Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Criminal Minds TVGuide SPOILER!


Q: So what can you tell us about any of the BAU members' secrets on Criminal Minds? — Wanda

A: ADAM: Executive producer Simon Mirren tells us that Reid's secret will be a doozy and that it's connected to his "genetic past." But not every reveal will carry the same weight this season. "Some of them are very emotional, and some of them are very simple," says Mirren, who's writing a special Garcia episode. "Garcia's is not a depressing secret. You really see another side of Garcia that we haven't seen in six years of working with her. It's kind of shocking in one way and fantastic in another."


  1. Please oh please don't make Reid schizophrenic!! There will be nothing entertaining about that at all!

  2. I would love a story where Reid is extremely ill, but physically, not mentally.
    I don't want him to develop schizophrenia.


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