Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Laurie Landry on Criminal Minds The Internet is forever

Photo:Laurie Landry. All Rights Reserved.

Laurie Landry an actress from LA, was cast in the episode The Internet is Forever as a Boise Police Officer. Here, she share her experience.



  1. That is a nice little insight into the life of an actor. Thanks for posting it! But...Hahaha!! If she thinks that costume is heavy she was obviously never in marching band. Those uniforms are frikkin' heavy duty, then you have to march in the heat for hours... while playing an instrument... and staying in formation... which means stepping in horse doo-doo if necessary (I know, ewwww right? LOL)... and then have to ride back in a bus full of sweaty, stinky band geeks... I'll take her uniform anytime!! LOL. This one time... in band camp.... hahaha!! :)

  2. Thanks for the cross post. Always appreciated. CB - your right, I've never dealt with marching band stuff. Where I'm from, we have one of the biggest St. Patrick's Day Parades and I always feel bad for all of the marching bands with their huge horns, bagpipes and drums that they have to carry around with them behind smelly horses. Hopefully I won't have to experience that.
    Thanks for the posts and comments.


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