Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kirsten Vangsness Share with the Criminal Minds Fans

I thought it would be fun to share these with the CM fans because I have an amazing job because y'all watch the tv when the show I'm on is on and as a result of my amazing job I have more resources to create stuff and for that I am ETERNALLY APPRECIATIVE.

SO. Last year a group of us at Theatre of NOTE did a film noir spoof play called "Kill Me, Deadly" . It was a big hit, I was lucky enough to have very understanding bosses at Criminal Minds as well as a crazy talented understudy at NOTE so I was able to be in it while we were shooting CM and every one of my CM cast mates came to my artistic home to watch it (Shemar came 3 times because he loves me and Theatre of NOTE like that).When the show closed 8 of us including 6 actors from the play, the writer and the producer (in small theatre the producer is not the one with the money, he's just the guy doing a lot of grunt work for free) decided to make a movie of "Kill Me Deadly". Our intention was to make a movie using the same DIY spirit and sense of community that we had while doing the play and so we started our journey with all 8 of us as producers (in the grunt work sense, plus the happy addition of me having a fancy day job)

I am DELIGHTED to report that as of this email typing we have done just that, however, since it's a complicated endeavour to be a group of theatre rapscallions making a film by our own rules we are filming this film in bite sized pieces. Thus far we have exactly one "bite" done. It's a 17 minute bite of our film (some would call it a short film) and I can tell you it is delicious. And yes, it's delish because it's hilarious, and Shemar Moore, dear patron of the arts and honorary NOTE member that he is, has a cameo which he is brilliant in (did you know btw he can make his eyes twinkle on CUE?!?), it's also amazing because the actual FILMING of it was happy, cooperation magic and kept completely in line with what we had dreamed of. We built the dolly for the camera ourselves, one of the actors in the film was the director of photography, the writer was the director, we did the catering ourselves, the make-up ourselves, we filmed at a restaurant a few steps from Theatre of NOTE, the music was written by Theatre of NOTE family and EVERY actor, whether you had no lines or a million got paid (75 bucks, across the board).

A month ago when our 17 minute short was done me and my fellow producers had two screenings- one screening was like a party and we all dressed in 1940's outfits and it was at night and there was adult beverages and snacks (that's when Rachel, Matthew, AJ, and Shemar first saw it) one screening we did at lunch hour one day at work (that's when Joe and Thomas saw it:) because we wanted to have the whole cm family be a part of it. Both were spectacular and heart warming and filled with a great many belly laughs.

Now that CM is on hiatus we are continuing to shoot more pages of the film. It's far from done and it may take a bit but that's okay because we are making it exactly how it should be made and sometimes that takes a bit. I want to include you from the very beginning of it and I will continue to reach out and share news. I will start with these pictures, some are stills from the movie and some are from the screening. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you guys so much for unending support and love. I can always feel it and I send it right back to you. My love smells like cookies and/or wet sidewalk so when you smell that, it's my love.



  1. Can't wait to see it! Wish I could have watched the original too! You're brilliant darlin'!

  2. Oh, I'm intrigued. Sounds like it's gonna be awesome--I'll have to see it!

  3. Dear Kristen,

    Your exuberance and dedication to your craft come through LOUD and CLEAR when you reach out to your fans to tell us news. I want to tell you that I love hearing about your day, your life, your foibles and your journey.

    I wanted very much to become an actor as an adult. My parents squashed that dream and, instead, I became a teacher of Italian. Some say ("some" includes me on certain days) that teaching is giving 5 performances a day. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll have less Mommy-responsibilities and I'll do some dinner theatre or local theatre.

    Until then.. I want you to know that I am living vicariously through you - in a completely NON UBER FREAKISH way!

    All the best to you and yours,
    Paola N.

  4. Ok I feel really stupid (and this is my first time to this blog)--am I missing something or are there just the two pictures?
    Also, this sounds so awesome.

  5. There will be more pictures when Kirsten send them to us :)

  6. ok. lol sorry I'm an idiot

  7. Kirsten, you are awsome!! You are such a dynamic actress and you do your job with such an amazing enthusiasm that I imagine nobody could be unhappy around you.. Keep up the amazing work and I cant wait to see the movie or the next episode of cm! I love the whole team on CM, (though I was very sad to see Aj and Paget go.. ) Best of luck with all your endevours, though Im sure you can accomplish anything you put your mind too.. lots of love Heather

  8. I love your commentary...sometimes in reading your tweets, you remind my of long time friend that I have lost contact with, but miss dearly! Your comments and cheerful pics can put the grumpiest of people in a happy mood. Keep it up!

  9. Girl, you are ROCKIN' that dress in that first shot.

  10. Heres to wet sidewalk and cookies! :D

  11. Just a quick note (which will probably turn into an essay lol) to say that I not only want but Need to see the film, and that it's great that you get to make a career out of something that you obviously feel passionate about. Your such a beautiful person that even if you did a 9-5 job I'm sure you would still find the good in it. Also your such a good role model to the young girls out there, and they are few and far between these days. Finally I think you are so blessed to be working with the great teams of actors that you do both with the CM crowd and the theatre group) please pass on my english rose and peppermint scented love to Matthew and Nicholas, in fact to everyone you work with, there can never be enough love in the world. also take some of it for yourself, cos I have oodles to go around lol. see i told you essay. love from siobhan aka icvamps

  12. Thanks Kirsten! You are so cool! I hope we can see that movie soon!


  13. Love you on Criminal Minds! Thank you for taking the time to share with the fans!

  14. Thanks for letting us know what you're working on Kirsten! It looks/sounds/smells wonderful. =D You are a rock star. Your CM fans love you so so much. <3

  15. Kirsten, you are great i love watching you in CM and looking at photo's of there any chance we will be seeing this movie in england?
    i love your role you play in you care about all yr team and you seem like the same person in real life.
    love Sharon xxx

  16. Amazing! You are amazing. I´m a great Brazilian fan of yours (Garcia and Reid are my favorite charcters on CM) and knowing it made me admire you more, it´s a great project! I will remember your love because I love cookies and also the smell ofthe rain. Love,Vanessa.


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