Saturday, March 27, 2010

Criminal Minds: The Lighter Side - Part 4

We start the second season with Episodes 1 - 8

2.01 Fisher King Part 2 – Morgan chastising Reid for not letting them know that the Fisher King had a bomb, and Reid saying “I told you to go downstairs”. Morgan replies, “You didn’t say bomb.”

2.02 P911 – While looking for evidence in a suspected pedophile’s office at the school where he is the principal, Elle and Reid discover a locked drawer. Elle picks the lock. Reid: “Did they teach you that in FBI school?” Elle: “No, they taught me that in Brooklyn.”

2.03 The Perfect Storm – “This better be hella good!” Garcia says as she answers the phone while in the middle of multitasking. Gideon: “Garcia? Hello?” Garcia: “Oh yes..sir..I'm here...I'm sorry...I just...I wasn't...I'm surprised that you're”

2.04 Psychopathology - Hotch asked Garcia about her Digital Prospective Analysis Rendering. Garcia: Honey, if he opens his mouth, I’ll give you the length of his teeth. Hotch: Just keep it clean and don’t call me honey.

2.05 Aftermath – Gideon is in his hotel room when the COTW stops by to work on the case. She sees that he has put the hotel bathrobe in his suitcase and she says, “You’re stealing a robe” and Gideon says, “It’s complimentary”

2.06 The Boogeyman – The tall tale JJ tells Morgan and Reid. JJ tries to explain to Morgan and Reid why she is afraid of the woods by telling them a scary story about a murder that took place while she was a camp counsellor one summer. Totally drawing the guys in, Morgan asks if she’s serious to which she replies, “No!” making the guys laugh and jokingly threaten payback.

2.07 North Mammon – There is a great plane scene at the end of this episode between Hotch and JJ. Hotch is talking to JJ about becoming a profiler and JJ explains to him why she doesn’t want to, that she loves the job she has. JJ then starts to review the pending cases to choose where the team will be needed next. Hotch “Hey, I thought we picked the cases.” JJ “Sure you do.”

2.08 Empty Planet – On the plane ride home, JJ and Reid are playing gin and joking with each other. JJ beats Reid much to his surprise. He thinks she might be cheating and checks the cards. JJ: “It’s fun beating a genius.” Reid: “Genius Dr. Reid let you win.”

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  1. I love this trip down memory lane!


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