Wednesday, January 27, 2016

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - 1113. The Bond - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'THE BOND', written by KIM HARRISON.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that the next new episode won't air until FEBRUARY 10th!


  1. three words........... TOO MUCH UNSUB!

  2. Sub-par episode, but congrats Randy! You're one of few unsubs to survive til the end of a Kim Harrison episode! Well, most of you...

  3. Decidedly meh. WAY.TOO.MUCH.UNSUB. I mean, basically this was their story and the team was just the occasional prop dressing. The unsub(s) were the opening scene, and they were the final scenes. When the team knows who the unsub is at the 30 minute mark, you know there is going to be way too much unsub.

    If the episode had been the mother's story, I think it would have been a far more interesting episode, but I gave a bit of side eye to the son's motivation for becoming a serial killer. It didn't really make sense, or at least it strained credulity a bit on my part. Or at least I didn't really buy the victim pool. Yeah, I GET why they were supposed to be targeted, but I don't really buy that the mother would have been hell bent on killing those people.

  4. Its ALL uphill from here!!! Hahaha my optimism is always reinforced by episodes like this because I know for a fact that the next one will be better.

    I must give credit to Hanelle Culpepper, she directed this episode like a horror flick, interestingly directed CM episode. And I must give Kimberly Ann Harrison credit since she managed to surprise me! I thought the "engagement" was a figment of the unsub's imagination and it would be just an extension of the twisted relationship with mommy dearest.
    She's a good writer, but not for this show! I think Kim's talents (And rampant imagination) would be put to much better use on another show. Good thing she only writes 2 episodes per season, otherwise Criminal Minds would be in big trouble.

    All that being said, this die-hard CM fan enjoyed this episode, (especially Reid in Kevlar clearing a room, I don't care if it was for less than one scene, that's more than I can hope for in a KH episode) however I'm not gonna lie, it clearly wasn't the greatest but I have a hard time being disappointed by Criminal Minds. Its a 6.75/10

    I am quite interested to see how Virgil and Bethany Rooney will have pulled off the next episode which seems to be based entirely on the Ariel Castro case. (forgive me, I'm a product of exactly what David Rossi hates about the media; I can't remember his victims' names yet I knew his) #uphillfromhere
    Can't wait for the rest of Season 11 and LONG LIVE CM!

  5. I dunno; really. I'm struggling to find the words to how I really feel about this one.

    Through the first part, the episode actually kept my attention. And there was enough team. Given the writer, I was more than happy with that. And to me, the team was putting the case together with their profiling. Then it went to the unsub and his mother.

    However, the second half of the episode went downhill and turned into a total Kim Harrison penned ep. It was too much unsub and the mother.

    Add in that fact we saw the unsub right away, plus knew he had mommy issues for the outset was just wrong. SCMA, you're right. Kim is not a bad writer. She just doesn't belong writing for Criminal Minds because she does not get, or buy into, the premise of the show.

    Rockie's grade: C-

  6. Too much unsub, I agree. I did stay awake through the whole thing though. I kept thinking the mother didn't exist, then that maybe the fiance didn't exist. I could have done without the ending gore. Not enough team. I still have to say though as much as I have come to dread seeing, "written by Kim Harrison", this was not her worst offering.

  7. Agree with everyone who thought it was bad, but disagree with those who think Kim is a good writer. Her episodes are always among my least favorites. I wish CM would give her the boot. Too much unsub. Too much Lewis and not enough of the others on the team. Another robotic, one-line-per-team-member delivery of profile scene (and before you jump all over me, I know Kim isn't the only one to write the profile scene like this). And the ear thing at the end was ridiculous, something a very inexperienced writer might come up with as a "shocking ending" but was predictable with the way it was set up by the director and just silly. How'd he get that ear off? With his bare hands? Come on. Folks, we who have sat loyally through 10 seasons of this show deserve better than the crap they've mostly been giving the last few years.

  8. That was a bad one. Too much unsub, too little team and why is Lewis, who is supposed to be a recurring character, featuring more than the rest of the team? I liked her to begin with but now I feel she is too much, too good and starting to get just plain irritating.
    I've had a quick sweep round the internet and it is dismaying to see that quite a few people actually thought this was good - all part of the dumbing down of the show from the intelligent and unique show it once was I guess. Such a shame. But they should get rid of KH - or move her to Beyond Boredom at least.This season is proving a disappointment apart from a couple of episodes - I just hope they can up their game for the remainder of the episodes.

