Wednesday, December 9, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - 1110. Future Perfect - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'FUTURE PERFECT', written by BRUCE ZIMMERMAN.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that the next new episode won't air until JANUARY 13th, 2016!


  1. Sadly this episode did not live up to last weeks... It was slow and predictable... Some of the connecting points were confusing...
    Hotch and Derek did vanishing acts but at least Hotch must have dragged Derek off the beach shmoozing with his Holiday Honey's to go on the take down...
    Best part of the episode.... there were two... the ending because Praise be to god we might get the end of the Dirty Dozen arc... and 2. Rossi admitting that he called Reid to find out about the critter genetics...

    I'll watch it again when I'm not in so much pain.. but for now... I'd give it a 7 out of 10...

  2. Hey guys, I'm Bloo! I've been lurking around for a while and decided to make an account.

    Anyways, I was pretty excited for this started off good...

    Then fell flat. Reasons:

    -WAAAY too much old couple screentime
    -Bad reason for the unsub starting his
    - The team was barely here (Looking at you Hotch and Morgan)
    - Not enough profiling

    One thing I liked was the unsub's actor. I felt he did a good job portraying a delusional "doctor".

    However, while the episode was entertaining, it fell flat. I still think Mr. Zimmerman is a good writer though, he had a good premise that fell flat.


  3. I thought the episode HAD potential in the ideas, but they weren't really fleshed out or really connected well for me. I didn't really buy the connection between the unsub's obsession with extending life, but trying to cure neuro degenerative diseases. Those are really two different things to me. I also thought there was too much unsub, and too much old couple. This reminded me a lot of God Complex.

    Two PSAs from the week. Don't meet a new date in a cemetery in the middle of the night. At least she balked at the prospect of putting on a blindfold, but still. And also, don't trust strange, non-doctors who come to your door, promising possible miracle cures that just happen to be illegal and the result of unethical experimentation. But if you do happen to disregard that PSA, please, please, please don't take the sick person to an abandoned medical facility, thinking you are going to get quality medical care.

    I did like that Bruce wrote some respectful absent Reid scenes (unlike Kim, who just wrote snarky, disrespectful stuff, encouraging us to laugh at him). It seemed like Hotch and Rossi assumed the Reid role for providing relevant intellectual information, though thankfully Rossi mentioned that he called Reid to get the information he was giving. Since Matthew was in town for the filming of this episode, they COULD have written in an actual scene with Rossi calling Reid, but they didn't. Was Matthew's absence designated to be three full episodes?

    And WTF was that be continued? Hotch comes running in and says to Penelope that they may have found a way to bring the entire network down!?! Granted, okay, that sounds like a nice cliffhanger for the winter finale. But, but, but...the next episode is Reid's episode. How are they going to possibly segue from being on the verge of taking down the hitman network, to Reid going on one of the worst dates in history? I'm sure the writers have SOME sort of plan (not that that is a comforting thought), but usually, when we have this sort of ending, we immediately go into resolving it, like we did in 200 and Penelope. But I am not seeing the path from this ending to Entropy. And if Reid gets screwed out of serious screen time in Entropy, I am marching on CM studios with a pitchfork.

    1. Fear the Writer's........... my poor little drug induced brain is goading me to think that "Reid's bad date" IS going to be part of the Dirty Dozen breakthrough! ....

    2. Maybe the girl Reid is going on the date with knows someone related to the Dirty Dozen case? What if Reid is going undercover or something, it's a long shot though

    3. Hi Bloo... Welcome.... Actually in the article about the 'date' didn't it say that she 'knows' Dr Reid???? Maybe you're not that far off?

    4. Cat knows Reid is in the FBI and she unexpectedly pulls a gun on him and basically it is a battle of wills to save himself and the restaurant. That doesn't exactly scream that Reid is undercover. Plus with what little we heard at the end from Shemar's videos, it doesn't sound like anything connected to the Dirty Dozen arc, but rather a more personal issue for her. It will be interesting to see what the press release for Entropy says.

