Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 912. The Black Queen - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'The Black Queen', and written by Breen Frazier.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week too there's a new episode!


  1. Ok... over all Episode was good. Not as much Hotch as I would have liked.. but at least he was front and center to the episode.... Morgan and Garcia were great...
    Unsub and ending anti climatic for me.... So was the guy in prison..... Best part was Garcia backstory.....

  2. how I miss you Criminal Minds during the holidays break! Glad the show is back with a very good episode.

    Loved everything about the episode; the start was excellent with Hotch and Garcia, omg she called Hotch 'Suit'! how things have changed now she calls him 'Sir'!

    All the Morgan and Garcia scenes were excellent. Love friendship, hope this will never change because it is a pretty awesome friendship.

    the case was interesting and I never figured out who the real killer was and was totally convinced that hacker guy was innocent until Hotch and JJ made him show who he really was.

    will rewatch this one tomorrow because there was a lot going and well it was just so good it need many rewatch!

    I'll give this one a 9 out of 10! Great writing Breen and great work from the whole cast!

  3. It was much better than I feared but the continuity gaffes drive me nuts!

  4. I have to say I walked into this ep with low expectations. With a Garcia ep, I knew it would be mainly her and Morgan, taking away from the rest. And Breen, as talented a CM writer for twisty things, likes to show the unsub early to show us what's in their head.

    Imagine my surprise at an ep I really enjoyed. First off, the Morgan/Garcia scenes fit with trying to find out the unsub (or figure out if the guy on Death Row was him). And Breen wrote a heckuva ep to tell us more about Garcia's background while weaving that into the present story. Excellent idea! There was no look at the unsub until 75% of ep was over. More brownie points for Breen! And I always like Hotch and JJ being paired together.

    And the bombshell that Garcia wanted to get caught to have a normal life!!! Never saw that curveball coming.

    I agree with Mary about the continuity issues. I feel that's a lost cause with the CM writers and their staff. Supposedly, they have a "bible" for all the back stories of the characters. The entire writing staff needs to start reading the "good book". However, kudos go to whomever of the CM crew that remember that Hotch was married in 2004 and he was wearing a wedding ring in the first scene.

    Final score in Rockie's world: 8.5

  5. You would think that as they know the fandom is so fierce for CM, they would do more to get the continuity right but I agree it seems a lost cause! It did spoil the episode for me though.
    I smiled when there was the comment about the FBI infantilising Garcia - it was nice to see a little of her original sparky and sassy self in this episode as it;s been the writers guilty of making her too silly and infantile for far too long. If they keep this up I may start to like the character again!

  6. I thought Garcia and Morgan first met later. As seen in the 3x19 episode's flashback, Derek calling her Gomez..that was kinda off but other than that i LOVED this episode so much. Totally Garcia's episode..she is fun and hilarious and so was that episode. I think i have never laughed so many times during one CM episode. :D MR. SMITH! xD
    Absolutely loved that brilliant entrance..when she went to meet Shane.

    Also, usually there are Blake-Reid scenes or Blake-Rossi scenes BUT this time Blake-Reid-Rossi scene. YAAAAY!

    And ofc those prison scenes were awesome, especially last scene. Great job, JJ!!

    "Bully" and "The Black Queen" are so far my fave season 9 episodes.

  7. So far season nine has been one of my favorite seasons, but sorry guys this one didn't do it for me. I was really disappointed. I didn't feel like I was watching Criminal Minds at all. I was looking forward to a new ep but didn't like it at all. I will rewatch it being that so many of you really liked it though. That being said I am looking forward to next weeks show and CAN NOT WAIT FOR 200!

  8. I agree with the above post...this episode didn't work for me either. I was bored throughout most of it and it did not feel like a CM ep to me.

    I've also really enjoyed season 9 but every now and then an ep has to come along that you are just not fond of and this was it for me.

    Looking forward to Joe's ep and more so the 200th!

    1. I agree I'm looking forward to Joe's episode. One thing that bothers me is that we already know who the unsub is, and why he's doing what he's doing. I'm hoping that this is so that more attention can be given to Rossi's side of the story and NOT because there is actually more to the JJ angle then previously let on. We know that at least the end of this episode sets up 200 so I'm not holding my breath.
      As for 200.....Can't wait for it to be over with. Not looking forward to it at all. with only 42 minutes to complete a story I'm pissed that they've brought EP and Strauss back to take up precious time from the team. I would have preferred 'not' to have Paget back at all. Such a milestone episode should be concentrating on the 'Team' and not characters who were there in the past. Move forward not backwards. Hopefully once the hype is over and the episode airs the rest of the season can get back on track with team oriented episodes. Personally I can't wait for TG's directed episode.


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