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Series Live Interview with Kirsten Vansgness from Monte-Carlo

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Criminal Minds Kirsten Vangsness: "I have never watched an episode of Criminal Minds!"

The beautiful, smiling blonde of Criminal Minds answered questions at press conference at the 52e Festival de la Télévision de Monte-Carlo.

Kirsten Vangsness the pretty geek from Criminal Minds gave this morning, during the Festival de la Télévision de Monte-Carlo, a press conference at the Grimaldi Forum and she is very talkative. We kid you not, she told us so ( and in French too!).

"In real life, I dress like a 7 years old space pirate!"

At the start, Vangsness was not part of the casting. Her character was not supposed to appear at the first episode but she was able to impose Penelope Garcia. A character who was originally much more austere than the one we all know.

After all, she was suppose to play someone who is part of the FBI which demand a bit of seriousness and not to do too much but in the end, she did impose her character, her craziness and she can now do as she wish except for one detail; she doesn't choose Penelope clothes! I must say that in real life she dresses like "a space pirate in 7 years!"

And even if today ( and for us) , she made an effort by putting on a silver dress, it is wiser to leave the costume dresser do her job (even if we must admit that we would love to see what a 7 years old space pirate looks like!)

People who watch the show know about her special relationship with Shemar Moore's character "a kind of mutual affection inappropriate" ( and lots of sexual tension) Yes but in real life Vansgness is gay and is about to get married with her girlfriend. For her, all this is normal but she is aware that many people sees gay marriage under an unfavorable eye especially in the United States where lots of people are conservators. "I'm gay but I am not dead! I hope to normalize it for people" confides the actress.

In the meantimes, she finds her relation with Shemar really funny, "We could do a spin off base on the characters of Penelope and Derek which would just be base on the sex phone scenes" We can already hear the "Hello Shugamuffin" gently resonate in our ears.

Even if Garcia can hack any websites in 5 seconds, this is not the case with her interpreter. The beautiful one admits she is totally worthless when it comes to computers. "I have a diploma in theater, not in computers but my girlfriend, she code, I find it highly boring"

"I have never watched an episode of Criminal Minds!"

Kirsten told us that she never watched an episode of Criminal Minds and does all she can to avoid to have to watch one! "I hate violence, for me, someone who cuts his finger with a paper sheet is already gore!" She admits that if she watched she probably couldn't play her character "but people loves the series and I like my character". She is very grateful for not having to interact with real FBI agents. "The other members are required by their role but fortunately I is not my case " But the team members have all received a booklet with facts, stories to read to soak up some atmosphere…except for Paget Brewster! " She reads this like it is a magazine, she loves everything gore!

Beside Criminal Minds, Kirsten Vansgness also played Suspect Behavior, the Criminal Minds spin off.

"When we learn that, we were not happy at all, we made jokes, we called ouselves 'the original version'" and then Kirsten learned that she would be part of the series "It was very weird with the other cast members". At first everyone thought that the series would be a success. All the actors were talented but in the end it didn't worked. " It is a shame but it was weird, it wasn't the same thing. At times, I was filming both series on the same day, very strange tough I liked everyone."

Small anecdote, during an episode of the series she attended a Doctor Who convention and she loved it! " With Matthew Gray Gubler, we were like five years old kids! When we asked her on which team she was David Tennant or Matt Smith – she didn't want to answer but shed id admit wanting to play the next Doctor " I would love to be the next Doctor!" Steven Moffat if you read us, you already have a volunteer to replace Matt Smith!

"The vaginas fascinate me!"

Apart from the series, Kirsten wrote a play about vaginas. "The vaginas fascinate me!", Now we know. The play will soon be played in New York by the theater group to which she belongs. If someone wants to see it…

Thanks to FrenchAnonymous for the translation.

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  1. omg she crazy but I love her!!!!! she is totally cool! AWESOME!!:D


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