Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 7 - Interview with Thomas Gibson via MSN.ENTERTAINMENT

Q&A: Thomas Gibson of 'Criminal Minds'
Veteran actor gives us the scoop on his character and what's in store on future episodes

By Minh Nguyen
Special to MSN TV

Thomas Gibson's roles as Dr. Daniel Nyland on "Chicago Hope," conservative attorney Greg Montgomery on "Dharma & Greg" and FBI supervisory agent Aaron Hotchner on "Criminal Minds" (for the past seven years) have kept him in front of viewers for nearly the last two decades. MSN TV had the chance to chat with the veteran actor about what's in store for his character and upcoming episodes of "Criminal Minds," and his love of Louis Armstrong.
MSN TV: What is going on this season, and what can you tell us about future episodes of "Criminal Minds"?
Thomas Gibson: There are all kinds of stuff. We've gotten our girls back, Paget (Brewster) and AJ (Cook) are back after a very strange season last year where they weren't with us for part or most of the season. It's been really nice to get everybody back together and start what is, unbelievably, a seventh season, with a new fusion of a feeling of a family reunion. That's been really good, and we're solving some of those grizzly crimes again. You know with the news in L.A. these past few days,...



  1. Thanks for the interview. Just absolutely adore TG/Hotch!

  2. How funny... Haley was his Ex-wife (since mid-season 3) at the time of her murder. Denial of fact or pretend the divorce never happen? Rewriting the history? Either way even TG seems to forget this fact for his character as Hotch. Brain's defense mechanism and "delusional" projection would match the show's basic premises looking into the behavior of humans. Paper doesn't blush, though it was interesting to read... And don't get me wrong, I like his character Hotch I just don't get what's up with telling false fact.

  3. I don't think there was anything up with anything. I think it's very likely that he was answering questions, he hadn't pre-rehearsed the answers. And the murder is more current a story than the divorce and he said wife without thinking. I'd say it was no more than the equivalent of a slip of the tongue.

    Anyway, after tons of times when it seems like interviewers just copy each other as far as what to talk about, I thought it was kind of fun to get something a little different with the Louis Armstrong thing.

  4. I think it's because Hotch really loves Haley even if they were divorced. In his heart, Haley is still his "wife" even if they had divorced.


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