    5. I fear it's going to be a LONG month speculating about all of it.. ??? Is Entropy the ending of the Dirty Dozen.. or is what Hotch may have found out just a dead end??? Is Reid's date going to somehow tie into the Dirty Dozen or is it completely separate to that ??? The possibilities are endless.

  4. I'm a bit on the fence with this one. First I like the theme of this episode, getting old and what it does to people. The casting of the unsubs was good, one second he looks like a nice, caring young man the next all he care about is his research and lose it in a violent way when he fails in finding a cure.

    The writing was good, I usually like Bruce Zimmerman episodes, this was one suffered mostly from two things; it was a bit slow and some of the editing was poor. Exemple that comes to mind, we see Hotch and Morgan leaving the precinct to go to a crime scene but it is JJ and Rossi's that show up at the crime scene.

    I did like the old couple, felt so sorry for them, knowing the end was near and they would, like pretty all of us, try all they could for a miracle cure but in the end she did die sooner so they did waste the few months they had together in the vain hope of a cure.

    What I didn't like was that AGAIN, Hotch and Morgan did some vanishing actfor some part of the episode! Bad enough Reid was not in this episode,once again, but this vanishing act from some of the characters is annoying!

    On a side note, poor critters, a frog and poor jeelyfish did get killed in this episode! Ok I am sure no real critters got hurt while filming this episode but felt sorry for them! ;) :D It was a cool shot the exploding fish tank!

    last, LOVED the ending! First The shot at the fridge with Garcia wondering is she should be good or bad and deciding on being both! and then Hotch showing up telling her to follow him, they had a breakthrough in the dirty dozen case! But arrrrggg we will know about it all only in January 2016! Too long a wait!

    So, this may not have been Mr. Zimmerman best episode , 'A place at the table' was, it was still an entertaining episode so I will give it a 7.5/10

    1. The ending was good... And so was Rossi admitting that he called Reid... the rest of the episode... was "blech".... good concepts.. very poor execution.

  5. Ugh. The chain snapped and the car is rolling back down the hill. I feel like I'm in an endless loop this season. It was predictable. Saw the UnSub too early. Way too much of the older couple and UnSub. Not enough of the team and profiling. Members go missing like Hotch and Morgan. They must have gone Xmas shopping. Got bored halfway through and wandered off to do something else while I half listened to it. Still don't care one bit about the Dirty Dozen. If that was supposed to a cliffhanger, it failed badly for me.

    As this season progresses, I keep thinking more and more that Paget had the right idea to get out when she did. The quality of writing and ideas for most of the episodes has been going down over the past five years. I will not be looking eagerly forward to its return in January. Sad thing to say for a show I love.

    1. They were in FLA so I figured Morgan hit the beach to scrounge up some Holiday Honey's.. and Hotch had to go fetch him there... But then got distracted himself! Ok.... Maybe Morgan can be useful to Hotch in ways other than kicking down doors... :)

      I don't disagree with any of the points made in these comments... I'm sure we can all pick out things in this episode that reminded us of other episodes... The whole gurney in the deserted hall reminded me of Legacy.

    2. The start of this episode suggested it wanted to be a poor man's Lucky, but then it did a left turn (that anyone who saw the promo or read the press release would realize) into God Complex territory (again not unexpected once you knew the episode was about medical experimentation).

    3. Ohh I agree... it's like Bruce experimented with mashing several different episodes together.... Tis truly sad when the best part of the episode is Garcia in her pajamas debating over ice cream or yogurt...

    4. I agree with that being the best part. I'm not ready to give up on the show but I didn't notice who directed this one but I've never been disappointed with a CM episode more than this one. Why has Reid been gone so long and I'm worried about who will be leaving the show!

  6. The show seems incomplete with Reid literally MIA and Hotch and Morgan wandering off. Rumors are that MGG is the regular leaving in the Spring (directing his own exit) and the show will suffer for it. This was a rehash of old storylines without enough of the team.

