Thursday, October 24, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 914. 200 - TVLine SPOILER

by Matt Webb Mitovich

Q: Do you know anything about Criminal Minds200th episode and if any Prentiss scenes occur in present time? Will she interact with everyone? –JP

A: I tried to sneak your question by Thomas Gibson during this week's Q&A...

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  2. I wish people would stop speaking for the CM "fanbase". Not all CM fans were Prentiss fans. Nor are all fans happy to see her back. I am happy for her fans that she will be back for one episode. I have my favorites and can understand it. But it does get tiresome when people associated with the show and other fans think they know what all CM fans want. A real "gift" to the fans is to stop assuming that all fans think alike.

  3. There also needs to be a lower rating than "Hmmm"! I think it is immature and childish to talk of the 200th episode being uber awesome before it's even aired! For those of us who aren't fans of the new JJ and although we like Paget we don't practically sanctify her, the imminent "200" actually fills us with trepidation and almost dread! Sometimes I think far too much notice is taken of the excessive gushing that goes on on the forums. If only we judged things properly on story and acting.

  4. Should have added that although I am anxious about the 200th, I will watch with an open mind and will give credit where it's due. Nothing would make me happier than to have my misgivings overturned.

  5. Anonymous said...

    First, there needs to be a higher grading system then "awesome" when there are episodes such as 905 and the upcoming #200.

    And maybe we see her again? CM fan base wouldn't and couldn't be happier if this were to happen!


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  7. I totally agree with both anonymous at 10:57 and Mary. Concerning episode 200th, I am indeed hoping for the best, because I really want to like this show I used to love, but I am also preparing myself for the worst. Even though I think this season is far much better than the seven one, in which the main characters practically vanished from the screen, I still don't like the new JJ, and even though I used to like Prentiss a lot, the character went down the hill as soon as the creative writers of the "new" criminal minds decided to make her a super spy. I used to like JJ, until she became super mom and super wife and super profiler. She just can't do anything wrong. And I used to like Garcia, until they decided to make her the super good technician that is also a genius. I missed the previous characters. They seemed a lot more real than those ones, but I guess that's what Erica Messer wants to show us: super women, instead of the amazing regular women they once were, and to who people could relate.
    And I also think it should be a lower category: Hmmm can't describe what I felt during 904. Every other category is just positive. Great and awesome are somehow the same, and the good and ok are also a pair that means more or less the same, but there is no option for someone who thinks an episode was not good at all.

  8. The 200th episode should be team centric. Season 9 is the JJ season and we know she will be prominent in the episode but the ones who should be fighting to help JJ are the ones who have been there all along, working side by side with her. This episode is going to be heavy with current and recurring characters (Cruz), so where does our team come in at, if Prentiss is there?

    I don’t care if they bring Prentiss back for one episode but I don’t think it should be such an important milestone as the 200th episode. Prentiss had the lead in the 150th episode. She had the multi episodes in season 6, most of season 7 when they brought her back and when she left again. Bring her back for the 18th, 19th, somewhere in there, but not even the season finale. The actress quit because she didn’t want to be on the show anymore. And I think it is wrong to get the fans worked up over possible future appearances. They heard that over and over again all through season 8 from the show runner. Now from a cast member the fans trust and respect. Give them their one episode and then see what happens.

  9. "The 200th episode should be team centric".....
    Indeed it should be but somehow the network thought JJ was entitled to it.

    "Season 9 is the JJ season"......
    And that is something a lot of us are totally pissed about. Many people thought season 9 should've gone to Hotch.

    "But I don't think it should be such an important milestone episode as the 200th episode".......
    That's exactly the way many of us feel about them given that episode to JJ.

    "She had multiple episodes in season 6, most of season 7"......
    And JJ got a ton of focus in season 7 because they wanted her to be able to show off her skills as a newly minted (Mary Sue) profiler. Plus she got the 2 hour season finale.

  10. I"ve seen some discussion that maybe the focus on JJ this season is part of the contract negotiations and that maybe because AJ demanded more money (and apparently didn't get as much as she wanted) they decided to make her work more for it.

    I also think they may have slightly misunderstood the outrage over the firing of AJ having to do with
    a) Loyalty to the actress who many felt was treated unfairly
    b) The reasons for the firing being to try to make the show fit with the ill-fated spinoff
    c) The apparent sexism
    d) The tampering with a formula that was working and mucking things up

    I agree with those who want it to be an ensemble focus, but I'm willing to bet they will focus more on the new Section Chief than on some of the main characters-- which is what happened in season 7 to a degree.

    The new JJ is just not as interesting and I admit that I almost wish they had not brought her back just to change her so much. The ONLY reason I'm glad they brought her back is for AJ's sake and the sake of the rest of the cast/crew who missed her.

    I think if they had taken out the unsub story in "Route66" and mixed in more memories of the actual team (not a flashback episode per se) and had more of the team involved in Hotch's dreams and maybe focusing somewhat on his relationships with all of them and what he wished was different in those relationships, maybe that would have been a more suiting "200". I don't know though, that might not have worked out.

    I'm going to wait and see how this one turns out.

    I wonder if the Prentiss parts will involve some flashbacks or something.

  11. I would have liked to see the same thing in Route 66 as zanneej, eliminating the unsub story this one time and devoting the episode to Hotch’s dream sequence and the team. Good chance the Route 66 blog would have reached 218 posts, instead of 118 posts.

  12. @ Hotch Fan and @ zanneej

    This Knight is an unrepentant Hotch's fan, plus an equally enthusiastic TG's one, so I can happily agree with how great an episode like that could be.

    BUT, not everybody is so (fans and general viewers), plus very much doubt CBS would agree to have an episode completely devoid of a case (and I'm saying this after having noticed the leverage they're giving to the writers is bigger now than it was during the first seasons; for instance, they didn't allow the unsub on Paradise to get away, while they did so seasons later to the one in Into The Woods).

  13. That's all true. And just imagine if they then devoted an entire episode to Beth. I'd be in therapy.


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