  9. * "The Bond," also known as the van Gogh episode.
    * Excellent directing and ending song.
    * Unsub pounding his head and crying within three minutes was viewers pounding their heads and crying within three minutes.
    * CM, now known as The Tara Lewis Show.
    * Hotch, now known as The Invisible Man.
    * Reid, always a joy to watch.
    * The Wig needs to be tracked down and apprehended.

  10. J Grey, you nailed it in your review---except for the song, which I hated. Acting and directing was fine. That was it.

    With the opening scene, I thought: ‘Hmm, this has potential. We have a guy groomed to look like an early season Reid visiting his blonde, institutionalized mother. This could be a really interesting character study and life lesson in what could have gone wrong with Spencer Reid, if not for his strength of character.’

    But it wasn’t. Not a character study, not a life lesson, not interesting. For me, it’s a definite candidate for all time worst episode (since I completely ignore (the awful) 200). As a fan, I’m insulted that this was put on my plate. I’m not willing to consume it.

    Oh—and it barely moved the needle on the Reid-meter, but spun it several times around on the too-much-unsub and too-predictable meters. If I know the whole story within the first ten minutes, what possible reason could I have for watching the rest of it, save to see my favorite characters---who were all MIA?

    1. Once again, partly because of the overwhelming sense of ennui this episode invoked, I will let you, JMO, speak for me re this episode.

      Just awful.

  11. I am sure there are 'fans' out there that loved the episode. Or at least say so publicly because Hey after all in today's day and age they might get a Tweet, a mention, a like, a follow, a comment by someone of importance on the show....However,

    True fans, good fans, loyal fans have the ability to see what is good and what isn't and express themselves accordingly. True fans aren't looking for some form of recognition by a cast or crew member. True fans aren't couching their comments in 'official' reviews too afraid to maybe be honest or else they'll never be asked to do another review again. No true fans, fans like all of us here and other blogs, boards, social media platforms don't fear a lack of recognition what they fear is the dumbing down of a show they've watched for over a decade. What they fear is the lack of depth for these once well crafted characters, what they fear is the lack of suspense what was present in the past, what they fear is that after 11yrs this show will end and because of the (miss)direction it's been led down they won't get closure to story-lines that many have been waiting nearly 11 yrs to find answers too.

    This episode was a 'wasted hour'.. a throw away not worthy of the title of Criminal Minds.... And This fan is disappointed that it was even served up for my viewing. My only hope now, is that this episode wasn't 'so' bad that they lose even more viewers over time.

    It appears that there is some exciting things happening in the near future and I for one hope that this episode doesn't dampen those....

    I am not trying to speak for other fans... Just venting my own frustrations about what I see around the net....

    1. I'm willing to accept that there are people out there who genuinely liked it. And, if they watch and love the show, they are every bit as much a 'true fan' as anyone else is. I just don't agree with them.

  12. For me, this was the worst episode since... Kim Harrison's last episode. I'll be skipping her future ones. Way, way too much UnSub -- just ridiculous. Wooden line delivery by the cast, because they simply have nothing to work with. Kudos to them for trying. Way too much Tara Lewis, whom I sort of like but see as a completely redundant character. This edges out "The Black Queen" for me as CM's worst (not even mentioning "200," because really I feel like it goes without saying.

    Come on, CM. You're better than this. Get rid of dead weight and go out with a bang, instead of a whimper.

  13. Kim HARRISON is not a good writer for CM. Please, no more episodes of Kim. It is every time bads épisodes.

  14. I agree with everyone...I lost interest in the episode almost from the beginning, and I hated all the blood; this show only needs a small amount of blood, if any. If written correctly with the team showing their profiling skills solving a crime, and the unsub isn't shown from the beginning, the episode usually has tension and keeps viewers' attention trying to solve the case along with the profilers. In this episode and usually Kim Harrison's other episodes, we are given the unsub at the beginning, and the storyline is usually rather convoluted and not easy to understand. I found this to be the case in this episode.

