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  1. Pretty good episode. Unsub was really crazy from the get go. Poor Dave, such a sad scene at the end :( But very good acting from Joe mantegna and Isabella Hoffman.

  2. The case didn't have the "wow" factor we've had the rest of this season, but wasn't a complete dud either. I loved the one liners the writer had in the first part of the ep. Some new CM classics! "Oh, he's doubled up on something." LMAO! And the Rossi/ex wife thing. Must say, I sorta seen it coming but was great acting from Joe (naturally) and Isabella.

  3. Personally I didn't like this episode a lot. Kids crying for their moms are so cruel to watch... It was so heartbreaking at times, especially when Bobby knew what happened to her mom...

    There were great dialogues though. I loved the scene between Rossi and Prentiss. The very last scene was very touching too. Other than these scenes, this episode did not cut it for me...

  4. I simply loved that episode, it was well written and so touching at the same time.
    When I saw the press release for the episode I was already wondering if the shocking news from Rossi's ex wife was related to her health, but I never saw the twist coming.
    I don't know how Rossi is going to deal with this, there's no easy choice here.

    The case was poignant and interesting.

    I loved the team interaction and the Reid scenes were wonderful.
    I do think it would be nice to see more Hotch/Reid interactions though.

    On a side note, not every women owns dozens of shoes. I never had an interest in that when I was younger and at 32 year old, I still don't.

    Bruce Zimmerman did a wonderful job, and I'm impatient to see what his next episode will be about.
    Of course, I also can't wait to see what happens in the next episode written by Rick Dunkle, one of my favorite writers for the show.

    Thank you for a great episode of Criminal Minds !

  5. I loved this episode. I think Season 7 is terrific

  6. Great episode with a solid case, there's just one thing : given the subject matter (kids neglected by parents who are unable to take care of them) it would have been nice for the writer to let Reid shed some light to the case by using his own personal experience. With a schizophrenic mother and a father who left them when he was only 10, Reid was left to take care of himself and his mentally ill mother. He could have used his own experience at some point to figure out something.
    It could have also been the perfect opportunity to tell us what is wrong with Reid's mother. I would really like to know and hope the story hasn't been dropped.

  7. I agree with the Reid comments. I, too, wondered if Reid would allude to his own personal experience growing up since his mother could not always be there for him and his father was not around after he walked out on them.

    I LOVED the Reid/Morgan scenes! This is more like what I've been waiting for, especially the end one. It's nice to see them getting along again and talking about subject matter other than the cases. Morgan seems to enjoy "schooling Reid" on women. But in this case, he was not entirely accurate. I own two pair of shoes and both need to be replaced. I can't even find shoes that fit me much less 10 or more pairs!

    It was nice to see more of a mix up instead of Morgan with Prentiss all of the time and Reid with JJ. I like that Hotch was with Reid and Morgan for one scene just the three of them.

    Found the Reid/Morgan scene with the woman in the park to be interesting, especially when Reid asked about what drug she was taking and noting that she displayed signs of withdrawl. I forgot to comment last week that I found it strange that they did not tie the guest star's sobriety token with Reid somehow since he had brought up Dilaudid recently.

    I was surprised to see Hotch using his gun so soon after the previous week's episode.

    I didn't like the ending with Rossi. He seemed okay in the earlier scenes with Caroline. I just don't care for her request. I hope they are NOT going to tie in his religious background with a right to end one's life debate. I DO NOT want to see that.

    The young guest stars did a good job. It looks like CM is using a lot of child actors this season.

    I really enjoyed Reid's line to Morgan about women's closets and his not having enough experience in and around them to formulate an opinion. That sentence just sounded like Reid!

  8. Congrats to Zimmermann an exciting-excellent episode. The topic of suicide has been told with sensitivity and dignity. Children always feel it when their caregiver is unhappy. I didn't mind seeing the weeping children on screen. Not because I won't feel with them, but simple because I'm used to it in real life. This weeks team pairings was a real pleasure to watch :D And I found the ending with Rossi's ex-wife asking him, if he would accompany her, on her way very well choosen. And I'm looking forward to it - how he will handle it. As character development to see his inner conflicts and not as an attempt with the real life debate about "right to end one's life". CM won't do that.

  9. I came into this episode knowing I wouldn't enjoy it because I wasn't excited about the promo, and I was right. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, I just thought it wasn't up to par as opposed to the previous episodes.

    The little moments in there that everyone else mentioned made the episode worth watching, though. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Rossi deals with his new dilemma-I certainly didn't see it coming. That's got to be a hard to thing to consider.

    As always, looking forward to the next one!

  10. I like the way their are handling Prentiss's suffering. She is projecting her pain in everyone on the team. JJ was back to caring mom, Reid and Morgan as buddies.

    I think the episodes seem a bit faster paced and the emotional moments do not have time to develop. But I still have faith in Erica and hope the episodes subtle moments with the characters extend to the resolution and discovery of unsubs.

    BTW - Paget Brewster is the best! Her eyes say everything.

  11. I don`t like the lighter direction the show has taken again in this episde. CM used to be a dark show and that made them special and better IMO. In the last two episodes was too much joking aorund and some of the characters are hardly recognisable anymore.

    Reid and Morgan have jumped back to their season one/two personalities. All the character development they went through the last years has vanished and it is as if seasons three to six never happened. They also again reminded of the annoying and silly NCIS characters.

    As did Garcia. The scenes in this episode made her look very unprofessional. She was actually halting the investigation a few times. And even if she in the end gets her work done as Hotch said to Morgan in " The Longest Night", it still makes her look unprofessional. It also makes her look like a Abby (name?) NCIS clone because this Abby always halts the investigation with some annoying stuff.

    Maybe Erica Messer is a huge NCIS fan or maybe she expects with making CM more like NCIS they also get the great ratings NCIS has. But I am not a fan of this lighter direction of the show.

    The case of the week was good and well written but too short and in the end rushed but that is not really surprising when they spend so much time with shoe talk, Garcia`s flirting and the Rossi storyline. I liked the Reid/Morgan scene with the woman in the park.

    I absolutely love the Rossi story. I liked that he talked to Prentiss and not Hotch about Caroline. The storyline is highly dramatic, yes. But so were the Doyle story, Gideon`s story and the never ending Foyet storyline. Rossi was long overdue for a personal drama storyline and Joe Mantegna is an outstanding actor. I`m glad they found something really emotional for Rossi.


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