Monday, March 26, 2012

Criminal Minds Press release for Episode 7.20 'The Company'


Guest Stars Include Shanola Hampton (“Shameless”) as Morgan’s Missing Cousin Cindi, Chad L. Coleman (“The Wire”) as Family Acquaintance Malcolm Ford and Denise Dowse (“The Guardian,” “Beverly Hills, 90210”) as Morgan’s Aunt Yvonne Burns

CHEAT TWEET: A sighting of Morgan’s missing cousin makes Morgan confront a lie he’s told his family, #CriminalMinds 4/11 9pm ET/PT

“The Company” – When Morgan’s sister sees a woman who looks like their presumed-dead cousin, Cindi, it forces Morgan to confront a lie he told his family last year to provide closure and compels the BAU to reopen the case of her disappearance, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, April 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest Stars include Shanola Hampton (“Shameless”) as Morgan’s missing cousin Cindi, Chad L. Coleman (“The Wire”) as family acquaintance Malcolm Ford, Erica Gimpel (“Fame,” “The Young and the Restless”) as Morgan’s sister Sarah, and Denise Dowse (“The Guardian,” “Beverly Hills, 90210”) as Morgan’s aunt Yvonne Burns.

Joe Mantegna (David Rossi)
Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner)
Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss)
Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan)
Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid)
A.J. Cook (Jennifer “JJ” Jareau)
Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia)

Shanola Hampton (Cindi)
Chad L. Coleman (Malcolm Ford)
Benita Krista Nall (Desiree Morgan)
Erica Gimpel (Sarah Morgan)
Denise Dowse (Yvonne Burns)
James Edson (Detective Palmer)
Brian Ibsen (Matt Miller)
T.R. Shields III (Arnold Whitcomb)
Dirk Etchison (Bob Campbell)
John Zderko (Dominic Maguire)
Elizabeth Kouri (Suzy Maguire)
Holger Moncada (Store Manager)
Bob Glouberman (Larry Stiles)
Jon Eric Preston (Eric Beckford)
Ieva Georges (Julie Beckford)
Dusan Brown (Anthony Ford)

WRITTEN BY: Breen Frazier
DIRECTED BY: Nelson McCormick


  1. Yes Morgan again. Tired of Morgan storylines. Where are Prentiss storylines? Or Reid? Hey CM writers enough of the Morgan show!

    1. Couldn't agree more! Once again it's the Derek Morgan show! Poor Derek, tortured Derek... An he always has to be the hero even when it's not about him! Im turning from being irritated with him to just plain DISLIKE.

  2. their are many members of the team and there have been many seasons that focused on one member over the others. such as hotch's family and foyet, reid with his drug issues, family issues, and dealing with giedon leaving (i heard no complaining when this was the case) rossi has been focused on this season and his first season with the show, prentiss was last year, even back to gideon and elle they had their moments. not every episode is going to be 90% reid and i really hate after every episode or press release of an upcoming episode this is always a complaint. i understand if he is your fav but judging an episode's quailty based on his airtime is ludicrous

  3. I love these Morgan storylines!! I think there the best!! Don't be hatin' on my boyy!!(: <3

  4. Who on earth said every episode had to be 90% Reid. Which previous poster are you speaking to? You mentioned ("I understand he is your fav")
    Again, which poster are you referring to?

  5. i agree with the above post. majority of of criticism comes from there being a lack of reid presence. I personally enjoy the morgan and jj storylines.

  6. Morgan is not my favorite character but I don't have a problem with him having another centric episode.
    Rossi is soon going to have another one too ("Profiling 101" which is 7x22). Same thing with Prentiss (the writers said during the chats that "Divining Rod" would be Prentiss centric, I think it's 7x21, if memory serves me correctly). The writers are probably going to address her exit storyline in that one, maybe she'll start to think about some new professional opportunities.
    I just hope Reid gets good scenes in the finale.
    Apparently a team member is going to be taken hostage during the bank robbery. I won't mind at all if it's him, it has been a very long time since Reid has been put in real danger. I think Rick Dunkle said Reid had good parts in this one, so we'll see.

  7. I enjoy Morgan storylines. Hotch has had the Foyet arc, Prentiss the Doyle arc and Reid had several personal storylines with his mom, his dad, the drug storyline and he is the character with the most "agent in peril" storylines.

    So it is nice to see that other characters get some attention for a change. And even though I am not the biggest Garcia fan, I am happy for her fans that she has more screentime than in earlier seasons :)

  8. completely agree with what zagi. this show is not about one person its about a team!

  9. I love Morgan, so yay! The thing is, I'm worried that it will be a bit unbelievable if Cindi really is alive. I mean, there's got to be a pretty dang good reason why she'd stay hiding. As long as it's plausible, though, it should be a pretty good episode. What am I saying? Breen is WILL be good!!

  10. It will be a great episode!! Don't be jealous! During years, we'd only got Reid and Hotch story lines, now it's Derek's time and I'm sure it will have great scenes!I think it will have a scene between Morgan and Rossi and a major scene with Hotch because Derek lied to his aunt like Hotch did to the team.

  11. I think Morgan's lie to his aunt and Hotch's lie to the team are very different. Hotch lied to protect Emily. Morgan lied because he though it's better for his aunt mental.

