to see the vastly different opinions on this episode.

    I liked the episode. It kept me interested. I was not so much interested in the unsubs and felt there was a bit too much of that. I think they could have cut the part of Tess seducing the last victim. I was also distracted a bit by her clothes.

    I can't place quite put my finger on it, but Amber (the cleaning girl) reminded me of someone. Her voice reminds me a bit of Kat Dennings. At least we didn't get a very childish airy voiced girl like the last two episodes.

    I liked the effect of the wallpaper peeling off like skin peeling from flesh. The moving wall reminded me of some horror movies. At first I was thinking it was a ripoff of horror movies but then I rationalized that maybe the victim saw those horror movies and that helped influence his hallucination.

    I took issue with Reid saying he didn't know how to dance. After some pondering I thought maybe "dance" was just a euphemism but the ending seemed to rule that out. I looked at the #asksharon timeline thing and saw that she was asked about it and said that she doesn't know how to dance but she dances sometimes. So I think it meant that Reid was not confident in his dancing. I wish they had said that.

    I thought Matthew's voice and posture while relaying grief to Rossi was spot on, but something was missing in the eyes. I've seen footage of Matthew legitimately trying to hold back tears (Celebrity Paranormal Project) and I wish he had brought that across in his eyes/face. I thought there should have been at least some moisture in his eyes. (I could actually have missed something though because I was ill-- possibly from something I ate earlier). I still thought it worked.

    I didn't find Reid to be exactly "snippy" with the cops, but he did create some tension and I sensed some awkwardness between Reid and Claudia (I can't remember the character name). There was a tension that seemed realistic. I found it interesting that she chose to go to Reid with the paperwork (taking it outside to him) instead of passing it to one of the other team members. To me it indicated that she had taken some of his words to heart and that she felt the need to prove to him that she was dedicated to solving the case. I think she wanted to smooth things over with him and it seemed to work.

    At first I was puzzled as to why Reid went to Rossi with the potential case. Why not Hotch? He's the one that people usually go to about cases. But then maybe Reid thought Hotch might make him take leave or something. Its hard to say. I also pondered whether Reid still has trust issues with Hotch after the fiasco with Emily.

    Hotch was barely used and that was disappointing. I like it when more of the team are incorporated, although at least they all had a presence. I just wish Hotch had appeared as more of a leader. I'm almost surprised that he didn't pull Reid aside to talk to him about his attitude, but I'm guessing maybe Rossi gave him a heads up that he was handling the situation.

    I liked the awkward moment when Claudia greeted Rossi, thinking he was Dr. Reid. I also liked that instead of Reid refusing a handshake, he conveniently had his hands full so that it would discourage people from trying to shake his hands. In subtext I wonder if Claudia thought that Reid's displeasure with her was possibly from feeling slighted at that greeting.

  34. Some more thoughts: At first the Reid fan in me objected to Blake (who is supposed to be the language expert) commenting on something medical in terms of the marks on a victim's body. My first reaction was to think "Oh, she's going to take THAT away from Reid too?" but then I thought about it logically and remembered that her husband is a doctor so it would give her some medical knowledge. I still wish they had just given her completely unique skills instead of taking something that was already the expertise of another character.

    I had disliked Reid having trouble with the remote control until someone pointed out that it could just be nerves instead of ineptness. I still wish they would not push the technophobe thing with Reid.

    Back to Blake, I finally realized what it was that bothered me about her. It's the way she says her lines. I've been told that Jeanne doesn't do it in other roles, but I don't know... There is something about the fluctuation in pitch and tone when she's speaking that seems unnatural. It reminds me of the way David Caruso talks on CSI Miami. There is just something put on in her affect, so it doesn't sound like normal/natural conversation. Now, this could be attributed to her being a teacher and going in to lecture mode, but I find it annoying.

    Speaking of annoying, Garcia continuing to be squeamish and making faces and such when presenting cases is one of the reasons why I detest seeing her in that role. I would much rather they have JJ go back to doing that while Garcia can sit there with a tablet taking notes and making arrangements for their lodging and such.

