Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1001. X - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'X' and written by Erica Messer.

Hope you've enjoyed today's premiere, and remember that next week we'll have a brand new episode!


  1. I liked the Episode... Kate wasn't over the top, neither was JJ or Morgan.... Liked the subtlety of showing Reid's neck wound bothering him. I will assume because he was tired...Like the rest.
    There was a good balance between the team and their jobs. Gave me a feel of CM of old. Hotch was very 'leader like' which I liked alot...
    Did any of you catch also the comment "We asked Emily but she doesn't want to come back". I guess that puts that theory to rest.
    One problem I had, and I might just be tired myself.. But Kate coming home to the young girl after several days with no sign of a 'babysitter/nanny' has me feeling squigy..... As a parent I look for those things.....

    Over all I'd give the episode a 9 out of 10.

    1. Kate has guardianship of her niece, which is the teenager who we saw. Kate is also married so her niece wasn't alone for two days.

  2. quick first impression:

    - good case, with lots of misleads
    - creepy VERY creepy guys in that episode!
    - Loved having a victim that did fight back.
    - So wanted to not like Jennifer Love Hewiit but actually i liked her and her character.
    - Not much Morgan in this one.
    - poor Reid seems to be still bothered by his neck injury.
    - Good introduction of Kate with Reid in the elevator, leave it to Reid to remember her from the karaoké night!
    - Like how Kate was trying to profile Hotch in his office and he knew what she was doing.
    - yay Hotch saved his agent!

    How I miss Criminal Minds, very happy my favorite show is back!

  3. An excellent episode, worthy of Criminal Minds, meeting and/or exceeding their criteria for a great show. Jennifer Love Hewitt fit in beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait till next week.

  4. Phewwww. After dealing with multiple chats about Season X, it's nice to be back into this wonderful haven. So, from the top, my thanks again to the wonderful folks of CMRT. Excuse me while I enjoy the serenity of this wonderful place and gather my thoughts.

    Out of the box: I will be the first to admit that I deeply questioned the hiring of JLH. And I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. The writers have structured a character that fits right in and as CMRT pointed out, using the karaoke night from last season was a wonderful lead in. I also thoroughly enjoyed the elevator scene with Reid and Callahan, with Reid at the end knowing why she was there and pointing out Hotch's office.

    I too, noticed the line about Emily. I'd like to think that was a message to the H/P shippers. However, as a friend pointed out, it was probably more for the regular fans. "We asked PB; she said no." Either way; it was a great touch and it was dealt with early.

    To the case: I knew pretty much from the start that the first guy was a red herring. We normally don't have an unsub arrested within the first 30 minutes. I really liked the pairing of Rossi and Callahan. The absolute team veteran with the team rookie; that was a great touch on EM's part.

    One of my biggest complaints about last season (especially in the later eps) was that Hotch and Rossi got left back at the station. They certainly weren't this ep. And this total fan girl got them BOTH kicking in a door! Be still my foolish heart.

    To the first reviewer about Kate coming home to a teenage girl; I agree with your feelings. But I'm a huge spoiler reader so I know......... ;)

    Rockie's grade: a solid A.

  5. I liked how they introduced Kate - I had been apprehensive about JLH but I think she will fit in well as long as she doesn't end up overshadowing the rest of the team. The case fell a bit flat for me - the first guy was obviously a red herring and they did seem to keep finding people and locations very easily. I found myself checking how long there was to go when I was about two thirds in which is a clear sign that I wasn't swept up in the story - but I have never been a fan of EM's writing. I. like others. was a bit alarmed that her young niece had apparently been left alone for two days to stay up all night on her laptop but maybe that will be explained better as the show goes on. I disliked the talk about scars on the jet - it just rang very superficial and false, especially JJ. I am also apprehensive about Garcia's upcoming PTSD - I fear that as with so much about Garcia it will be way over the top, but we shall see.
    Overall I give this a B minus.

