Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SPOILER! Criminal Minds Season 7

From TVGuide

What did JJ whisper to Hotch at the end of "Lauren" on Criminal Minds? — Brooke Pierson, via Twitter
Like I'd tell you! But I'm betting that the secret will be revealed this season, given that executive producer Erica Messer is planning to further explore the Hotch and JJ of it all. "There is a relationship there — especially having shared this secret — that we think is worth exploring," Messer says. "It's nothing romantic, but there's definitely a bond that these two have... that doesn't come along very often."


  1. I believe someone said that it was unscripted. So whatever was said was AJ and Thomas, but they would know to make it relevant.

  2. Thats me! I asked that question!! cool!!!

  3. I really don't expect them to make a point of retroactively writing dialogue for that scene. Could it even be categorized as a secret? Even without knowing the exact words, I'd have to say no. Secret implies some information that people outside the secret don't have. But, I think we have all the information that exchange was meant to give us. What she said wasn't important. If they had scripted dialogue, I imagine it would have been nothing more than JJ telling Hotch that the arrangements had been made or something along that line. Nothing that would reveal something new. I read that scene as cluing the audience into the fact that JJ wasn't being honest about Prentiss' 'death' and that Hotch was in on it. I would really see spelling out the exact dialogue as being redundant.

    But, I'm glad about two things. That they'll explore the Hotch and JJ relationship, which is one of my favorites. And, that it's said flat out that it's not romantic.

  4. Doesn't anyone know yet what JJ says to Hotch? The only thing I got out of that scene was Hotch saying "I don't know" before turning around and leave, never understood what she says to him, though. I like the relationship Hotch and JJ share. They are like brother and sister, he is very protective of her and she completely trusts in him. I can't wait till September to find out what more they know about Emily.

  5. I really wish they would develop a romantic relationship but one that isn't acted upon until the show is to be cancelled.I always thought Hotch's reaction to her pregnancy was surprising so maybe Will can be headed out of JJ'life and Hotch headed in. Two single parents with little boys....c'mon.Maybe the keeping of Emily's secret is what they need to look at each other differently.


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