Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Criminal Minds SPOILER Season 6 Finale!

Do you know if Criminal Minds is planning a cliff-hanger this season? I don't want to lose sleep all summer! — Liza
ADAM: Executive producer Erica Messer says yes, but nothing over which you'll lose sleep. That is to say, no one's getting blown up in an SUV. "It's about our team and the financial cost of crime fighting," Messer says. "The goal was to show how much the world needs our heroes and how important it is that we keep the team together. ... Bad guys seem to have endless funds but, as in real life, there are budget cuts in the government, and the team is in jeopardy of being split up."

Source: TVGuide
image: @gublernation

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  1. So can we expect more firings judging by these words? I don't find anything connected with budget cuts any near to reassuring! Don't mind if team members don't "get blown up", I care about whether they're cut off the series. Messer's words don't sound to me very different from Nina Tassler's at the 100th episode celebrations. I guess nothing good can be expected is this is the best she can tell us about the show's and the cast's future.


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