Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Criminal Minds' Boss on Renewal Hold-Up: 'If We're Not on the Fall Schedule, I Will Be in Shock'

by Matt Webb Mitovich

Erica Messer has signed a new deal with ABC Studios to continue on as executive producer and showrunner of CBSCriminal Minds, our sister site Deadline reports — assuming the crime drama is renewed for Season 9.

The hold-up: Longtime castmembers A.J. Cook, Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness all have yet to negotiate their own Season 9 returns, though that process is expected to be expedited now that Messer’s officially on board.

During a TVLine interview about the show's season finale (airing May 22), Messer said that if CBS' May 15 Upfront presentation “rolls around and we're...

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  1. Gosh CMRT I sincerely hope you are not dropping hints that Matthew is the one who won't be back, bc I've been hearing rumblings about it on the internet

    Yeah I know he is signed for next year,but they can always buy him out.


  2. Yeah, I noticed the lack of Matthew in the pics too. Hey CMRT - your bias is showing.

  3. I think MGG AND JT already have their contract for season 9 so they BOTH are not showing here. I think these are the characters who are in possibility of not coming back and that's what blog host telling us here.


  4. What Kay said. MGG and JT have a contract for season 9. So they will be back and there is no need to root for them. A.J. Cook, Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness don`t have a contract yet and need our support.

    Anon Z

  5. Kay and Anon Z are right, the montage is about those who have no contracts for season 9.

    The Reid and Blake fans be happy you are not among those who are afraid their favorite may not be back if there is a season 9!

    Here's hoping Thomas, AJ, Joe, Kirsten and Shemar will have new contracts soon!

    CMRT admin

  6. LOL...can you say DOH!! This is why the MGG/Reid fans are so annoying. They think everything has to be about MGG/Reid even when it clearly has nothing to do with MGG/Reid.

  7. No we don't need it to be all about MGG/Reid. We just don't like being made to feel he isn't important at all.

    Go take a look at JJ and Will's wedding picture.The one after the ceremony where the Bride and Groom are posing with everyone.

    Reid is no where to be seen.They didn't even think it was important enough to make sure that the godfather of JJ and Will's little boy be in it.

    Oh but they made damn sure that a bunch of minor characters got into the picture.

    To me it was the perfect analogy of just how unimportant his character was in season 7.

    I realize this is not the same thing and I totally get the point CMRT is trying to make with the picture.But it's perfectly understandable why Reid fans would jump to the wrong conclusion,given the way many of us felt about his treatment in the past.

  8. I totally get why Reid fans might feel like he could get overlooked. He only got a few episodes of focus in both season 6 and 7 and I yes he might not have been in the picture at the wedding but he was featured at the wedding, that picture was either the directors fault for using that angle or MGG wasn't around at that moment.

    But over the years Reid has had a lot of focus, this season has been predominately about Reid and if you compare what we know about Reid, theres only Hotch that really can compete with character development. MGG may not have focus ever season, but he's never been badly done too, others have had less focus as well in this instance, he is a shoo in to be back next season, the only reason he wouldn't be back is if he didn't want to come back and he had a good lawyer to get out of his contract.

    Reid fans are probably the loudest in the fandom, (not complaining, good on ya) but the cast is an ensemble and surely Reid fans can understand that for fans of other characters, it would be nice to have the same focus on them as Reid has had since season 1. Not that it's Reid fans or MGGs fault, the writers obvious favour Reid and have a better understand of who they want him to be (sometimes, they like to confuse his character every now and again). They also favour Hotch and Morgan, also Gidoen when he was around, but let's be honest Reid has had ALoT happen to him over the years and even when he might not have focus he still has good storylines or major issues/problems all about him, when other characters have their episodes, a lot of the time it's a bookend b storyline or ends up being about someone else.

    A for the image, the article is about the other actors, not MGG and JT hence them not being in the picture. MGG is contracted to come back if the show gets picked up, The network has the option of bringing JT back but they may use her elsewhere if they see fit. The others have not finalised their negotiations yet.

  9. Anonymous said
    I total get why Reid fans.....

    Thank you so much.I appreciate your thoughtfulness.Ita with you Reid had gotten a lot of focus in the earlier seasons and then in later seasons he seemed not to get as much focus.

    Yes we do understand that it's an ensemble and that other character need to be focused on too.But a character can still get decent screen time without being the focus.And that is what us Reid fans took issue with
    during seasons 6 and 7,his lack of screen time in so many of the episodes.Hotch fans are lamenting over the lack of Hotch this season,I totally get that,it's how us Reid fans were feeling during seasons 6 and 7

  10. Last season when I complained about Reid being left out of so many scenes and episodes I was told by many nice Hotch fans and other fans that I shouldn't get so upset, because CM is an ensemble cast and season 7 just wasn't Reid's season. But maybe season 8 will feature more of Reid if MGG decides to renew his contract. You guys who told me that were absolutely right! Season 8 has rocked for Reid! So I guess that's what I would tell Hotch fans about this season. CM is an ensemble cast. And this season just wasn't Hotch's season. Next year, if TG re-signs, season 9 just might belong to Hotch! Here's to season 9!


