Thursday, March 25, 2010

Criminal Minds: The Lighter Side - Part 2

We continue with the second installment of CMRT's favorite light and/or funny moments from Season 1 with episodes 9 thru 16. Please feel free to comment on what your favorite moments are from these episodes.

1.09 Derailed – After the UNSUB has been subdued, Elle jokingly calls Gideon dad. Gideon: “Elle?” Elle: “Yeah?” Gideon: “Don’t ever all me dad again.” Elle then turns to Reid after Gideon has walked away and says, “How do you think he’d feel about mom?” Reid replies, “Let me know when you’re going to do that so I can, uh, run.”

1.10 The Popular Kids – Reid goes off on a tangent about candles in front of Gideon, JJ, and the local sheriff. JJ: “Candle wax?” Reid: “Candles are used in rituals.” Gideon: “Also used on birthday cakes.” Reid: “Actually they originally used to protect the birthday celebrant from demons for the coming year.” Reid chuckles then continues: “As a matter of fact, down to the 4th century Christianity rejected the birthday celebration as a pagan ritual.” Sheriff: “What kind of doctor are you?”

1.11 Blood Hungry – Gideon hurts his leg in a skydiving accident prompting his need to stay at Quantico and work the case with Garcia…mostly from her office. Hotch asks her via videoconference “How is it having Gideon around?” Garcia replies, “You can have him back whenever you’d like.”

1.12 What Fresh Hell? – The jet scene after the case. Reid is kicking everyone’s butt at poker. Is he cheating? Who knows for sure? Gideon asks Hotch if Hotch sent Garcia flowers and signed his name to the card and Hotch says yes because people need to know that they’re important. Gideon tells them that he already sent her an MP3 player as a thank you gift and worries that Garcia will think he’s sweet on her since she got two gifts.

1.13 Poison – Gideon visits the Mr Fisher in the hospital mental ward after Mr Fisher attacked his son with a tire iron after being poisoned with LSD. Gideon: “Mr. Fisher?” Fisher: “Shrink or cop?” Gideon: “Well, I’m an FBI profiler, so I guess I’m a little of each.”

1.14 Riding the Lightning – On the eve of his death, death-row inmate Jacob Dawes agrees to meet with the BAU. Hotch interviews him hoping to find out if there are any other victims out there. Jacob is smoking a cigarette when Hotch walks into the interview room. Jacob: "Oh I know, I know, one day these are going to kill me." Hotch just stares at him, not giving in to Jacob’s game. Jacob: "Come on, Hotch, that's funny."

1.15 Unfinished Business - Hotch, Morgan, Elle, and Reid discussing “retired” FBI profiler Max Ryan. Morgan: “I heard he was forced into early retirement.” Hotch: “No, he chose to retire” Reid: “He’s written a new book on the Keystone Killer case.” Hotch: “He moved to Philadelphia to be closer to the crime scenes.” Elle: “That’s retirement?” Morgan: “Hmm, BAU style.”

1.16 The Tribe - Hotch to John Blackwolf "You sound like a fortune cookie"


  1. Another round of great moments in season 1! Thank's for the new posting! Love reading those.

  2. I also loved when Hotch and Blackwolf were just chillin on the steps, as if it was the easiest thing in the world to take down the unsubs by themselves. Haha. And when Blackwolf called Hotch Captain America. Heh. :)


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