Wednesday, November 27, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 910. The Caller - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'The Caller', and written by Sharon Lee Watson.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week we'll get the first rerun of the season.

Happy Thanksgiving to our US Knights, readers and commenters!


  1. Interesting episode tonight. LOVED that we were made to guess who was the unsub and why he did kill. Writer Sharron Lee Watson did an excellent job at making us guess. Totally love that we saw the unsub really late into the episode and the team and the victims were the focus on this episode.

    Nice that we have compassionate JJ in this episode, she is the JJ that I like. Good acting from the actors who played the parents. The scene where the father saw his dead boy was so heartbreaking!

    Another favorite scene was at the end when Blake was alone and the unsub came behind her with his gun raised, ready to shoot and Blake was not aware of anything. But Reid saved her and got the kill! Go Spencer!

    The kid playing the unsub when he was younger was very good and cute too!

    My only complain, was that it was a bit slow at time but this is a very small complain.

    I'll give this episode a 8.8/10!

  2. Great classic CM episode - suspense, heartbreak, mystery, teamwork and PROFILING! We need more like this.

  3. Sowry, sleeping on the job in my reviewing.

    This was great a episode and I echo the comments about not knowing the UnSub until almost the end. And it was great team profiling when they were in those hawt black Bureau SUV's. Ooops, sorry; I digress as I do when I'm tired.

    What I really enjoyed about this episode was the mixing up of the partners. It seems to be the pattern this year with the writers that I personally enjoy. I would have loved a few seconds with Rossi and Morgan talking about what transpired in last week's ep, but I guess I'll just have to leave that to FF. However, it was a great twist at the end with partners, as was the episode, so I'm happy. The profiling was fantastic.

    And I know I'm showing my age here, but I loved Frank Collins as Clayvin. I knew I had seen him before. So a quick check of iMDB revealed that I was right. He used to be in one of my former fav TV shows; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. It was great to see him again!

    For the still a little Hotch lite, this one gets a 9.25

  4. It was SO awesome to see Frank Collison and Doug Savant!! They were excellent. Such an emotional episode. I cried so much.

    Have to say i LOVED those phone calls. Creepy good.

    Ending was O.M.G for me.. i was screaming ALEEEEEEEX.. Now i love Reid even more!

    Also..Rossi mentioning Gideon. Haah. Love when he does that. :D

  5. No unsub till the end, profiling, great acting from Doug Savant and Frank Collison, no unsub till the end, compassionate JJ, profiling, teamwork, mention of Gideon... Did I mention profiling and no unsub till the end? ^^
    Well what can I say, that was classic CM, loved it!!

  6. All I can say is this episode was classic Criminal Minds. I am proud. Very proud to be a CM fan. I always will be. Sharon Lee Watson has proven again what a talent she is. Everyone involved with this show from the actors to the writers and the crew give so much of themselves and it shows. It DEFINITELY shows! My hope for Criminal Minds? That it continues on. For a long time.

  7. Another winner but yeah, too light on Hotch content. The man playing the Dad broke my heart. Very suspenseful episode.

  8. good story but..... too light on Hotch content for me too.I love CM classic épisode and season 9 is very good. I prefer a sweet JJ than a badass one. I can't understand why Blake is still in the BAu. She's not an interresting caracter.

  9. This was excellent in every way. I don't want to repeat everything in other comments but I agree! Reid's character development is very positive. He is a capable agent, took the kill shot and no second guessing, insecurity etc. afterward. It was really badass, in a smooth" just doing my job" execution by Gubler. He also did not spout statistics, didn't act like a kid or get treated like one. A real man here, but still shows the smarts without any swirling numbers on a whiteboard. His acting is excellent, when he he has the right stuff to work with in a well written episode.

    Please CM writers, don't backslide and undercut this development of Reid's character.

    Thanks to Sharon Watson for showing him as a high functioning adult. I hope that continues. Matthew Gray Gubler said that he wanted the character to have a beginning, middle and end. (But I hope that this doesn't mean he is so complete that won't return when his contract is up!)


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