  11. The sad thing is they use to be able to focus on a particular character and still give the other ones decent screen time.

    Now of course that was back when the team was the focus and not the unsub.Fans complained loudly about the lack of the team in season 6.So what did they do in season 7,why they gave us even less of the team and more of the unsub.There has been an improvement this season.There seems to be a little less unsub and a little more team.But here's hoping next season there will be even more team and less unsub.

    And of course as a Reid fan who had to endure the neglect of his character for the last couple of seasons,I am absolutely ecstatic with the focus he has gotten this season.

    Here hoping everybody comes back.Although I'd be ok with Jeanne not coming back,even though I like her character.

  12. There is talk about Joe not coming back.I really hope that isn't the case,but in some ways it make sense bc age wise he is the senior member of the team.
    If that is the case I sincerely hope they don't kill Rossi off.In fact I don't want any of the main characters killed off.Of course I'd be ok with a minor character biting the dust.

    Now there is another possibility that they could just reduce his role.Strauss could get bumped off by the Replicator and Rossi could take over her position.

  13. I think that could happen to either Rossi or Hotch, it would be the best solution for both those actors if they wanted less screen time or less time at work. I can't see another way for the other team members to reduce screen time, it would have to be Hotch or Rossi who took over Strauss's role ifr she were to bite the dust and the Writers still wanted a section chief. But TG and JM are very well paid and I can 't see either of them wanting to give up the pay check unless either of them have personal reasons to leave.

    I think JT is the obvious one to leave, especially if she has connection to the replicator, just because the network can opt in her contract again, so she returns to the show, they could use her elsewhere on the network if they see fit.

    SM has voiced his desire to turn to films and further his career but he's also said he likes the pay check and livinag that CM gives him.

    I can't imagine AJ wanting to leave the show again after everything that was done to get her back and it's a job that she can grow in still.

    MGG is contracted the return for this season, the writers need him/prefer him and he appears to be a favourite for the network so I can't see them terminating his contract or using him elsewhere.

    The only reason Kv would leave is if she wanted to concentrate on theatre but she seems to have the best of both worlds right now on the show.

    Right now it could be any of them who could leave (probably not MGG), but it all depends on who the wroters class as a beloved team member, they classed Strauss as a team member, so I could see her being the target and Anderson as the actual victim (he is apparently guarding someone) ad we all know how well Anderson guarding someone ends up :/


  14. Joe Mantegna answered a question on twitter a few weeks ago:

    "how many seasons are u gonna be in criminal minds"

    @JoeMantegna "Until there are none"

    So unless CBS does not want him back, he is not going anywhere.

    Anon Z

  15. In my opinion Blake's characters has not seem to be what the fans expected. And yes, every character takes time to adapt to the fabric of a show and we fans are resistant to change, but she has not shown the dominance of a subject matter or superb interaction with the team that both Prentiss and Rossi had since the start.

    A big difference on both cases was that there was tension at the start for both Em and Dave. Blake just came, she was "great", she is part of the team, instant "family". She did not have to win her spot in the BAU family (team not equal to family). I understand they can't mention Prentiss at each episode but there are team dynamics to rebuild with a new team member.

    In my opinion, a good character can be good instantly like Andi Swan, a character that with only one episode and a few mentions is well regarded by fans. Swan is competent, strong, compassionate and respected by fans . Blake's attributes other than the fact she is "smart" (All of them are smart: Morgan and Hotch are lawyers, Garcia and Reid are geniuses, JJ has a MS Degree and Rossi is Rossi).

  16. I adore all of the characters on the show! Each one brings something special to the table and I don't want to see any of them go! Joe Mantegna said on Twitter that "one of us won't be back." Now I admit it is a bit suspicious that Strauss' kids are suddenly showing up and the writers are making her more likable this season to possibly make her death more tragic in the end but it could still be anyone! I just hope that the network does the right thing and gets all of this taken care of so we fans can go on loving our favorite show and all of its characters!

  17. Yeah I think all signs point to Strauss being involved, especially having her nameless kids in the show (possibly for a funeral or goodbye?). But maybes it's a red herring and Strauss is just the target? Idk

    The fact that Joe said "one of us" makes me think its one of the main cast, just because Strauss, Anderson, Beth, Will and Kevin are just reoccurring and let's be honest we can go all season without seeing any of them if the writing permits.

