Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SPOILER - Behind the scene 5, 21 - Exit Wounds - Part 2

All Photos: Rick Dunkle©2010. All Rights Reserved.
Behind the scenes of tonight's episode, "Exit Wounds" pt. 1:
"Welcome to Franklin, Alaska."

All Photos: Rick Dunkle©2010. All Rights Reserved.
Behind the scenes of tonight's episode, "Exit Wounds", pt. 2:
"Please do not feed the writer."

All Photos: Rick Dunkle©2010. All Rights Reserved.
Behind the scenes of tonight's episode, "Exit Wounds", pt. 3:
"There's more than mail in Alaska."

All Photos: Rick Dunkle©2010. All Rights Reserved.
Behind the scenes of tonight's episode, "Exit Wounds", pt. 4:
"There's also beer!"

All Photos: Rick Dunkle©2010. All Rights Reserved.
Behind the scenes of tonight's episode, "Exit Wounds", pt. 5:
"Ext. BAU Jet... Not quite how it looks on TV!"


  1. Can't wait to go to Alaska tonight with our team!

    Garcia being the witness of the attack is surely interesting. An unsub who impose his power on people and cut out some organes his surely psychotic.

  2. Saw the episode twice, once on Canadian TV then on CBS. Very good episode! It got all I love about CM, great characters interaction, good case that got me guessing until the end, excellent ending with Garcia and Morgan! Love that the team were all causual. Gotta love a Hotch without a suit and tie :)

    The team felt so at ease with each other at that In, loved those team moments, joking(Morgan refusing to sleep with Reid and the banter between Morgan and Peneleope), taking care of one another ( JJ with Garcia, Morgan with Garcia)that is when you really feel those people are closed.

    One of my fav moment was Morgan talking to Penelope at the end, nice talk and true penelope see's the good and that will not change. That is why I like her.

    Another fav moment was when Hotch got to the unsub home, the guy had better to shut up! Hotch can be so intimidating when he wants!

    oh and I SO love the girls scene at the start! Missed those! Garcia was so cute with all those presents for henry and the tinny one for Kevin!
    Only thing, Rick, REALLY Emily would have more sense then going out with the brit guy from the spin off! Let her have a cat instead ;)

    great work from the cast, crew and thanks Rick for another great episode, enjoy the hiatus :)


  3. Yay!! Two great episodes in a row! Good job CM team!!! What I loved about it:

    ** The girls' night out at the beginning. We haven't seen that since like S2?? Very nice to bring it back.

    ** Rossi walking in wearing a tux and Morgan sassin' him with "Were you working on wife #4?" and Rossi replying "I see you people WAY too much" Ahaha!! :)

    ** Garcia, Garcia, Garcia and Morgan, Garcia, Morgan and Garcia, oh and Garcia. LOL. I'm VERY anti-shipping but it's nice to see their relationship flirt around the edges. So long as they don't actually go over that edge… lol

    ** It was really really cool to recognize some of those scenes from pics that Joe and Rick tweeted and from your guys' blog.

    ** The innkeeper's son was a VERY nice red herring! I've read a lot of mystery novels, enough to know it's never someone who is actually presented as suspicious but it still had me wondering about that guy. lolz

    ** Note to people: if you KNOW there is a serial killer on the loose and you come home to find your electricity doesn't work… NEVER go in the house!!! That's how things happen in scary movies and tv shows, dudes and dudettes!! LOL

    ** Rossi interrogation was very cool and intense. Intense Hotch and Rossi interrogations are my FAV!!
    ** I love when they show Morgan's sensitive side. He can do more than just tackle unsubs, you know!!

    ** omg, Angry Hotch yelling and laying the smackdown on a wife and child abuser??!! Hello, tall, dark and handsome knight in shining armo.... err.... fuzzy gray sweater with zippy thingy on the arm.... Can I take you home with me?? LOLz

    ** Casual Wear Hotch + Sunglasses + gun drawn + TG's voice = CB dies from hotness overload *thud* .... Please somebody send TG to revive me ASAP.... LOLz

    Rick Dunkle thank you for a great episode. And great job by the cast and crew once again!!

    Dear CM writers,
    Please to have more of the last two bullet points above. Me likey.


  4. The "Alaska" episode was a terrific! It was a team episode like I love them. No dull moments, a real gem! The story was constant and fluid and had all the ingredients of a remarkable CM story. Rick Dunkle wrote another very good story and in my opinion his becoming a fine element for the CM Family.

    I really liked the equilibrium of everyone in this story, even the unsub and guest casts. All the members of the team got their moments; especially Garcia who I wanted to hug after that scene where she finds that body. But I really felt for her when she came to realise that no matter what happens to her, she will always be herself, the Girl who sees the beauty in everything. I like the way the epi gave her the forefront and Kirsten Vangsness is always amazing.

    Has always there is those little moments we all like and this episode had some really good ones.

    Seeing Prentiss, JJ, and Garcia are out for a night on the town was something that we hadn’t seen in a while.

    Poor Rossi dragging himself in the room wearing a Tux and being a tidbit grouchy, saying that he sees the team way too much. Morgan teasing him wants to know if he is working on wife #4.

    The casual style for some member of the team that we don’t see often on ... *sigh*

    The double up situation. Morgan not wanting to go with Reid and Garcia offering him to share her room.

    Garcia next to the victim trying to help him.
    Rossi’s way of interrogating the son of the Tavern lady. The compassion he and Reid showed to him when they announced him her mother was dead.

    Hotch getting in the house of the parents unsub and shutting the father.

    Rossi shooting the Tavern boy and saying “He’ll live” (of course he will, Rossi is a great shot ;-) )

    The Garcia / Morgan moment at the end, so exceptional.

    And there are so much more...

    Like I said, it was a terrific episode and all the moments were unique and so great.

    I sure hope that Rick will be considered has a permanent writer for CM. Awesome job from everyone of CM.


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