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Criminal Minds Conversation thread for the Episode 'Snake Eyes'

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  1. I thought this was a great episode. I usually don't like the ones where we know the unsub right away. But this was highly entertaining and kept my attention as we watched the unsub unravel. And the Morgan/Garcia thing was just perfect! It could have easily been over the top but it wasn't. Going off now to re-watch it.


  2. So, another "blink and you'll miss them" episode as far as the team is concerned. In my world, being in the opening credits means that you're the characters people come to see. So, when it's an episode where the guest star gets the bulk of screen time? Dull, for me.

    Also, um, what was the point of the Morgan and Garcia thing? It's not like they've made a big issue of their relationship. They flirt with each other. It's established since season 1. But, it's not like the show has ever made a big question of whether anything would happen between them. So, it's not like it was a pressing thing that needed to be addressed. Of course, once Garcia said she drank so much the night before it was obvious that Morgan didn't sleep with her. Because Morgan wouldn't do that to a woman he cared about. Or, to any woman. Which makes you wonder that Garcia would even think it.

    Um, anything good? Finally, this season we get Garcia and JJ talking to each other. That was the best part of the episode for me.

  3. The best part for me was the beginning. Nothing in the show was even remotely like the REAL Atlantic city. Wasn't true to life @ all. I spent the better part of the 1990's into 2000's @ Ceaser's & if anyone had acted like this guy did,( just his looks, actions, hair, & if you win big anytime) security would have been all over him , behind him & in front of him,& plain up in his face!. Plus, The "wife" sounded like she watched Saturday night Fever,to try to sound like she was from the area.
    If they ever do another show "supposing" in philly, AC, etc....I'd like the set making job,( or atleast that job that makes sure it's the way the different parts of this country walks, talks, etc) as this wasn't even believable to this east coaster.AND for if a show is "done" in Philly, then they better call me. I can just hear some of the town names we have, really being mispronounced!!
    Sorry, for anyone that loved it. I did LOVE the beginning, but other than that I think this one felt "rushed" & not realistic at all.
    Also, did I miss the previews for next week, heard them say stay tune, but after commercials, CSI came on. So what's up ? did I blink & miss or are we in for another re-run next week?? start of Survivor on for 2 hours & we have 2 weeks before another show? O' the joys of loving a show to much!!
    Peace to all

  4. To Kathleen;

    No, we had the preview ( we posted it here ) and we have new episodes for the next three weeks :) and you can find information about upcoming episode on the right side of the blog under CBS Schedule, we list all episodes new or reruns :)

  5. I thought the episode felt rushed. It felt like the team was only there for a few hours while it was a few days.

    I loved the Morgan/Garcia scenes. They were cute and I am happy that nothing happened between them because I love their friendship as it is. The Rossi/Reid/team scenes were funny but too much like the scene where they wanted Rossi to teach Garcia cooking.

    The Reid casino scene was a little strange because Reid alerted the unsub with his behavior and so the unsub got away. Rossi going to confront the unsub without his vest on was also a little OOC.

    The biggest let-down for me however was Hotch sending JJ to the house alone while he and Prentiss were just standing around looking bored. JJ could have been used so much better as a media liasion in this episode. The case got a lot of media attention but the team did not handle the media at all.

    Not one of my favorite episodes this season.

    Love the cast and love the characters.

  6. I was so looking forward to a new ep of CM, wish it wasn't this one. The story itself was weak from start to finish. Way way way way to much of an unsub who was not interesting in any way. He didn't belong in an episode of Criminal Minds. This episode was slow and I couldn't wait for it to end.
    The Morgan/Garcia story was predictable at best, not sure what the point was?? I didn't buy into any part of it. I guess it was just so we could see Morgan wet and half naked, next time don't use so much oil..ick.
    The only part of that ep I enjoyed was Reid, and I had to wait 30 minutes for that, and by that time I just didn't care. Hope next week is better.

  7. "next time don't use so much oil"

    Yes. Do people really come out of the shower looking like oil was coming through the pipes instead of water?

  8. This was not one of my favorite episodes. I liked the scenes at the beginning with Garcia and the last scene with Morgan and Garcia but could have done without the rest. Figured out the unsub was going to suicide the minute Rossi walked into the house. I can see Rossi as the negotiator(w/o his vest...what was that about?) but JJ as the sharpshooter? Hotch is the one with the SWAT experience. I agree with Zagi. Reid should have known better than to alert the unsub. On the whole, not a very satisfying episode.

  9. "but JJ as the sharpshooter?"

    JJ's an EXCELLENT shot. In the dark, three mad dogs who were in different directions, and she killed them all. One of whom leaped at her and bit her, so on top of being a moving target, she was wounded in the bargain. Also, she was probably scared to death and still managed to kill them. That takes skill. It's *canon* that JJ is a good shot.

    I don't know why Hotch didn't go himself, because he is an excellent shot and has SWAT experience. It would have made sense for him to go. But, since he did send someone else, JJ makes as much sense as anyone.

    In fact, in my need to find crumbs to like for this episode, I pretended that the reason the writer wrote it like that was because he watched old episodes and saw that JJ was good with a gun. Well, more than good.

  10. Yes, he did look fine, but honestly the oil was a tad too much. No one really comes out of the shower looking like a greased pan, albeit a smoking hot "pan", but still the oil was too much.

    Though this was promoted a Morgan/Garcia centered episode,I believe that JJ's hair, Prentiss and Reid stole the show, especially Prentiss and Reid. As usual, JJ's hair was pure hairporn. Prentiss was witty, her facial expressions were perfect, her hair was flawless, and her wardorbe. Oh my god, her wardrobe (that yellow v-neck) was AMAZING. And her excitement over getting to spend Rossi's money etc, beautiful...Paget was amazing as always in this episode.

    And Reid was just phenomenal. He made me laugh so much with the "man-handling" line and his thumbs up.

    Overall, the plot was weakly written, and it really is getting irritating that the unsub is shown immediately from the beginning, because I feel that I have to wait for the BAU to catch up to me. The whole reason I like watching CriMinds, is so I can try and determine the unsub along with the team. Nevertheless, Reid and Prentiss did salvage this episode for me. Definitely not one of the best in the season, but not as horrible as Bittersweet not even get me started on that episode....hard to believe it was even an episode of CriMinds.

    I give Snake Eyes a 6/10, solely for Prentiss and Reid

  11. oooOOOHH and Rossi was pretty funny too. His banter with Reid concerning his age, :)


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