Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Criminal Minds TVLine Scoop: Big Love's Jeanne Tripplehorn Joins Cast as a Series Regular

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Criminal Minds has big love for Jeanne Tripplehorn — the venerable CBS procedural has tapped the actress to join the cast as a series regular.

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  1. Nice! She's great! Oh man...perfect...I hope this works out. But what if Brewster wants to come back? Is the offer still going to be on the table?

  2. Don't know about what will happen if Paget wants to be back. Jeanne got a one year deal with a second year pick up possible.

  3. You know. I just don't care anymore. CBS is obviously calling the shots, not Erica. If Matthew comes back I will continue to watch. If he does not I won't.

  4. By reading the reactions to this news across the internet, I'm convinced I am the only CM fan on the planet who never expected Paget Brewster to make a guest appearance or that the position wouldn't be filled.

    While it was nice of her co-workers and production staff to suggest that they would love to have her drop by for a guest appearance once in awhile, I'm pretty sure that Paget Brewster herself never once expressed this sentiment or the desire to make a guest appearance. She has chosen to move on and fans need to respect that choice and the idea that perhaps the last thing she'd ever want to do is come back asking for more. Maybe after a year or two when she's gone out and been successful with other things, she'd welcome the opportunity to do a quick guest appearance on the show, but doing that now would probably feel like she was admitting defeat.

    As for the Tripplehorn choice, I like it. I'm hoping that this casting choice is a sign that the show is going to go back to targeting a more mature and cerebral audience instead of the young, can be distracted by shiney objects so lets forgo intelligent storytelling for excessive gore and violence audience they seem to have been targeting the last couple of years. I'm looking forward to seeing how they bring her on and what she can bring to the table. Good job CBS!!! : )

    1. I agree that Paget was 99% never going to come back (for more than a brief appearance). You're not alone. However I did read that she said she "was game" for any future guest appearances, leading me to believe that, although she likely didn't suggest that, she loves her castmates/fans, etc. enough to consider doing a brief stint like that.

  5. To sf81387

    I sort of hoped the position wouldn't be filled (having six main characters would have been more than enough in my opinion), but I'm not surprised in the slightest.
    The writers told us quite bluntly that CBS was pushing for it, so no surprise.

    Just like you, I'm glad they chose to cast an older actress.
    I have always loved the cerebral aspect of the show during the first four seasons. After that point, the show changed. I'm not saying it was bad, but it wasn't the same (at least, in my opinion).
    I hope that the choice they made is a sign of the show getting back on the right track.

  6. I totally agree with Cendre and sf81387, I'm glad they chose to cast a mature actress. At least we know Jeanne's character will somehow be experienced (not like Seaver). Wait and see then...
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to season 8. I still wish Paget could make a guest appearance, but above all, I hope MGG will be there (still no news of a contract yet ??)!

  7. To Lena Ocean Taylor,

    No, no news yet about MGG and a new contract.

  8. I will give her a chance. I mean, let's remember that most people disliked Prentiss when she started...and now we are super depressed that she left. And Rossi ended up finding a home in our BAU family. I'll admit it will be hard having a new person, but at least she doesn't resemble Paget (unlike poor Rachel Nichols, who looked too much like AJ--and unfortunately the one character I never quite got used to, though not the fault of the actress). Let's hope she brings a fresh energy to the show! -PolkaDot Sombrero


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