Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - TV Line Scoop

by Michael Ausiello

Question: Is Beth returning to Criminal Minds? The last episode, with Hotch's death bed epiphany of sorts, seemed to hint that way. But I know the actress is now on Scandal. —Deanna

Ausiello: In a word, or four, Thomas Gibson says, “God, I hope...

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  1. I really hope Bellamy Young will be back on Criminal Minds! I might be one of a few people out here who love the character of Beth and think Thomas Gibson and Bellamy Young have great chemistry each other. After Route 66, I'm looking forward to see how the show will play out their relationship.

  2. I also hope that Beth makes an appearance in season 9. And we see how Hotch will handle or come to terms with the dream sequence. It is obvious that Beth will be a part of Hotch's life and to either see her or have her mentioned would be natural.

  3. I love Beth and hope we see her soon.

  4. I like the character Beth too and also hope they can work out BY's schedule so she can appear on the show again. I agree with the aforementioned people that it will be great to see how things will play out with her after Route 66.


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