Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Criminal Minds SCOOP Spoiler!

Anything cool coming up on Criminal Minds? — Beth
ADAM: You've heard that Dirty Sexy Money's Bellamy Young will play a museum curator who could be Agent Hotchner's new love interest, right? Well, I'm hearing that she isn't the only woman coming into Hotch's life...to read more go to TVGuide


  1. I love how the media twist everything up.
    I think we can put that in correlation with the spoiler for 'True Genius' that was on spoiler tv : it was said that we would see a detective that was Hotch's former student in that episode (they simply didn't precise the detective was a woman). "True Genius" is episode number 11, the writers would never allude to another love interest an episode after introducing "Beth" as a love interest for Hotch.

    Anyway, "True Genius" seems to be a Reid episode and I can't wait for that one !

  2. I hope it IS a Reid episode and it does not turn out to be more about Hotch and the detective than about Reid.

  3. This spoiler has augmented my fears concerning the direction of the show even more than before. I was not happy at all this week when I read that Hotch is getting a romance, but now I read this. I hope that this means that Hotch just works with one of his former students on a case and that is all. I hope that this episode is not indicating that Hotch is dating many women or that he had an affair with this woman when he was married to Haley. This is not who Hotch is. He has mostly been portrayed as loyal and having values. I do not even know if I am watching the show when Hotch gets a love interest in 7.10, but if Hotch also has a romantic connection with this woman, I am never again watching one episode of the show. I respected Hotch for his morals and believe he would not behave improperly !! Writers please do not turn my favorite show Criminal Minds into a soap opera. Please do not change Hotch. I watched the show because it was one of the more creative and decent shows on TV. Now I am seeing some changes that I do not like.

  4. To the previous poster,

    you should really calm down. The media are playing with the public here.
    Trust me, this episode is a Reid episode, not a Hotch episode. That woman is introduced in episode 11 'True Genius' and yes she's a former student of Hotch. Spoiler TV already leaked that spoiler about a former student of Hotch appearing in 7x11 ("True Genius").
    I'm pretty sure that this woman will only be here for professional reasons, she'll probably contact Hotch to get help on the case.
    Maybe this case is simply not your usual 'BAU material' case but she wants Hotch's team to help.

    From a previous chat I know that the thematic of the episode is 'How well does a boy genius age', and it should features Reid's skills and maybe his scientific background. He might be up against another kind of genius, one who didn't grew up to be a good person...I think it'll be very interesting and I hope Reid will shine.

    So, the episode won't be about Hotch and I would be really surprised if the connection between the woman and Hotch was anything more than professional.

    You also need to realize that the writers would never allude to another love interest for Hotch just one episode after introducing Beth.

  5. I really hope that you are right about this and that a 2nd woman is not introduced for Hotch. I know many people want a Hotch romance, but I do not want one this season. I do not want Hotch to even date the woman he meets in the park, but I guess this will happen. I want the writers to first explore other aspects of his character such as his past or why he is so serious. I also think Hotch can move on & smile without getting a romance. While I do not like a Hotch romance, it would be even worse if the writers allude to Hotch picking up different women or referring that he cheated on Haley when he was married to her. I hope that the writers are not going to show that Hotch is a different person than many fans thought he was all these seasons. This is just my opinion but I liked that Hotch seemed to have morals & was so dedicated to his work. This is why Hotch's character was so special to me. So, I hope you are right because if the writers took this route it would be in my opinion the downfall of the show.

  6. I respect your opinion even if I personally like the idea of Hotch finding a love interest. I don't think Hotch will be different because he'll date a woman, he'll be the same person at work. Apparently the actress who plays Beth is only scheduled for a single episode now.
    So, even if Hotch dates her (and I hope it'll happen, even if I respect your divergent opinion on that subject), it won't really be featured.
    The romance will probably only takes a few minutes of the episode 'Cold Science' (7x10).
    At best they might make some slight allusions to it in future episodes, but that'll probably be it. And no matter what, it won't change who Hotch is at work, his personality, his work ethic or his relationship with his colleagues.

    Like I said, I respect your opinion. I, for one, am really glad about Beth being introduced to Hotch's life even if we probably won't see them dating.

  7. Agreed with Herms, romance will not change who Hotch is, he will still be dedicated to his job, the team, his son. Let's not forget this man did choose the job over Haley.


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