Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Criminal Minds TVGuide Scoop

I hear JJ has a big episode coming up on Criminal Minds? True?— Debbie

ADAM: Yup. For the first time, JJ will spar with an unsub. But JJ's combat skills won't be the only new info you'll get about her. "You'll find out that she has an interesting..To read more TVGuide


  1. I'm going to guess that her interesting relationship is with Hotch because they said they were going explore their friendship and that hasn't really happened yet. On the other hand, it being Hotch might be a little too obvious to count as "eye opening" They're both parents, they both had a hand in faking Prentiss' death. To say they formed a bond isn't really surprising. Maybe it'll be that she has a special relationship with Morgan. (I always feel the need to specify that I'm not using the word relationship in a romantic sense) Considering out of all of them, she's spent the least amount of time with him and certainly the least amount that isn't strictly work. It would be interesting to find out that they shoot hoops together every weekend they're in town. Maybe it'll be that JJ and Prentiss are part of a karaoke group. It being Prentiss isn't particularly unexpected, but the activity would be.


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