The Tribeca Film Festival is well under way and that means there are a slew of small films looking to get their shine at the annual celebration. One of those flicks is the eerie "Magic Valley."

MTV News caught up with the film's stars Matthew Gray Gubler, Scott Glenn ("Sucker Punch") and Kyle Gallner at Tribeca to chat about the movie.

"I think [the director] Jaffe [Zinn] pulled off something very unique and special, and I think I speak for all of us when I say I think we're very proud to have been a part of such a strange and wonderful film," Gubler said. "I sort of prefer this format to everything. Also, the guy that directed it is one of my best friends, so that alone was a great pleasure to work with him on something."

Gubler went on to say that going from his work on the hit network series "Criminal Minds" to a small film was a welcome change of pace.

"I find that these movies — while they might not appeal to a giant audience — typically are the ones that touch me the most and mean the most," he explained. "So I would rather, if I could do anything, I would do zero-budget movies forever."

Like his co-star, Gallner said being a part of something that seems so small in the Hollywood world of blockbusters is sort of "exhilarating." "It's one of those things [about] indie films [that] are interesting in a way that they're brave stories that people don't want to tell and, like you said, there's not going to be the appeal to," he said. "It isn't going to be for everybody, but it's more you can get really emotionally connected and a lot of times it's very interesting characters and very interesting stories."

source: MTV