    It was nice to see Rossi being used more, and I liked that he was being supportive.

    The one thing that really bugged me was the LSD thing. I really hope Rossi was joking about that because having used LSD even once would have prevented him from joining the FBI back in the day. Current rules are not as strict and I think a person can join if they haven't used any of the strong drugs like that in the past 5 years I think. Possibly 10. I'd have to look it up again. But drug jokes in front of Reid are not a nice thing-- unless Rossi isn't aware. That part just didn't sit well with me.

    When Tess told one of the victims that she could see that he didn't know what it was like to truly grieve (or whatever terms she used), I was hoping we would get some scene where Reid could meet her and tell her that he understood and have a moment where she could see in his eyes that she was not alone in her pain and Reid could have made a conscious decision then to not let his grief overtake him.

    Although some people might not have liked that and it might have fallen flat in execution.

    I do wish we'd had more Hotch and more profiling, but I think the writer did try to put a lot of thought into this one and I liked that Reid's personal drama did tie in to the theme of the episode-- grief and that the dreams sort of mirrored the hallucinations in a way.

  35. To zannej:

    Last night in her chat someone asked Sharon about the dancing and this was her response:

    Sharon Lee Watson ‏@sleewatson 16h
    I can't dance either but sometimes I dance. Hope that makes sense.

  36. I love the show EXCEPT the part in all shows where the cast all gets in front of hte police and each one gets to say 20 words or so just like children given a part in a play. So very unrealistic.
    One other thing that really is irritating is the extremely over done phrase "Wheels up in 30"
    I mentioned both issues to 4 friends of mine who aols watch the show and aqll 4 agreed that the issues were very irritating.

  37. LOL. I've just accepted the profile presentation as a part of the formula of the show from when it first started so it doesn't usually bug me. It sort of reminds me of an ensemble cast winning an award at some awards show and going up to give speeches. :P

    The "wheels up" thing doesn't bug me either. It is weird what will bug one person but not another. There are some really minor things that drive me batty.

  38. It is a weird thing how different things grate different people, for me, wheels up doesn't bother me, whereas baby girl makes me cringe every time :s

    I don't mind the case presentation either, I think it's cemented in the show now. I agree with zannej, it does resemble a cast accepting an award or maybes how we prsent a research presentation at uni :p (if only I had that confidence standing up in front of loads of people!)

  39. I don.t mind the case presentation either - and as they have Jim Clemente advising them, would he not have pointed it out if it was unrealistic? Also the wheels up thing seems sensible to me - just standard jargon. After all, what else would they say? It's a quick efficient way for Hotch to notify the team - very much like a military phrase. And I agree with anon above - the baby girl thing has got really old. I just think that after more than 8 years of working together, the relationship between Morgan and Garcia would have matured beyond the juvenile flirting. If anything is unrealistic it is that. We have had glimpses of a more grown up relationship between them, for example in Exit Wounds, but then it all reverts back to being implausibly silly. But hey ho - different things wind up different people!

  40. I like that Morgan and Garcia are close, but I never want to see them together. I totally agree with you MH, it's been eight years, flirting every now and again is fine but it hasn't matured if anything its more infantile now. I can't stand the term baby girl, it aggregates me way more than it should but I think it's because it stands out so much. They're in the middle of a case, he'll have just witnessed horror and it's hey baby girl I need you to do something for me followed by Garcias inappropriate comments. I get that it's supposed to be the comic relief part of the episode, but often it's just too much at the wrong time and it's now every episode, or at least it feels like its every episode. I'm also really sick of Garcia presenting case and being squeamish about it, we get it you like fluffy cute animals and lie to think the world is a happy shiny place, well get someone else to present the cases who don't screw their noses up every two minutes or get a new job... Urgh rant was needed. I love Garcia, she is one of my favourite characters, or at least put to seasn 5 Garcia was, now I just often get annoyed (not that anyone could tell :p)

  41. Sorry for all of the mistakes, for some reason Morgan and Garcia make me so annoyed!


  42. I agree totally. Loved Garcia early on when she was sassy and sparky but now she seems stuck in this parody of herself. I like Garcia and Morgan as friends and certainly don't want to see them get together - but It's time they grew up and had a more realistic friendship. Good friends can have silly moments together - but not all the time. After all, Morgan is in his 40s and Garcia must be late 30's. She needs to get over the "ickyness" when presenting cases and be more professional.