    And he wanted us to "prepare" to say goodbye to one of them, now I like Strauss but after a season of seeing the team being stalked I don't think the finale would be as explosive if it was Strauss that died. It would have greater impact if one of the team died. It hasn't happened yet, after nine seasons and how many cast changes, not one of the team have died, not that that is a bad thing but on any other show, someone would have probably been kaput by now.

    The only thing is I can't see who'd they get rid of. Maybes JT but I think theyll probably uphold her contract and again, I don't think it would have the same impact on the audience if she were the one to die unless she's heavily featured in the last three episodes and we all form an attachment to her.

    Personally speaking, I don't think the replicator has come across as threatening as its supposed too. Sure we've only seen bits and pieces and we still only know a little about what's actually going on. I thought after Virgils last episode that we were finally getting into it but after all the breaks and focus on other stories such as Reids grief, the replicator hasn't had the intense impact it's supposed to. Yes the stalking side of it has been portrayed well with the random photos but I can only think of two episodes where we've seen the team act concerned about it all.

    I love this season, I just think these last few episodes need to surpass expectations and really affect the team so the fatality in the end doesn't come across as pointless or out of nowhere :/


  18. Anonymous said ' (All of them are smart: Morgan and Hotch are lawyers,....'
    Only Hotch is a lawyer, Morgan was a cop in Chigago and he went to the university on a footyball scholarship.

  19. Morgan has not worked as a lawyer but he still has earned his law degree from Northwestern University in Chicago as was revealed in "Profiler Profiled". He did not get a degree for studying football but for studying law Lol. He just needed the scholarship to visit the university because he is not from a rich family as Hotch is.

    Anon Z

  20. Never said he studied in football, just that he had a scholarship to play football that WAS his ticket to get into a university just like soccer was for JJ. I did check the CM wiki and nowhere does it says Morgan got a Law degree but will take your word for it. And people assumed Hotch is from a rich family but apart from him telling the unsub mother in Blood hungry that his mother went to a fancy school(Mary Baldiwn I think) we just don't know if he didn't say that to just build some rapport with the woman.

  21. The CM wiki does not have everything right. In "Profiler Profiled" is was not only said but can be seen at Garcia`s computer screen that Morgan graduated with honors from Northwestern Law.

    Anon Z

  22. Oh dear things aren't looking great for two maybes even three of the cast members, don't know if we're allowed to post links to the new TvLine article so I won't but I hope everyone comes back to the show for a ninth season with a fair deal :(


  23. We have not post the article here because it is all rumours at this point but you can post a link to the article.

  24. Well here is a bit of good news.Harry Bing says 1 of the 5 remaining cast member has closed a deal.That means there are only 4 cast member to go.
    Harry also said he wasn't allowed to reveal who that person happens to be.

  25. Here's the link for anyone who hasnt seen it yet and wants to freak out until we hear confirmation of who is coming back :/

    I don't want to imagine this potential future of CM :(


  26. The Garcia computer screen cap showing Morgan earning a JD at Northwestern on a football scholarship was one of the stupidest mistakes CM writers ever made. There is no undergrad degree in law from top universities like Northwestern, only graduate degrees. The JD is a graduate degree earned from completing a three-year graduate course at a Law School such as Northwestern's. There are no football scholarships for Law School students, only for undergraduates.

  27. I would miss JJ, though her character appeals to me much less now than it did before. I don't love the "kick-ass" JJ, but would be sorry to see her go; she is still the "heart" of the team. I'm sick to death of Garcia, and unless her character evolves beyond the parody it has become, would be happy to see her gone.

    That said, it is very upsetting to see the female cast members of CM consistently treated so inequitably. The whole nightmare of Season 6 still burns in most fans minds, and who can blame the female cast members for taking a stand? Jeanne Tripplehorn's character is also just really blagh; it has always been clear that the show runner didn't want to add that character...neither did the fans...but if forced to do so they needed to put much more effort into making her interesting and appealing. One gets the feeling they haven't invested in her because they want her to fail and get dropped. Poor JT; she is a beautiful and accomplished actress who could have added a lot to the show and deserved better.

  28. I'm trying to prepare myself over the fact that we may lose our show, all because some of these cast members are choosing to play hardball. And it pisses me off that they've chosen to do it when so many of them have contract up for renewal.If CBS gets fed up with it and decides to wash their hands of the show and ABC picks it up,The entire cast may end up having to take a paycut,bc some of them couldn't be satified with the raise CBS offered them.Of course now there is no guarantee that ABC would even bother to pick up the show.

  29. One of the articles stated that if the show only gets JM and TG back along with MGG and JT then the show will go ahead for a ninth season anyway, I could imagine the format of the show could go on if all of the established cast left a la LandO series :/

    I hope they're all satisfied and come back, as much as Morgan and Garcia annoy me at times, I still want them on the show.

    Also I can't go through losing JJ again :(


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