Sunday, February 2, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 914. 200 - Matthew Gray Gubler Interview at Las Vegas Reviewer Journal

By Christopher Lawrence

Matthew Gray Gubler never set out to be an actor. Now, the 33-year-old Las Vegas native is about to enter rarified air by starring in one of very few series to reach its 200th episode.

That feat is all the more surprising given an inauspicious start for “Criminal Minds”...

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  1. OK this article just confirms my fears for the 200th! Sounds like Reid is barely going to be in it - this is so wrong for one of the two cast members that have been in every episode. The more that comes out about this episode the more it looks like being a complete travesty.

    1. So true... What bothers me the most is that nine years ago the show was unique because the four main characters (Gideon, Hotchner, Morgan and Reid) used their minds to get into the criminal minds, and the viewers got to know the reasons why some horrible crimes happen in this world. Nowadays the show looks like a mixture of alias and a regular cop show, in which JJ, Garcia, Rossi and a new version of Morgan are the stars, and the others are just there to drop a line or two once in a while. I bet Hotch only meaningful appearance in the 200th episode will be the line Erica Messer already said he will deliver to Prentiss...

  2. Indeed this is a travesty and I hope CBS gets a lot of flack for allowing it to happen.Reid and his fans deserve better.
    Despite my dislike for JJ, for a brief moment I actually considered watching it,but not anymore.

    1. Debra you should watch it and if it is what we fear you should then make an informed complaint to CBS and the showrunner. I hate that they are dumbing down the show from its core of intelligent team profiling and seem to be aiming it at the teen viewer but they will keep doing this unless true fans stand up and say it is wrong.


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