  12. I would like it more if it was balanced. This season really is "Morgan" season. It should be more balanced. Reid hardly had any screentime at all for 3 seasons now. And as he is the most populair character how come that even Garcia beats him at screentime. True he got more screentime in the first few seasons but these episodes were also the best episodes.

    My guess it either Matthew asked for reduced screentime (doubtfull) or that Erika woman who admitted not liking the character, doesn't know how to write for the character, does not want to continue the headache storyline etc etc. As well as admitting Morgan to be her favorite character. You do the math. I hope she leaves. And IF they write for Reid they made him either act out-of-character or drop the subject halfway.

  13. Erica Messer never said she didn`t like the Reid character and she also never said Morgan is her favorite character. From her many interviews throughout the season it seems she is most excited about JJ as a badass profiler and the Hotch is moving on/Hotch/Beth storyline. But she never explicitly said JJ and Hotch are her favorite characters.

    Garcia is a very popular character. I don`t see why she should have less screentime than Reid. Also Reid episodes might be the best for some people but they are not the best episodes for everybody. Everybody has different favorite episodes. For some people probably the Garcia episodes are the favorites.

  14. From where I've been sitting this season hasn't focused on any one character. It seems as though it's been pretty well balanced, but then most seasons feel that way to me. I've never been one to obsess over which character is getting more screentime one week to the next. It all evens out in the end. Reid has been anything but invisible this season. He's had plenty to do and has even had a couple of episodes focus on whatever issue he was dealing with at the time. Honestly, this whining year after year because someone's favorite character isn't getting the attention a fan seems to think they deserve has gotten so tiresome and these baseless claims that Erica Messer likes this character more than the other is so childish. Sorry, don't mean to be insulting, but it is what it is.

  15. If anyone has a link to where Erica says her favorite character is Morgan please post the link here because I've never seen that in any interviews she did. She did say that Shemar looks good but she said the same thing about Thomas too.

    Compared to last season, this season is less focused on Morgan. Every characters had some focus.

  16. I too am tired of some fans whining. The show is about a TEAM not one person and this season has been balanced.

  17. I wanted to put in my two cents (for what it's worth).

    I'm looking forward to this episode because I loved 'Big Sea' (I also suppose every episode written by Jim Clemente is bound to be a hit with me, no matter which character is going to be the focus of said episode). I know this episode is not written by the same author but I want to see where the story about Morgan, his cousin and his aunt will go. I also usually enjoy most of Breen Frazier's episodes.

    Do I miss Reid ? Frankly, yes, I miss him at times, but I'm not going to begrudge Morgan (or any other characters) for that.
    I too feel that Reid has played a reduced role during the last three seasons, but I still manage to enjoy the scenes they give him and I respect the fans who enjoy episodes focusing on other characters.
    As long as they still give Reid some good scenes from time to time I'll be happy.

    Morgan is not a favorite character of mine, but I enjoy the fact that the writers have given him a more important role since season five. I always felt as if his character drew the short end of the stick up until season four.

    I also feel regularly annoyed by the fans who always blame Reid because they feel he has "too much" compared to their own favorite character (no matter how much screen time or storylines Reid actually gets, incidentally). As a Reid fan it's seriously dampening my enjoyment of the fandom at times.
    So, I'm not going to do the same thing to the Morgan fans. They're enjoying the Morgan screen time, good for them, they're not at fault and they're certainly entitled to enjoy these episodes.
    I just hope that if the writers decide to give Reid more screen time next season (if MGG renew his contract, of course) I'll be able to enjoy it without seeing too many complaints about it.

    I'm also looking forward to the Rossi centric episode, he's an intriguing character and underused at times.

    The season's finale seems suspenseful, and just like an above poster I hope Reid has good parts in it.

  18. I'm SICK and TIRED of some fans complaining about Reid NOT having enough screen time or Morgan having TOO MUCH screen time. This show is about 7 members of the BAU solving crimes. NOT ONE PERSON. In my opinion, the writers give each focus to each character during the season (Season 7). One character shouldn't have MORE focus than the other. It wouldn't be fair to the other actors/characters. Also, I never read in any of Erica's interviews that she did not like the Reid character but like the Morgan character at all. Where are people getting this info? People NEED to check their facts before posting statments like that online and if she did, post of the link so others can read it too.

  19. A reminder,

    please post a name when you post, it makes it easier to reply to posts.


    CMRT admin

  20. As I said before Erica Messer NEVER said that she does not like Reid and that Morgan is her favorite character. That nonsense is always brought up by some Reid fans/Morgan haters when Morgan has more than two lines in an episode. Those viewers seem to be so fixated on Morgan`s screentime that they miss all the great Reid scenes.

  21. i agree this past episode contained great Reid scenes. It seems that if the sole topic is not about Reid some NOT ALL but some Reid fans complain like he is not even there and when people point that out they are so quick to become defensive.

  22. i sure hope messer wasn't stupid enough to say she liked one character more than another. that would be truly unprofessional for someone in her position.

  23. Erica Messer never said in any interview that she likes one character more than another.

  24. okay. no need to be so defensive. i'm just saying that it would be really unprofessional of her if she had.

    i mean, hey, we all have our favorite characters, and we don't have to agree, and that's okay, because we're the fans. but the person in charge of what happens to those characters on the show, the person who ultimately decides who gets the most episodes, or the good scenes, or the most screentime, should seriously not be playing favorites, unless they are ready to lose actors and fans alike.


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