Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shemar Moore opens up about bike accident

by: Tyrone Warner
Date: 7/5/2011 10:24:00 AM
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The acclaimed star of “Criminal Minds” appears on the cover of the July/August issue of “Maximum Fitness.”

In the issue Shemar Moore talks candidly about the biking accident he experienced in 2009 where he was hit by a Cadillac and broke his leg.

“It was the scariest moment of my life,” said Moore, who also admitted “I got lucky… and then some.”

The 41-year-old also talks about his workout routine and how he stays in such buff shape.

Cycling has always been an important passion for Moore, who participates in charity cycling events for multiple sclerosis in honour of his mother, who suffers from the disease.

Inside the magazine is also a spread of several photos, which shows Moore pumping iron while wearing a red hat with matching shorts and shoes… and yes ladies, shirtless. You might want to pick this mag up if you’re a fan.

The magazine shots also give a detailed look at Moore’s tattoos, which include a large lion on his right shoulder, and an intricate design on his right calf.

Fans shouldn’t be surprised that before Moore was an actor he worked as a model in order to pay the bills. The actor isn’t new to fitness magazines either; in 2009 he appeared on the cover of “Men’s Fitness.”

One last tidbit for you Canadian Moore obsessives… apparently the actor has a little bit of Canadian blood in him, as his mother, who was born in Massachusetts, is reportedly of an Irish and French-Canadian descent.

Before “Criminal Minds,” Moore played Malcolm Winters on “The Young and the Restless” for eight years.

SPOILER ALERT: Some news about the upcoming season of “Criminal Minds” is starting to leak, straight from the mouth of executive producer Erica Messer. Messer says that Moore’s character, BAU Agent Morgan, will be the first to discover the cover-up regarding the faked death of Agent Prentiss (Paget Brewster).

source: CTV


  1. I`m looking forward to season 7 and can`t wait for Morgan and Prentiss to be united again.

  2. He is so yummy :)


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