Friday, March 26, 2010

Criminal Minds: The Lighter Side - Part 3

We finish up our discussion of favorite light and/or funny moments from Season 1 with episodes 17-22.

Have we missed any of your favorite scenes from Season 1? Tell us in the comments section below. This is a round table discussion open to all and we look forward to hearing from you.

1.17 A Real Rain - The dinner scene from A Real Rain is wonderful. Who will ever forget Reid struggling with chopsticks? JJ tries to help him with the rubber band trick but in the end he is only saved by a fork.

1.18 Somebody’s Watching – Lila is a beautiful actress that is being stalked. Reid goes with her to her home. Lila decides to take a swim much to Reid’s chagrin. She finally agrees to get out of the pool and asks Reid to give her a hand. Instead of getting out, she pulls Reid in…armed and fully clothed.

1.19 Machismo – Hotch is in the doghouse with Haley because, in the middle of his birthday celebration, he is called to the office and has to leave on a case. JJ: “At least you get to spend your birthday weekend in Mexico.” Hotch: “Yeah, what's 'doghouse' in Spanish?” Reid: “La ca-sa del pair-o” Elle: “La casita del perro.” Reid: “That's what I said” Elle: “Face it chico, you are only a genius in English”

1.20 Charm & Harm – Morgan thinks Elle is acting strange and suspects she has a boyfriend. Elle tries to deflect the question. Morgan: “Why are you acting so weird?” Elle: “We're sitting with a guy who knows that there are 800 kernels of corn on the average cob...” Reid: “... Arranged in 16 separate rows.” Elle: “And you're calling me weird?”

1.21 Secrets and Lies - Garcia and her fascination with England’s Royal Family. Garcia wants to use her newfound CIA access to find out if Princess Diana’s death was really an accident and to get Prince William’s phone number, which prompts JJ to call her a “crazy person”.

1.22 The Fisher King Part 1 – You have the love all the personal insight that we are given to our team in this episode. Elle & Morgan go to Jamaica, Reid visits his mom, Gideon happy and relaxed as he kicks back with a mystery woman at his cabin in the woods, Smiling Hotch and his pirate hat. Lots of light-hearted fun moments…until it all goes horribly wrong.

This concludes Season 1. We will start with Season 2 tomorrow.

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  1. The Fisher King Part 1 is one of my fave episodes of all the seasons. So many great moments and the team having to solve riddles/clues was really cool. Loved the beginning when Hotch was sooo happy to have the time off and having the most important decision he had to make was which housechore to do first. LOL. Then Gideon cooking up a storm. But the best parts were Hotch with the pirate hat and the story behind it. Awwwww!! *sniffle*


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