  7. I live in central Florida and I see a lot of elder situations just like this, and it's so sad. Many people come to this area because of the temperate climate.

    I don't know what it is with my brain and the story arcs the writers come up with such as the Replicator and whatever others have been put forth since then, but I just can't get interested and involved in them. I couldn't care less about this current one, and this sounds really uncaring, but I don't care if Garcia gets kidnapped or hurt or whatever they have planned for her. For some reason, the arc isn't interesting to me. Nor has any of them been interesting since the Reaper and the demise of Ian Doyle, and that only because Paget/Emily was the featured character.

    This episode wasn't nearly as good as last week's, but I've watched worse. My complaint, like others, I'm sure, is that I don't like seeing the unsub so early in the episode, and I do miss the lack of profiling, and the team working together as before.

    A little like God Complex, but at least we didn't see any limbs cut off and reattached on someone else.

    1. As I said earlier, I don't care about the Dirty Dozen story arc. I think with me, the producers and writers tell us there is a story arc for the season. That was fine, but then they say it will be, like the Replicator, wrapped up in the last episode so why care about it until then. And like the Dirty Dozen, they said mid-season for it so again, why care? I miss being surprised. You didn't know it was going to happen until it did, like the Reaper.

    2. For me the Dirty Dozen Arc for me was 'interesting' when it started.. Now however I want it over with. I'm more curious to see about the so called 'fallout' from it that will occur. I'm not a fan of how they've turned Garcia into this blubbering mess regarding all this. I can't get out of my head the words Derek told her at the end of Exit Wounds "You're turning into someone stronger than you could have ever imagined"... And back then she was indeed maturing into a strong character. I'm not a fan of this backslide.
      I'm hoping that it wasn't a false lead regarding the Dirty Dozen Arc and it wrapping up in mid-season, the Jan 13th episode is exactly the middle of the 22 episode season, so we'll see then.

      For me this wasn't really a 'cliffhanger' not in the sense that Lofi/Mayhem or To Hell and Back/Nameless Faceless was... CM hasn't done a decent 'cliffhanger' since S4.

  8. A couple of things before I put on my reviewer hat. First off to Bloo. *hands over beer and slice of natural WI cheese* Welcome! It's wonderful to have you join us! :D Secondly, I'm really enjoying this episode discussion so far.

    *puts on reviewer hat* I'm joining CMRT sitting on the review fence. Honestly, I felt like I watched a CM version of a remake of Clint Eastwood's "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".

    The Good......

    The episode started out great. The chasing frogs things didn't creep me out. Been there, done that in my youth at the lake cabin. And no, we didn't kill; just chased. I loved the Rossi/Garcia scene. It seems that he and Hotch are taking on the role of keeping Penelope sane/morale boosting. I'm in on that! The initial profile on the jet was spot on. And I didn't mind Garcia ready to hit thee mute button. Everything with that scene was in character, including Garcia. I will say this for (and maybe in a bit of defense of) Bruce Zimmerman, he understands the core characters and writes them all very well.

    And mucho kudos to Bruce for putting JJ back in her media liaison role. I wish we could have seen that. The scene with Rossi, JJ and Lewis with Rossi spouting off things and JJ saying "Oh my God; Dr. Reid. The master of disguise." And Rossi admitting he called "the kid" was primo. And Hotch is THE only person in the world that would not blink at Garcia in her pajamas. Major applause for Bruce.

    The Bad......

    In my world, the B storyline with the elderly couple was completely unnecessary. For the first time in a long time, I didn't mind seeing the unsub early. And the scene with him telling the story about the nursing home sorta explained why this unsub was doing. But the same thing with the doctor and the unsub in her office. That just wasn't needed. And for the record, at another chat site I hang out at doing live ep reviewing, one of the peeps there that is a pharmacy tech pointed out that most of thee bottles the unsub was grabbing are normally stored in a fridge; not a cabinet. Someone missed that; being the prop dept. or whomever. Yet, I chalk that in the "it's a TV show" category.

