Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kirsten Vangsness talks Criminal Minds

Kirsten Vangsness talks about Criminal Minds.... She talks about a new Agent already possibly cast. Her relationship with Kevin and about Paget and AJ


  1. No new no...nonononononono...I hope they at least went with someone older and super sassy/challenging. No more clone newbies with no experience just flying into the elite. Please?

  2. I think they do need a new Agent.... Paget will leave a BIG hole that the current cast cannot fill.... Someone new and fresh will be good... Just not another Seaver... They need to get it just right

  3. Female actress worthy of the part? Catherine Bell? Gillian Anderson? Jennifer Beals? Carla Gugino? They will not be Paget but I can watch the show with them. For me, they will need to do the best show possible so I can see it even if Prentiss is not there. Erica needs to sign Gubler and negociate with Paget already for her S8 arch (even if the new character gells, the fans will drive her crazy to bring her back). Still sad, and still missing PB.

  4. NO MORE NEW CHARACTERS, PLEASE !!!!! give the remaining team a chance !!


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