Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - BTS: 1114. Hostage

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

Comin at'cha! #CriminalMinds - Photo by Virgil Williams
Excited to be back! - Photo by Bethany Rooney
Directors Tell The Story: Master the Craft of Television and Film Directing @BRooneydirector @chasbough #IAmDGA #RT - Photo by Bethany Rooney
#CriminalMinds - A prop person'a job is never done - Photo by Bethany Rooney
Today's location: the beautiful San Gabriel mountains on New York Drive.
 - Photo by Harry Bring
1st a.d. Terry"half day" Hamm so wants to be part of this team. Just look at the
determination. - Photo by John Hatchitt
I wanna be like Joe when I grow up!! Such an accomplished star, a good man, and a true mentor and friend.. So much appreciation and respect for The Italian Stallion!!! CRIMINAL MINDS.. Season 11 - Photo by Shemar Moore
Sometime's u have to look past the object in front of u, to see the beauty deep.
#fleabag #SoCalsunset - Photo by John Hatchitt
Charley's Angel & his Shadow. When the Unsubs get to tough for the team, they call them in..#badass's #setbordom
- Photo by John Hatchitt
We're runnin the crew ragged today. So we just put em on IV's and get back on set. Stat.
#CriminalMinds - Photo by Virgil Williams
Is that @JoeMantegna, or The Most Interesting Man in the World, or both? #CriminalMinds #setlife #SeasonXI
 - Photo by CM_SetReport
#Triplets - Photo by Virgil Williams
Last scene of the day! Where'd they all go? - Photo by Linda De Andrea
We make rain when there isn't any. We scare people all the time. - Photo by Harry Bring
@joseph17981 pleading with the "Goddess of Hiatus" to end this madness.
#winterbreak #mindclearing - Photo by John Hatchitt
#CriminalMinds - making a pretty picture - Photo by Bethany Rooney
#CriminalMinds #@VirgilWilliams - Wonderful script = wonderful episode - Photo by Bethany Rooney
#CriminalMinds - ready for a low angle shot - Photo by Bethany Rooney
Thanks 4 the jacket! Love it @JoeMantegna @shemarmoore @sleewatson
@VirgilWilliams @KarenMaser @iKimHarrison - Photo by Liz Graham
Look who's playing with serial killers today! - Photo by Krish Ribeiro
Last shot of what was another lovely episode with @BRooneydirector & @VirgilWilliams
#happyholidaysu2 - Photo by John Hatchitt