  6. The things that I liked most about this episode :
    - the introduction of JLH was better than I thought that it was going to be
    - there was no excessive focus on any particular team member
    - the storyline was different and interesting.
    The things that I didn't like :
    - the comment by JJ (I think) that the portrait of the missing girl looked like the second victim when all they had was a torso
    - the way that the last victim got up and ran off after having her arm hacked off. She would have been far more affected by pain and blood loss considering all he used was a thin tourniquet
    - the 'battle scar' conversation on the plane- it just didn't ring true and seemed forced to me.
    Still awfully glad that it is back, though!

  7. I am so happy that JLH was better than so many seemed to expect. She had a clean slate with me because although I knew her name I have never seen her work. I liked her, I like her character. She is smart with a bit of a goofy streak, so different than those who came before her in that spot.
    It was nice that JJ and Morgan did not take over the show, with plenty of time for each character.
    It was a good start to season 10.

  8. My likes: Hotch clearly the boss and his hero ending, good intro re JLH well integrated giving her character right from the beginning, clearly by- passing mistakes made with Blake character. Liked that Morgan and Garcia are still obvious supports to each other, and light moments re the elevator scene with Reid, and Garcia and JLH sharing cutie web stuff, much needed to counter the huge gross factor. Liked them curtailing the Morgan-JJ thing. Best of all good writing for the show ending, leaving one wanting more. My dislikes were: a cardboard JJ, way too flippant scars discussion, unrealistic victim escape (agree with Dibba. Health care folk roll their eyes over such silly stuff). All in all I give this one an A minus, a good start.

  9. By the way, I like you much improved poll criteria, good work!

  10. I voted OK for the poll. The story was ok, I wasn't extremely impressed, probably because I knew who wrote this episode. Kate seems like a good, likeable character, but I think she seems too goofy--I really would NOT prefer people working for the BAU discussing twerking and/or cute kitten videos--that makes it seem like catching killers isnt too serious. Im glad they put in that Emily didn't want to come back. Hello people Paget isnt coming back so get over it. I absolutely hated the scene with discussing battle scars, just NO. We got to see more Hotch and Rossi, which was nice, but JJ was in way too many scenes for me, but at least she didn't provide the best insights, that wouldve made me change the channel.

  11. With Paget/Emily being my favorite female profiler, I was afraid no one else was ever going to meet her standards in my eyes, but I think JLH may have just done that. She was professional, quirky, funny and held her own with the seasoned profilers on her first case with the other BAU team members, and she fit in seamlessly at first look. I think that since the BAU does deal with serial killers, et al, they do need some lightness around them, so I think her outgoing personality will help in that respect.

    And, I'm hoping against all hope that JLH takes a LOT of attention off SuperJJ and Morgan and lets Hotch once again be the Unit Chief that he is. I want to see more Hotch and Rossi scenes not SuperJJ and Morgan scenes. And, God, do I hope that they cut way down on the Morgan/Garcia sexual innuendos. Maybe now that Morgan has a REAL girlfriend, Garcia will get over her "crush".

    And, I like the more mature Reid, so let him be a "real" FBI agent doing "real" FBI things instead of just spouting words out of his mouth. It seemed he grew up late last season, and I no longer disliked him, no to mention that my 15 year old granddaughter fell in love with him.

    Here's hoping that this season returns more to the CM of old.

    1. Oh yes, please! I thought that I was the only one who was so over the Garcia/Morgan innuendo overload! I also agree that it's time to let Reid stretch a little and not just be trotted out when they need to reel off a list of facts.

    2. Garcia is dating Sam. Morgan is dating Savannah, Morgan and Garcia just have a close friendship

    3. Yes, I know both of them are dating other people, but it hasn't stopped Garcia calling Morgan Chocolate God or Chocolate Thunder, or other ridiculous names or Morgan calling Garcia some silly name that gets her all excited and she comes back with yet again another sexual innuendo like "I'll show you what I can do". I really liked their banter when it started, but it got way out of hand, and now it isn't cute anymore, it's obnoxious. Add to that she is so very unprofessional, I'm surprised Hotch leaves her on the team,

    4. Hotch leaves Garcia on the team for a very obvious reason - she's extremely good at what she does. He's not the type of boss that's going to get caught up in petty silly interaction between team members and most likely is happy when they employ some lightness into their routines which can be helpful in reducing stress. Remember the fight between Reid and Morgan on the plane, and later Reid, Garcia and Morgan out on the soccer field, Hotch was no where to be seen and I'm sure he wanted it that way.

