Monday, April 29, 2013

'Criminal Minds' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Matthew Gray Gubler Directs Another "Peculiar" Episode

by Joyce Eng

Matthew Gray Gubler is at it again. The Criminal Minds star directed Wednesday's episode — his second of the season and fifth overall — and if you've seen his past ones, you know what to expect.

"It's another very peculiar case in a weird little town where someone is killing people in a very bizarre way," Gubler, who plays Reid, told earlier this season. "Those are...

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  1. I don't mind MGG's directing style, I don't mind how his episodes usually look very different to the norm (more bizarre?), but I mind very much that he seems to love so much to show us the unsubs and what they do, while he tends to relegate the team to a wallpaper role.

    Here's hoping this episode is more balanced than the previous ones (not counting "Lauren", he directed but the episode wasn't "his").

  2. Maria:

    Matthew doesn't write the episodes. He only directs what the writer puts on paper. If the team is wallpaper, it's the writers fault, not his.

  3. I'm excited about this episode! We get to see more of the impact that Maeve's death has had on Reid. Plus this is the second time Matthew is directing an episode that puts the focus on his character a bit more - the first was The Lesson. Bring it on!
    - Stevie

  4. After 2 weeks of reruns I certainly hope CBS will give this episode some decent promotion and let viewers know that CM is going to have a new episode this week.

    So glad you corrected Maria's misconception.It really irritates me when MGG gets blame for something that is the writer's doing,whenever he directs an episode.

  5. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Is that realmoney thing a spam link? I'm not clicking it. When I saw the sneak peek I immediately asked myself "didn't the coroner do a tox screen?"

    Usually they either comment on why they don't have more info or they do give that info up front. I wonder why they now have Blake talking about the medical angle when its usually Reid who does that. I mean, I think its ok since her husband is a doctor and she might know some medical stuff because of him, but I hope they don't end up having her tread even more on Reid's area of expertise. They already took the linguistics thing away from him so she could fill that niche.

    I'm already annoyed with Garcia's reactions to the details. Why is she presenting cases if she still gets squicked out by it? After all these seasons she should NOT be so squeamish about it anymore. *sigh*

    I'll try to reserve judgment until I see the whole episode.

  7. I totally want JJ or Hotch presenting the cases again, I think there's a time and place for the comedy and presenting the case is not the time.

    Also over Garcia's humorous greetings and goodbyes when they're talking on the phone or on the plane, it's funny every now and again, or her humour during the end of a case it can be okay but when they're constantly throwing quips in every damn phone call it gets old, so does baby girl, it actually makes me cringe now. Morgan and Garcia were fine in the earlier seasons but it's seriously makes me feel nauseous now...

    Urgh rant was needed now it's over!

  8. Feeling starved for a CM ep,and always love a focus on Reid. Really agree with the comment from Anonymous above: enough with Garcia making her "this is icky" face and lame jokes...I HATE the way she presents cases. Maybe this role could be rotated among the team. And yes, Garcia has devolved into being a parody of her original character, and "baby girl" is beyond worn out.

    Wish MGG the best for his latest directorial effort: may it be a home run.


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