Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome New CM Writer - Bruce Zimmerman

CM writer Bruce Zimmerman with director Anna Foerster
(courtesty of the CM Set Report)

This week's episode, From Childhood's Hour, was written by one of our new writers, Bruce Zimmerman. We were lucky enough to meet Bruce when we paid a visit to the set in July. Bruce is a very nice man and we enjoyed the brief conversation we had with him. Bruce is a seasoned television writer having written scripts for The District, Desperate Housewives, and Army Wives amongst others. CMRT welcomes Bruce to the Criminal Minds family. We look forward to his first CM episode tomorrow night.


  1. I liked the episode tonight since it was emotional and decent. I was worried that the Rossi storyline was going to be some soap opera - like romantic storyline but fortunately it was not. It was for the most part well- written with a compelling case and appropriate personal storylines. I wish I can say that for episode 7.10, but I am not so sure I will feel the same way when Hotch gets a love interest.


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