      The innuendo and flirting are not as annoying to me as some of Garcia's dialogue. They've written her in as a manic babbler in times when haste and silly don't match the situation often in moments when her former compassion would be more appropriate. Silly out trumps comedy. Come on writers - get back to the Garcia everyone loved in the beginning.

  12. This episode was a solid start to the new season. Although their scenes were minimal, the two young boy actors were believable. JJ essentially asking the wife if she ever suspected that her husband needed severed limbs for sexual gratification was amusing. The good cop/bad cop repartee between Rossi and JLH, or in this case, good cop/good cop, as a ruse to get Frank to talk, did not ring true. That information should have been extracted by interrogation. Reid has outgrown being called "pretty boy" by Morgan. I liked seeing the victim keep her head during her ordeal, albeit not her limb. It was difficult to believe that she ran around with apparently no pain medication. Terrific ending when it dawned on Aaron that Kate is correct - there's a partner out there.

    1. "The good cop/bad cop repartee between Rossi and JLH [Callahan], or in this case, good cop/good cop, as a ruse to get Frank to talk, did not ring true. That information should have been extracted by interrogation."

      Just want to point a detail about that scene: Frank had lawyered up, they couldn't interrogate him until his lawyer showed up and gave them permission. Knowing that, talking between themselves was their only option, hoping to say something that prompted Frank to "spill the beans", as they say. And that's what happens.

      "It was difficult to believe that she ran around with apparently no pain medication."

      I can believe it; adrenaline, when literally running for your life, can do wonders. Don't want to imagine how much pain she was in after though, once the adrenaline high crashed down on her.

      "Terrific ending when it dawned on Aaron that Kate is correct - there's a partner out there."

      Have re-watched Hotch's reaction a couple times, and still I'm not sure if the idea dawns on him then or if it was something he was already suspecting (he had all the information he relates to Kate after all) and Kate's misgivings confirm his fears. In any case, is not 1 partner out there, but a full human trafficking operation at work, which of course is even worse!

    2. Frank was an intelligent homeowner, able to conceal severed limbs from his family, refusing Rossi and Kate entry without a warrant, even asking if the preservatives were tainted. He quite possibly would have known the agents were playing him while waiting for his transportation. When Kate walked into Aaron's office, he said he was almost done, so it's possible he was closing the case. He told Kate you're able to leave it at the office when you solve it, let it go, and again, it could be assumed the case was closed. He said they know Parkett is guilty, and his behavior did not point to a partner. If Aaron suspected there were more offenders out there, he would have given credence and validation to Kate's misgivings the moment she voiced them, as he is that kind of supervisor. But he didn't. It took him just seconds to realize there is more to the case, and it's possible Kate planted the idea.

    3. About Frank: you're right about all that, no question. But even if he noticed he was being played with, fact is he had just been well and truly caught by the FBI, and murders charges, or the possibility of them, probably was -mentally- too much at the time. The trick could have failed, but was a plausible way to advance the plot, and they took it.

      About Hotch: you may very well be right, as I've said previously, I'm not sure what option is the correct one. Will have to re-watch... Hard job that it's being a CM fan! ;-)

    4. That is a good perspective and now I'm seeing Frank as knowing exactly what he was doing and consciously singing for Rossi and Kate, especially after they said he was the killer. Their banter was forced and that's what distracted me. I loved that last scene with Aaron and Kate. It gave insight into who Kate is and opened up endless possibilities. Regarding Garcia, I wish the writers would grow her up and ditch the hair bow. KV/Garcia stands out in her very infrequent serious scenes and they should let the actress have at it.

  13. For me the more JJ the better..she's the reason I keep watching. As for Morgan, could do with less of him.


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