    And mysocalledcreativelife, I'm with ya on those two PSA's. Really? Meet a date in a cemetery? And your wife is in major medical trouble and you don't call 9-1-1? And I agree with the previous reviewers that Bruce may have heard the online CM fans calling for the writing of "the good ol' days" with Andrew, Simon, Chris, et. al. When I read the press release, I immediately thought of "God Complex". When the unsub wheeled the victim that he snatched in the cemetery down the hall, I thought of Charles Holcombe in "Legacy". You add that to the mix of other ones mentioned in previous reviews? I can only shrug.

    The Ugly......

    Like everyone has pointed out: Hotch, Morgan and in a way, Rossi disappearing plus way too much unsub in Act 2 and the start of Act 3. Virgil Williams has tweeted more than once "our actors need time off now and then; they work long hours." I get that! They need time with their families, commitments to charity work, etc. But at the expense of them totally disappearing? That I don't get; and never will. Oh well.

    Grade time: if I'm sitting on the fence, that means I'm on middle ground. A middle grade is? Yup, you got it. Rockie gives this one a C.

    Don't be a stranger Bloo! :D

  9. I too felt like the show was incomplete and the characters were MIA too much but I get a completely different vibe from the ending and I hope I'm not right.... Matthew will be directing an episode where a central character leaves and the way Hotch was the only one there with Penelope when she was taken out of the building??? Maybe I'm reaching but it just felt wrong to me that 1 it wasn't Derek coming to get her and 2 that's never a good sign when someone remarks about being all alone somewhere and then one person shows up to get her with a "break in the case" I truly hope I am wrong and I'm sure you all will want to discuss it among yourselves....yes I am completely new and just found this website and do not analyze the scripts and characters or know nearly what those of you here do (my hats off to you) I just go by my feelings and it did not feel good in my gut.

    1. Hi, I wouldn't read too much into that for several reasons. #1. Hotch always stays later than the rest of the team #2. Hotch is leading the investigation of the Dirty Dozen/Dark Net Hitmen and as Unit chief any information would have come to him first. And as he needs Garcia's computer skills more than likely it would make sense that it is Hotch who comes to get her regarding this new information. No matter how close Derek and Garcia are, Hotch is still the unit chief. Hotch was the one to 'put' her in protective custody at the BAU. Hotch was also the one Axelrod went to regarding the Libertard Network last week because of his dealings and knowledge of the Dark Net, While the other's know about what's going on it basically comes down to a "The Buck Stops Here" situation with Hotch.

    2. Can I add this. I do not believe for one second that MGG is leaving. In my world the info way back when foreshadowed MGG's 3 eps off to do his thing. While he may have got bumped off, or the opportunity he took to do the Indy thing prevented him from directing two eps this season, the member of the cast leaving is now off the table.

      Just me thinkin' out loud.

  10. Just watching it now. Rossi made me laaaaaugh with the "'Dr. Reid' research since he's on leave" line. All it needed was a wink. Gah!

    And I'm kinda fine with how silly it is. ....I'm also kinda high. *hee*

  11. One more thing I failed to mention. I agree that the "cliffhanger" isn't much of a one compared to "Low-Fi" or "Outfoxed". Breen has his hands full bringing together the conclusion of the Dirty Dozen arc plus the promised Reid storyline in "Entophy". That's a huge challenge. But as the now #2 at CM behind EM, Breen better bring the goods and live up to his title. Any one that's been around here for a while knows I'm the eternal CM optimist. Here's hoping Breen pulls some super duper magic sh*t off.

    Rockie final, final. I need some Zzzzzzzzzzzzz's. *waves*

    1. I'd like to say, Rockie, that you are the light at the end of this dark tunnel of commentary and perception. I, too, am the eternal CM optimist. Bruce wrote two consecutive amazing episodes; "A Place at the Table" followed by (next season, of course) "The Night Watch" ... I think you and I understand Bruce's writing in a unique way. I definitely agree that Matthew is not going ANYWHERE and although I think it is still likely that someone will be leaving in his episode (1118) since it will be co-written by Kirsten Vansgness and Erica. However, your proposal that NO ONE is going anywhere is quite the head-scratcher! Hoping you're right.

