Friday, March 30, 2012

Criminal Minds SPOILERS for upcoming episodes and next season

by Sandra Gonzalez

 With increasing frequency, I’m hitting Twitter just before some juicy interviews to solicit questions. So if you’re not following, I suggest you do! This week, I picked a few great Twit-queeries to pose to Criminal Minds EP Erica Messer. To read more EW


  1. Interesting, thanks for the link.
    I really hope they don't replace Prentiss at all, they'll have six team members left, it's more than enough.
    And they already have JJ as a profiler now.
    I don't want to see another female character joining the team, even less so if the only purpose is to respect a male/female quota.
    I hope the team will stay with six the six remaining team members.

    I'm wondering how that conversation between Morgan and Hotch will go. At least it's a good way to bring up the subject of Hotch lying to the team and maybe it'll help Morgan move on.

    But I also hope the finale will contain at least one Hotch/Reid scene.
    I love to see these two interacting, and we see that so rarely.
    They used to talk so much more about non-work related topics during the first three seasons.

  2. Since S7 would have been with 6 characters before PB and AJC were brought back (with Seaver) I think they should develop S8 with the remaining characters and use some of the budget on CGI as in S1 thru S4 that enhances the story and visualization of the cases. I also hope that any future PB projects allow her to appear in some eps in the future (at least for episode 200th and the series finale).

  3. All I know is I am going to miss Emily sooo much in this show....JJ now being a profiler is not the same to me...Emily was very unique IMO. Even if they replace her at some point, it will never be the same for me... Good luck to Paget! Hope she will get the her dream job very soon!!!

  4. I too am going to miss Emily very much.
    I just hope they won't replace her at all... I don't want another Seaver-like fiasco...

    Anyway, I wish Paget all the best for the future!! ;-)

  5. I just hope they won't replace her at all and she'll come back in guest star!!! And I hope Morgan and her will finish together!!!


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