Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Criminal Minds Casting News SPOILER Season Finale!

In Episode 7.24 of Criminal Minds, "Run" we will meet JJ's mother, Sandy.



  1. I think we know who's getting married...
    M/G still lives!! Okay okay I know it won't happen..I save it for fanfiction..but I just had to say it!

  2. If it means JJ and Will are getting married I'm certainly happy about the news. :)

  3. I think it means that we will see JJ in wedding dress in episode 7.24 :D

  4. I am rooting for JJ & Will to be the couple to get married since Garcia is NOT ready to marry Kevin yet. It's becoming more and more obvious that it's JJ & Will. Horray!!!!

  5. JJ AND WILL be getting married-they wouldn't be bringing in her mother -who we really haven't met yet -unless it's a special occasion !!!

    GO J.J. FROM E.J.


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