  12. Yeah...gotta admit, I've watched the middle third on mute. And ffwd. Don't feel like I've missed anything. And let me be clear: I LOVE THIS SHOW. LOVE.

  13. I found the episode to be boring, with too much unsub too soon and additionally I found some of the acting on the part of the guest stars to be lacking. I did appreciate the shout out to Reid and found that to be the most interesting part of the show in addition to the ending. C.

  14. There was so much obvious ‘Reid material’ in this episode, that it made the character’s absence seem even more bizarre. To me, it came across as a script that might have been written to include the character, and then re-written to accommodate his absence. I did appreciate Rossi’s non-snarky allusions to Reid and his genius.

    This show is never good with its medical science, and this episode was emblematic of that. But, as a ‘medical fantasy’, it was a reasonably intriguing plot. Had there been substantially more team (with Reid) and substantially less unsub/victims, I would have given it a pass.

    I am not finding the ‘Dirty Dozen’ arc to be either suspenseful or interesting so far. It feels like they made it so convoluted at the beginning that even the writers don't understand what it’s about any more. So we just get scenes of Garcia wandering around the BAU in her pajamas. Speaking of which----they made a point of giving us a screen shot of the ‘FBI Academy’ sign. The FBI Academy has dorms. Why is Garcia living in an office?

    I found the final scene to be bizarre. But kudos to TG for keeping a straight face.

    Looking forward to January, and the return of Spencer Reid. Hopefully it will also mark the return of intrigue, suspense, and continuity.

    1. Like your take, JMO. The 'Dirty Dozing' - I just can't even.

      Maybe i'll just say what i liked and leave it at that:

      1. Reid and his genius being mentioned.

      2. JJ's hair.

      3. JJ dusting off her liaison skills. Come on girl, just go back to your original job already...

    2. Ah, thanks for the reminder about JJ! Yes, I did appreciate that Hotch asked her to act as their media liaison again. It made me think someone's been paying attention. But it also begged the question of who's been taking care of it right along. Surely some of these sensational murders attract media attention. Hoping we'll see JJ use those skills more often---and, by 'see', I mean, actually on screen. She was always at her best when she was handling the press---professional, confident, and working in concert with her unit chief. I would welcome that JJ back with wide open arms.

  15. Well, I think this was meant to be a "bridge" episode, meaning to bridge the gap between the awesomeness that was "Internal Affairs" and the hopefully amazing return of Reid in Entropy (which, in physics/chemistry, means thermodynamic chaos; perfect title for a Reid-centric episode) Its title alone is enough to interest me, let alone that it will be Reid-centric. Remember, Breen's most recent work was arguably the best episode of the season; my hopes are high.

    That being said, I'm only going to point out the good parts of this episode, since my plan to leave the negatives of the episode to be pointed out by the happy-go-lucky optimists has proven successful. Bruce Zimmerman is a cerebral writer. This episode did not stray from that, but it did stray from the greatness that was his last two episodes (A Place at the Table, then The Night Watch). Every writer has their hiccups. We all talk about the good 'ol days but what about "Honor Among Thieves", "Parasite," "The Big Wheel", or the trainwreck called "The Fight"? To all of which I've seen criticism. The best thing about Bruce is his unpredictability, (which I admit was lacking), his grip on Reid (much better than most of the other writers, besides Sharon and Breen and Jim). Reid not being in this episode did hurt it, but I thought the episode was entertaining overall.

