Sunday, February 2, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS 200th Episode - Congratulations and Thank You!!!

This Wednesday, February 5 CBS will air CRIMINAL MINDS' 200th episode... what an achievement! So few shows these days can make it past the first 13 episodes order.

We, the Knights and Ladies of Criminal Minds Round Table, have been fans since episode 1 season 1. Our show (yes, we, the fans, like to think about CRIMINAL MINDS as OUR show!) have been through a lot, cast changes, writers changes, showrunner change,... despite all this, we have remained faithful to this show because, simply put, we love it!

The 200th episode is a time to celebrate how successful CRIMINAL MINDS is. Success comes to those who work hard, who are dedicated, and the cast, writers, producers and crew of CRIMINAL MINDS work very hard for their success, they deserve all the success they have been having since 2005.

This post is a celebration to the cast, writers, producers and crew who made, and are still making, CRIMINAL MINDS such a magnificent TV series!

We, the Knights and Ladies of Criminal Minds Round Table, salute you! Here's hoping for many more episodes!


  1. Been a fan since the start of season 3 when I saw a promo on NCIS, watched one episode then bought season 1 and 2 on DVD and was and still I am hooked!

    Congratulation to cast and crew for this achievement!

  2. Congratulations to everyone involved with Criminal Minds of the 200th episode.

    A special shout out to THE BEST DARN CREW IN THE BIZ!!

  3. Been a fan since the start of season 1, it's my favorite show nine years ago. I'm from Brazil and thankfully the show going on almost simultaneously to the U.S.. As a fan I want to thank the care and affection with which the show is done and congratulate everyone involved, actors, writers, directors, producers and all the technical staff behind the scenes for the good work done and the affection with which you interact with the fans. I wish everyone luck and long life to the show! (Sorry, English is not my first language!) Hug!

  4. Been fan since i saw very first episode. This show is amazing. Love every single episode.Writers and actors are beyond amazing and wonderful. Adore all the cast and crew who work so hard to make a best show EVER. Proud to be a fan. THANK YOU! :)

  5. I have watched this show diligently from Season ONE episode 1... and while I have had episodes and characters that I liked and loved I've also had some I didn't like at all. But that's all a part of being a fan.....

    Thank you to all of those who have put this show on screen faithfully for 9 years!!!! Congratulations on your big landmark..... !!!

  6. Congratulations Family!!!

    200 episodes!! wow!!! I remember when I saw it for the first time in Spain. Since then, I loved the show.

    I hope that Criminal minds has 100 or 200 more episodes =)

  7. I've been a fan since Episode One. Thanks to cast and crew for hours and hours of compelling and enjoyable viewing. I haven't loved every single episode but that has been part of being the critical viewer and discussing aspects of the show with fellow fans has been part of the fun. Thanks to all and very many congratulations.

  8. 200 episodes... Very few shows get there. Criminal Minds has what it takes for another 200. I've been a fan since ep 101 and do not intend to stop.

  9. Congratulations to all involved. I have also been a fan since day one. As with other fans, there have been the episodes and characters that I haven't liked as much as others, but stayed a fan nonetheless.

    I know there are a lot of different people, a lot of different things that go into the making of a successful series. Thank you, to all of you.

  10. Been a fan since the beginning! Love all the cast, but @ajcookofficial is my favorite! So glad the 200th episode revolved around JJ & her time away!
    Congrats on 200 episodes! I can see the show airing for at least another 100 episodes!


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