  43. Spencers grief is so pathetic. He never even met Maeve [a part for the first a last time.]
    my bf IRL btw, of 2 years died due to skincancer 1year ago and i have moved on, so why cant Read do that after having a childish telephone relationship?
    its like taking a piss out of people grieving for real.

  44. I sort of view "Wheels up" as being the catch phrase like "Mr. Sulu, take us out of here" or "Engage" from the Star Trek.

    The "baby girl" thing didn't bother me at first but now that there is mdse attached to it, I find it even more distasteful. The Morgan/Garcia dynamic has gotten very tiring. I agree that Garcia is more of a caricature now. She is even more squeamish and doesn't seem to have matured at all-- in fact, she has become even more infantile. There are moments where she shows maturity, but all this childish banter and whining and such really makes the character annoying. The stuff on the show is gory. Yes. We don't need her to remind us that it is "icky".
    This is a woman who watched video footage of a man being chewed on by rats. She didn't look away. She didn't whine. Sure she looked horrified, but she still was able to look. That was in season 1. Now in season 8 she can't even handle mentioning bones? WTF?

    Anon, I am sorry for your loss, but I have to disagree with you about grief. Just because a person never had a physical relationship with someone does not make their loss any less painful. How things affect us depends on our own experiences and are in that context. The worst day in the life of a fortunate person may be better than the best day in the life of an unfortunate person. That does not mean that the usually fortunate person's feelings are any less valid. In that person's frame of reference, it is something horrible.

    Just because a relationship was not physical does not mean that there were no real feelings attached. Reid listened to Maeve's voice every time he called. He laughed with her. He confided in her. He told her extremely personal things and had a bond with her like one he'd never had with anyone else. He loved her and took comfort in speaking with her. Now not only was she gone from his life, but he watched her die and was unable to save her. He watched the only woman he had ever loved get murdered when he was only feet away.
    He must have felt some sort of guilt and probably replayed events over and over trying to figure out what he could have done differently and kicked himself for not doing something.

    I know what that is like. I lost the person whom I was the closest to in my life. It was devastating. I don't feel that Reid's grief is any type of disservice to people who are grieving for "real".

    Another person's grief is not necessarily comparable to our own. When do we draw the line at saying someone's grief is valid or not? It's an emotion and thus does not have to be logical.

    What considered fake or unreal to one person may be very real to another person. It's all in perspective. When it comes to emotions, perception is reality.

    Just because something may not seem as traumatic to you, doesn't mean it is any less traumatic for the person going through the experience.

  45. I will not argue about the plot of this episod (didn't like it, just found interesting the conversation between Reid and Rossi..As for the directing, to my humble opinion, we're in CM, not in Twin Peaks (my favorite show by the way). I wanna write about something way more important to me and to mu surprise, that is not spoken of. Leonard Peltier (and not only the pronunciation of his name).
    I've just watched this episod on dvd (on TV, I thought that maybe I didn't understand very well). I'm furious, how did they dare? That was not a simple reference. Hotch says "Peltier did kill two FBI agents who were searching for a robbery suspect.It's hard to forget".
    Hello, WTF? If they wanted to make a reference explaining the two juridictions (BIA and Local police) writers could have him say "he is supposed to have/ or he's in jail for the murders of..." Folks, read, get informed, watch " Incident At Oglala", please! I like that show very much but here, I'm completely upset, the only words that comes to my mind after this is: FREE LEONARD PELTIER NOW.


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