    To sum it up, I just don’t like Kim Harrison’s writing and agree that she doesn’t do a good job writing for Criminal Minds. Maybe she would do better writing for a romantic comedy or a drama that wasn’t so specific in content.

  15. Wow! So many negative reviews! This fan really enjoyed the episode and is not afraid to say it! I do wish there had been more of the team definitely, but I did enjoy the development of the unsub and his mother. I also really liked how it played a bit like a horror film at certain points. The episode very validly points out that our parents definitely have an impact on us for good or bad, but that ultimately we make our own choices. I for one was not bored at all and I have seen almost every episode of criminal minds( save a few from season six). I have seen episodes that were nowhere near as fun as this one. Keep it up CM!

  16. It wasn't one of the best episodes, but it wasn't the worst one either. As for episode 200, I'm not sure what the problem some of you have with it, but I thought it was one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    1. There have been long, heated discussions about 200 in different forums, and a fair amount of the fandom really does hate it with a burning, fiery passion. But that is discussion for other threads.

    2. Simply........... 200 was milestone episode that

      1. didn't highlight the entire team

      2. rewrote cannon

      3. wasn't believable

  17. I Totally agree with Fireball3000. CM fans are way too spoiled, that they call a good balanced episode that bad. It's sad to hear, that there are some fans who want to skip KH episodes. If you dont watch it, who else should do it? Probably just the guyd, who declare every episode for eextraordinary. That makes me, as a German so sad, who cannot watch the episodes when they are airing.

    1. People like what they like, and don't like what they don't like. This is a place where they express those likes and dislikes. There's no obligation to express satisfaction, if one is unsatisfied, just as there is no obligation for all of the participants on this site to agree with one another, or with anyone else. And there is no obligation for anyone to watch, just for the sake of watching.

    2. Well then, people don't need to wonder, if the ratings are dropping.

    3. Ratings are a vicarious measure of how much people do, or don't, enjoy a program. If a large enough group of people tunes out because they don't enjoy what is presented, yes, ratings will drop, as they should. If that happens in a substantial way to CM, it will be because the larger audience is no longer enjoying the product.

      But any one individual will find that there are episodes they like that receive poor ratings, because many others didn't like them, and episodes they dislike that are rated well, because they appeal to others. The comments on this site represent only those who chose to submit them, and may or may not represent the larger CM audience.

      I can only speak for myself, as is true for my comments on any given episode (hence, my user name), but I don't think the day will come when I will watch a program simply to keep its ratings up. It needs to entertain me, amuse me, touch me in some way. Otherwise it goes firmly into the 'life's too short' pile.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. To Hartmann Maximilian,

    about the ratings. It all depend what ratings you are looking at and also where the business of television is at.

    When it comes to television, almost ALL shows are down this season in live viewing, a trend that's been going on for sometimes, check ratings site for the numbers. This is because more than 50% of the viewers no longer watch via live viewing. Also, many more people do watch via streaming, VOD etc... CBS did mandate Nielsen to better track live streaming audience because more and more people do not watch shows live.

    So while yes many ratings sites still post ratings numbers from the Live + same day viewing, the viewership is pass this metric.

    as far as CM is concerned, the numbers are good, 'Entropy' L+3 viewing was a 2.9 demo from a 2.0 on the L+SD and the viewership was a 12.24 millions viewers from a 9.33 millions viewers and this doesn't include streaming and other ways to watch CM. Will be interesting to see the L+7 days viewing, 'entropy' could become this season most popular episode.




  20. FYI......... Nuria did the time breakdown for this episode... (Thanks Nuria)

    Lewis.......... 7 minutes
    MOrgan..........5 minutes
    Rossi...........5 minutes
    Reid............3 minutes
    Hotch...........3 minutes
    JJ..............2 minutes 40 secs
    Garcia .........1 minute
    (Team times rounded UP when applicable)

    Total of Team on screen with and without unsub 19 minutes 17 seconds
    Total of Unsub 21 minutes 51 secs.
    Unsub with team member add approximately 5 minutes.

    1. I have thought about doing this before - thank you for the breakdown. Maybe this should be done for all episodes - it's sobering and reassuring that what you thought happened was correct - way too much unsub, too little cast time.