    Seeing the unsub early did not hurt the episode, Hotch, Rossi, and Reid are the ones who solved the case, it wasn't Morgan and JJ to the rescue. The shout-out to Reid, and the concept that you cannot have life without death, and the emotional weight of that brought out in this episode. The dirty dozen arc is still interesting to me, but I am glad it is ending mid-season to give us some new stuff. Garcia didn't bust out the "magic computer" as so coined by the happy-go-lucky's. And, finally, the ending, the bittersweet ending to go compliment the unsub's departure from reality, followed by what I thought to be the best cliffhanger since To Hell and Back (only MY opinion; please don't shoot!) Also, the fact that this episode reminded me of "God Complex" and, for only one scene, "Legacy", did not hurt the episode either. I enjoyed it.

    I loved Garcia in this episode. This situation, to me, is quite realistic. These hitmen are not only smart assassins, but smart hackers. If Garcia is living in say the FBI academy dorms, or ...basically anywhere else but where she currently is, she'll be that much further away from Hotch and Morgan and the people she trusts the most who will protect her at any cost. Anywhere else, something can go wrong. As we've seen before, sometimes the bad-guys hide behind the guise of FBI. She's there because they don't know who they can trust, and desperate times call for desperate measures. I think its kinda cool.
    Hope Bruce's next episode pleases the masses better, and I CANNOT wait to see Entropy.
    I give it a B+, and 7.25/10 (would've been 7 without the 2 different Reid shout-outs)
    LONG LIVE CM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ratings are in for this episode.

    Top 125 = 1.4
    18-34 = 1.3
    18-49 - 1.9
    25-54 - 2.7
    Viewers = 9.22 million.... This was without Empire on. If you factor what Empire usually takes from CM weekly this episode would have done slightly worse than last week but still better than Awake. I'm sure that this episode got a boost with how good Last week was.

    1. Ratings courtesy of Spoiler TV and TV by the Numbers

  17. It felt like a bad horror film to me. The only things I liked about it were that they mentioned Reid in a positive way and that Hotch had more to do than "wheels up in 30." I was afraid that after having significant screen time in last week's episode, he would be absent for much of this one. As for the unsub, while I believe that a young child would/could be freaked out by that kind of confrontation with a creepy old guy in a hospital, I think it's a stretch to say that caused him to experiment on people and end up killing some of them to use their blood on others. I think statistics will show that most murders are committed for reasons of greed, rage, revenge. Someone wants to move on but doesn't want to go through a divorce or custody battle. They just want out and not only do they not want to pay anything, they may hope to get life insurance payouts and/or inheritance to get them out of debt or help them to attract someone else. How many killers are out there, do you suppose, that want to do medical experiments on random victims? I get that the writers are looking for something different, they feel they've run out of ideas, but this is just nonsense. Better writing for the team, show how they come up with the profile instead of just roboticly stating one line per team member when they give the profile would be so much better. In the days when Gideon was still there, he held it together. He and Hotch had the lion's share of the lines and they were complete thoughts. The others would add points in between instead of now having it feel like each line is numbered with a number assigned to a particular agent and then they divvy them up equally. It becomes disjointed, robotic, boring. Reid used to do a good job delivering his lines in the profile. Often now he does the rush line delivery that has the opposite effect. In stead of making him more interesting, it just makes him more boring because the lines get thrown away when delivered at that pace with no emotion or inflection behind them. Prentiss always did a good job with her portion of the profile. She made it seem relevant and well thought out, not just stuck in there because it was her turn to say something. Lewis feels like she's thinking so much about her lines and trying to put pauses in them that it's not a natural delivery.

    Also, like some of the rest of you, I have no interest in this case about Garcia. She has become so annoying to me, that I'm ready to bump her off myself. She clearly can't handle the crime scene photos and details anymore, so either let the dirty dozen kill her or send her on a long vacation away from the BAU. Anybody that's that sensitive and childish does not belong in the FBI, especially not the BAU. I'm looking forward to getting Reid back. I hope his upcoming episode is not tainted by dwelling on Garcia and the dirty dozen. Could something please be about him for a change. Some of the best episodes in the early seasons 1-4 were episodes that featured him. Do they not get that ? My grade on this is a C- or D.

