Saturday, July 9, 2011

Behind The Scenes Pictures SPOILER Season 7!

picture @Gibsonthomas

picture @ajcookofficial


  1. It's great to see them together. And, now that I have the positive out of the way, I HATE the facial hair on Hotch. I don't find facial hair attractive. So he doesn't get any extra points for that. But, more importantly, it's out of character. I'd never say how hot he looks with scruff. But, I wouldn't complain if 6 seasons hadn't given the audience a clear picture of what his character is like. And, Aaron Hotchner shaves before going to work. He wears suits. Even in those rare times when he was out of a suit at work, he still came across as being suit-like. Hotch being casual while on a case? No. And, it may seem like a small thing, but this isn't merely a fashion thing. His way of dressing is part of his character as much as Garcia's is part of hers. And, I'd rather characters be in character more than anything else.

    So, first, I seriously hope this only lasts for the first episode. And, second, I hope that it's explained directly on the show. (Even more if he's stays that way) Because this isn't something that they can pass off as, "Oh, he changed his mind about how to dress at work." That would be like Reid punching unsubs and no one paying attention like it happens all the time.

  2. I think that Thomas has a beard because it will be part of the script, for example, Hotch could have been away for a while in the search for Emily or something like that?! But I find Thomas very sexy on this picture and I am so happy to see the cast together again!!

  3. I have to say your blog is amazing. I think it's one of the best sources about Criminal Minds. Really (: Keep up the good work! (:

    PS: Thom looking sexy!

  4. Have to say that I love the new look for Hotch.

    Angie, thanks for the good words, glad you like
    our little blog :)

  5. In a word... Happy
    In two words... Aj and Paget
    In three words: The team rocks
    In four words: Don't mess with them!

  6. While I am happy that Aaron Hotchner will be back for Seasons 7 and 8 of Criminal Minds, I DO NOT like Hotch's new look, and I am shocked that the writers would change his appearance. A beard DOES NOT seem to fit his character well. I hope he looks like this because it is just part of the script for episode 7.01(for example Hotch goes undercover to find Emily). I hope he does not keep the scruffy look for the entire Season 7 or I am not going to enjoy this season as much as the previous 6 seasons. I know some people like the new "scruffy" look for Hotch, but in my opinion this look does not suit Hotch. It would be ok for Thomas Gibson but not Hotch. I do not mind if the writers explore Hotch's background in more depth, but I do not like that they changed his look!!

  7. I think Thomas/Hotch ROCKS the scruffy look. That being said, I think it must be part of the first episode only.


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