Thursday, January 16, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - Interview with writer Virgil Williams!

by Tari Jordan

Lucky me was able to get the busy-as-all-getout Virgil on the phone for what turned out to be over an hour of back and forth. Find out about the man who's been with our show for the past three years, where his roots are, and what he does when he's not pumping life into our heroes at the BAU!

TJ: We do know you’re a Chicago boy at heart, and that you were a child actor. But let me get this right, were you born in Chicago? And if so, what brought you to the sunny climes of L.A.? Tell us how this part of your life is different than growing up in the Windy City.

VW: Born and raised in Chicago, yes ma'am. The most obvious difference is the weather, out here we are seeing all this about the Polar Vortex and watching football games so yeah, but I miss Chicago every day. I miss taking trains and buses- the weather sounds so cliché but it's a big freakin deal. I miss the city feel, miss walking around, neighborhood bars and restaurants, not that LA doesn't have any of these things, you just have to look a little harder. Don't get me wrong there are so many wonderful things about LA, like we can go to the beach! You can't do that in January in Chicago.

TJ: You're a big boxing and football fan, how do your sports heroes inspire you? Do you have any influential writing heroes, either from literature or the entertainment industry?

VW: Great question, and oh a great many ways. For me Walter Payton and Michael Jordan are in the pantheon of all sports heroes with their work ethic, determination, and grit. Boxing is brutal yet scientific, and it requires intense repetition a lot like writing… athletes talk about 'the zone' and a lot of that relates to writing too…

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  1. Did you actually see season one, episode one???? I love this show and will never stop watching it but you should be aware of one point in the show where you made a very obvious mistake.....K so right at the beginning you see Garcia in a room with's a flash back to when she was busted for hacking...we already knew that the reason Hotch hired her was because she was a good hacker and that she presented her resume to him on pink stationary as he stated to her in one of the earlier episodes...but the mistake is in the first episode you see Garcia with a bunch of files in her hand and Morgan asks "Who's the new girl" Morgan never knew who she was till she was already working there...but in The Black Queen episode it shows her talking to Morgan and Morgan showing no interest


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