Friday, October 8, 2010

Criminal Minds Episodes 6.01. 6.02 and 6.03 Reviews

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  1. Hi,

    O.K, so over the long weekend I watched some of the episodes in the Criminal Minds marathon and all I have to say is.... amazing!!! This show is ridiculously well written, well produced and well acted.

    My co-worker and I spoke about the show altogether for about 3hrs today at work. We were speaking about the different episodes that we viewed and funny enough, neither of us were ever avid watchers, because we really never took the time to take it all in. She is a on her way to pursuing her MBA and I my Degree in Business, so we really never have time to watch television, but my cousin who works in chemistry watches your show every Sunday and I would always laugh, because I was like what is the big deal? BUT NOW I KNOW. This show is phenomenal! none of the CSI divisions have anything on this show. All the way down to the camera angles are great. I can't say it enough the show needs to win an Emmy.... is there a site I can go on to vote? and Shemear Moore being on the show helps...gosh he is soo beautiful. I also love Hotch. The actor (from Darma and Greg - heeeey) plays his character very well and we can't forget Dr. Spence.... everyone else is great as well, Gideon/Rossi, Garcia. However, I think that the females character(s) needs to be stabilized a little more. Maybe there needs to be more of a tougher actor.... my co-worker and I were thinking of maybe Ashley Judd, how about Phylis from Y & R? You need a female who has a little bit more tougher skin. Wow, imagine if you had a guest agent that works for the BU come in help the team.... and that person was Tommy Lee he played the man police officer in the movie The Fugitive he was excellent too... but that would be great.

    Your show is excellent, we also watched some of the bloopers and they were hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.It is so good to see the actors in a different light. One of my favorite episodes was the one when Pageat(sp) her last episode, met up with an old flame when she was a spy... that was really a good one. The other episode that was also well done was the one where Foyet's character was created... great storyline and plot, but it was a little gory.

    Anyway, thought I would just blog and give you my thoughts. I have never blogged before, nor was I ever really into the show until up to a couple months ago, but after speaking with my co-worker, my cousin and others who watch your show day in and day out. I realized how much your show is loved and watched by a lot of people. Can't stress is enough- and I have said it before. Your show deserves an Emmy...

    To the writers, producers, production team/crew and most importantly the cast. Your show is one of the best shows on t.v to date... we need you guys more on talk shows.. keep up the great work.



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