    2. Nuria did the timings for all S11 episodes so far... It is for Team vs Unsub only right now... :)

      1101: Total: 42:07: 31 min 11 min team and 11 minutes the unsub .

      1102: Total: 42 min: Team 24 min and 18 min of unsub.

      1104: Total: 41:40: 27 min of team and 14 min of unsub

      1105: Total 31 min for team and 9 minutes for unsub

      1106: Total: 41:13: 25 min with team and about 16 min from unsub and pesky children of police.

      1107: Total: 42:53. Team Time 29 min. Unsub time 11 min. Joy and Unsub time: 2 min

      1108: Total 39 min and 50 sec. Team: 22 min and 32 sec (3 and something with unsub). And 17 min of unsub.

      1109: Total 42.40: Total of 36 min for the Team and 6 minutes of the Unsub.

      1110: About 20 min team. About 6 min alone the elderly couple and about 15 min of unsub.

      1111: MGG/REID was in 39 minutes out of 42 minutes (with Cat and with other team members) Team alone took up remaining 3 minutes.

      1112: 26 min unsub and 13 min team

      1113: 19 min team and 21 min unsub.

    3. What about 1103? And who exactly is Nuria?

    4. Sorry for leaving out Three

      Total episode 41.35
      Team’s minutes: 27 min
      Unsub’s Minutes: 14 min

      Nuria is a friend and goes by Hatsuan on Twitter... :)

  21. I know my comment is way to late and I hope that's OK. I wanted to watch it twice and just got around to it. Likes: I liked the mom in the beginning, she seemed fine, so I like that she turned out to be evil. Had my suspicions on where she was (because it's CM, so you have to be suspicious of everything) - regular hospital, mental institution, nursing home, etc. The son seemed creepy right off the bat - just had a creepy look to him (nothing against the actor at all), and I thought the fiance' and the ring was a made up story so I was surprised when she turned out to be real. Then I thought he might be in the hospital, and the mom was fake too so the beginning for me held my attention, and the truck stop dump site/blood was "entertaining" as well - I was trying to get into it after last week. Lewis had a lot of air time but then I was OK with it since she interviews serial killers. But then it unfortunately went downhill for me, and I really wanted to like it. Unlikes: I get the mom killing off truckers and stopping after she found the right one. I did not believe at all her having a hit list of people who took her son away years ago - no way. Too Norman Bates. And the son just happens to turn into a psycho after seeing mom instead of maybe just having some mental issues/counseling over the years from buried memories? Killing someone, taking their body, going to a truck stop, chaining them up, cutting off the ear, fooling around with the body, taking pictures, no one sees anything, why not make it a feature film featuring the unsub because it took so long to get this done. And the end - I knew the cut off ear was coming so he could be close to Mommy, but I could not believe how much time was featured on them both at the end - I absolutely could not believe it. I was waiting for another scene, but no, it went on and on and on! Side note - if the son hadn't killed anyone, he could still be visiting with his mother instead of cutting his ear off. And my Hushabye Mountain song from Chitty Chitty BB - heartbreaking! So many artists have done covers and it's great song, but it's a lullabye - something else would have been more appropriate. Maybe I sound like I am nit-picking, but after watching every episode from day one and I watch it every time it is on plus streaming, etc. I don't think that way about any episode during the early years at all or have very few criticisms, but I do now, it just happens, and I am just so sad at how the show just isn't the same, and now grateful for a "good" episode to come along, and it shouldn't be that way. Maybe there's some kind of contract thing/agreement to take a day off/cast all on vacation and that's why we get these episodes full of unsub time? I can't think of any other good reason (and not that's it a good reason if that's what's happening). I don't see any info. out there on the last episode (22 I think) - do they save that one in case the show is not renewed?

  22. WheelsDown here. I found this ep average, as in average for average crime shows. It didn't raise my heartbeat one bit.

    Elsewhere I've read about the possible relationship Unsub-mother / Reid-mother. It came to nothing. A pity.

    I'm not such a CM expert that I can recognize writers/directors, but I'd say, as other have said, this one was too much Unsub and too little team. We've had many other eps with a prominent Unsub (Frank, The Replicator, Billy Flynn to name a few) but in this case the guy wasn't charismatic enough. Mom was fine, though.


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