    1. I so agree on line delivery—it’s one of my pet peeves. I honestly think the only one of the cast who was really skilled with inflection was Paget Brewster. The rest are as likely to get it wrong as to get it right, even JM and TG, at times. I suspect that some of it is an attempt at characterization. But it always makes me wonder if they understand the meaning of what they are saying.

      I agree that the broken up delivery of the profile feels artificial. But, as with the occasional ‘exposition dump’ of information, I accept it as part of the price of admission. If they were to go another way with it, I agree that it would be nice to have it largely delivered by one of the seniors, with the others expanding on the parts of it that fit with their areas of expertise. Sadly, said areas of expertise have largely disappeared, which is probably what makes the profile delivery seem so generic.

      Re: murders—it’s true that most singleton and many mass murders are committed by someone known to the victim(s), for the reasons you mention. But the BAU is involved with serial killings, which have a very different dynamic. Most of those perpetrators are psychopaths or sociopaths, or both----hence the bizarre behaviors and thinking patterns. As to how many of them are involved with medical experimentation----who knows? Probably fewer than the show portrays, but more than we’d like to think.

    2. I wish they would have the team member who was most qualified in the parameters for that particular week's case give the profile along with Hotch or Rossi as the leader of the team...that would keep it from being a one sentence delivery, which I agree is disjointed and probably makes it more difficult for the local LEOs to follow.

      And, I also agree that Garcia's reactions to the cases are a bit much especially after years of being in the BAU and acting as the presenter. She is supposed to be a professional, and I don't believe that Hotch would cut her that much slack no matter how much he liked her. Maybe in the beginning, he would give her time to adjust, but after years(?), she should be used to seeing the pictures of dead bodies, and as Jonis said, her reactions are silly and childish. After all, presenting these cases to the team is a part of her job. It's time for her to grow up. They have toned her down quite a lot this season, but it's still too much for me to handle. Her quirky ways were cute in the beginning, but they grew tiresome after the first season or so. Now, they're just tiresome.

      And, I, for one, don't like her story arc and hope it's over very soon. I'm sorry to say I haven't found it interesting.

  18. SouthunLady Santa is bringing you coal for not loving Garcia and her colorful antics. No love for her fuzzy pens even?
    I admit to enjoying her scenes but I thought the scene dragging her out in her jammies was silly. I got the impression they were leaving the building, am I incorrect? If they were she would at least need shoes.
    I still feel that may turn out to be a dream sequence.

    1. Coal in my stocking, you say? I've been a very good girl I'll have you know!

      I never thought of a dream sequence, but I think someone else may have also mentioned it, too, so you may be onto something. It does seem odd that Hotch would rush in and grab her without letting her put on appropriate clothing. I haven't minded her as much this season...she seems to be a little less verbose and "colorful".

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  20. If you are talking to me, SouthunLady is a friend of mine off the board. She will get the joke but if for some reason it is going to bother someone that I have jokingly suggested Santa will bring her coal, by all means delete the post.

    1. Zayrina,

      No it wasn't made at you but three 'peoples' posted the same things telling people 'I have an incredibly novel concept! You CAN just watch a different show😊 It's called changing the channel....'

      This is not how you argue when you disagree with others opinions.

  21. Oh. Well I'm pretty tired and thinking, "good lord I guess I musn't use Santa threats."
    G'nite then.

  22. I just found this place and have a question, does anyone know why might is missing from the last 3 episodes? Getting kind of worried here.

  23. I just found this place and have a question, does anyone know why might is missing from the last 3 episodes? Getting kind of worried here.

    1. I'll just put this here, Jose!

      No one really knows, and no one, including MGG, is saying why. He didn't work on any big project that we could see, just a 2-day video towards the end of October. He had some fun time with his dad.

      We are not privy to the reason Reid was banished to Las Vegas to visit his mother, but they probably had to have a reason to bring Tara back in before the anticipated departure of Morgan.


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