Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 906. In The Blood - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'In The Blood', and written by Bruce Zimmerman.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week too we'll get again a brand new one!


  1. Fun episode tonight. Not the most exciting case but was interesting enough. Lots of details about the Salem witches. Didn't know that there were no burning in Salem.

    The unsub was ok with his delusion but I though the actor playing him was a uninspired. The mother, the last victim was pretty good and I love when she seems to be invoking whatever she read or clean from popular entertainment to try to spare her daughter.

    Totally loved the scene between Reid and Garcia! Reid channeling his inner Clint Eastwood was hilarious! Speaking of Reid he was pretty awesome in this episode. Loved the scene where he is reading all those books, then looking at the family tree and making connections.

    Nice way to bring back the events of last week episode. Hotch was back at work, we do not know how much time there was between Hotch surgery and him being back at work but everyone were happy to have him back. Morgan and Rossi welcomed him back while JJ squeezed his shoulder.

    The best part of the episode was the end when the team gathered at Garcia to remember on that day of the dead , the loved one they lost. They had a little shrine that Garcia did build and they all added a pictures and items to it;
    Garcia pictures of her family and her cat,
    Rossi an army buddy who died and two cubs tickets
    Morgan a picture of his dad and a cigar
    JJ a picture of her sister and a small replica of La tour eiffel because he sister wanted to go there.
    Blake had a picture of her mom and some crossword puzzled because this was why she got into lingustics
    Hotch didn't say a thing, didn't need too but he took the picture of Hayley from his wallet and put it with all the other.

    Oh and the writer remember that Hotch bday as Garcia said was almost on the day of the dead ( yay reference by the writer to the episode 'Machismo').

    I think that Hotch letting go of the picture of Hayley that he carried in his wallet is significant, in my opinion, I felt like he was finally, letting go or move on from Hayley, just like she wanted him to do his dream while he was under going surgery.

    All and all good episode, not as good as last week will give this one a solid 8/10

  2. Reid is integral to the case. Reid finds the pattern. Reid puts the pieces together. Reid does NOT get to go on the takedown. I'm sick of the writers' habit of leaving Reid at the station. Out of the action. It's wrong.

  3. Nice to be experiencing ep's that are once again interesting, balancing out the team, and with creative intelligent stories with less horror and gore. Season 9 is indeed a significant improvement to me, with more emphasis on the profiling. Things I liked in this ep; letting Reid shine with his brilliance, Garcia and Reid practicing their inner scary places, and I'm a real softy when it comes to seeing the team come together to share. And even in her nervousness, Garcia shows the compassion many of us fans of hers have liked to see over the years, but woefully absent the last year or two. I agree with the writer above who was not impressed with the unsub's portrayal but I find the entire history of witchcraft intriguing albeit a little disturbing. I too believed the burning at the stake stories.

    The All Soul's Night event at Garcia's was the most satisfying. I really felt that each and every character played their parts excellently, each a little self-conscious while wanting to be absolutely true to their individual loved one's. It was a really touching event, so if that is what some call cheesy, bring it on! Again TG is not a man of many words but there was not a lot of need to be guessing when he removed Haley's pic from his wallet, and placed it with the others. So are there still those who still do not understand the deep love he had for this woman?. But now it's time to love her in a different way. Good for you Hotch. And good for all the team. Frankly last season I was feeling there wasn't much to be looking forward to any more re CM - wonderful that you are proving me wrong. Good work you'al.

  4. I was so excited to see Bruce Zimmerman's first S9 episode. I loooove his episodes so much. Love his style. This episode didin't let me down. Loved it. Loved that story. When we first saw the killer (we did not know it then) i immediately knew it was him. It seemed logic to me :D Most brutal scene for me was first one. Poor girl. Crushing her body like that..damn.

    Absolutely best part was that last scene. One of the best CM scenes ever . AMAZING. Those pics..that was just so brilliantly done. And seeing pics of Maeve and Haley..tears run down my face. So many feels...

    Finally we know JJ's sister's name. Yess. :)

  5. I thought this was a really fun episode. I loved Reid and Garcia in the beginning. I think I liked Reid more in this episode than I have in the past year. I also really liked the ending. Everyone was so good putting their pictures up, it really felt heartfelt by each and everyone of them. And Hotch saying nothing as he place Haileys picture on the alter was great. I have to say I'm loving season 9 so far!

  6. Nobody (that I have seen yet) said who the picture was of the girl that Reid put on the altar? He explained Tesla but skipped the brunette, quite like Hotch did with Haley. She looks totally familiar to me but I am drawing a major blank? Does anyone know?


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