Thursday, October 3, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 904. To Bear Witness - Promotional Photos


  1. I'm so looking forwards to JJ's arc and seeing esai morales on the show!

    I just wish they quit it with the spoilers, I don't think they should reveal so much, we all like to hear snippets, but I wish they were a little more vague because I am a weakling who easily gives in to reading or watching an interview when they're posted and hate it when I spoil my own enjoyment of the show. I don't care when the spoiler doesn't actually reveal that much but gets everyone excited, but knowing esai was coming in as the new unit chief spoiled the Hotch struggles in the first two episodes. If I just knew esai was coming on for a few episodes and had a past with JJ, it wouldn't have made Hotch's decision a little bit unnecessary, but I do hope what we've seen so far insinuates that we're going to see Hotch and the new guy clash and perhaps gives us some good JJ scenes with both men...

  2. Was really hoping this would be a season of Hotch. JJ's just not as complex a character and the direction they've taken her doesn't ring true. TG's acting talents make his Hotch much more interesting than any of the other characters on the show. Since this might be the last season, I wish they'd tie up loose ends, like the mention of his abusive childhood. Not start new arcs that have to previous place anywhere in the entire history of the show.

  3. Still think it's a mistake to devote #200 to JJ

  4. I agree with one of the anons and I was hoping for this season to be about Hotch. My favorite is Reid with Hotch as a close second. I feel like their characters have substance and unfortunately the other characters don't interest me as much. TG is a great actor with extensive acting creds...why is he being ignored?

    If this is the last season then I would actually like it to be about all the members.

    Also JJ just annoys me lately. I can't stand how arrogant she seems. I understand that she has been with the team for a while so it isn't the same as comparing her with a fresh new profiler but they portray her as being better than the rest.

    This new JJ is portrayed as being tougher and more arrogant than Morgan and smarter than Reid. I don't get that.

    I also agree that episode 200 should not be about JJ. It should be about the whole team. Didn't she already have a 2 part finale dedicated to her?

  5. Why do people feel this is the last season? Most of the cast has signed for 2 more years and CM is tied with NCIS LA as CBS's second best drama. Why would you expect this show not to get a tenth year? SB

  6. I'm so so happy "200" is a JJ centered episode! AJ is a talented actress and she deserves a good storyline finally!!

  7. I am not interested in JJ at all, so none of this pictures really make me want to see this episode. I don't care about her, her husband, her child or her "story" with the new guy. I don't care about Hotch dates with Beth, or scenes of a half naked Morgan fooling around with Garcia. What I still like are good stories, with interesting unsub, and something about profiling, and episodes 'exploring' personal lives of the characters annoy me to no end. I don't like some writers because they turn this show into a soap opera. Do you remember the time when they said a member of the team would be in danger? And it was all about Will, JJs husband, and their child? I hated that so much that I just stopped viewing the first part and I never saw the second part episode. Chances are, I never will, not even for Hotch, Reid, Rossi or Prentiss. JJ was a minor character in this show, and it should have stayed like that. Of course, I guess JJ fans will be glad about this season. I am not, but I still watch it, and I still skip JJ and Garcia's parts. I am so glad DVDRs exist...

  8. To those ho think this season could be the last, there are always a chance that might be true BUT for that to happen, Hostage, The Mentalist, The Good wife, H50, Blue Blood, person of interest, elementary and the upcoming Inteligence would all need to get better ratings than CM.

    Let's not forget people, what matter most to CBS and advertisers are the demographics not the total numbers of viewers. When it comes to the demo be it the 18-49 or the 25-54 and not the numbers that are publish the day after an episode)L+SD) but those that are gathered three days after viewing ( the C3) . But since so far we only have the same days viewing(except for the season operner where CBS did published the L+3 ratings) , CM is either second to NCIS (in the demo 25-54)or third to NCIS and NCIS:LA. (in the demo 18-49)

    and the fact that the cast is signed for a possible season 10 mean that budget wise, this will not play a part in whether CM is renewed because ABC and CBS already know and have agreed to the raise in budget if there is to be a 10 season.

  9. @CMRT
    You forgot CSI. I can't see CBS canceling CM before that show, unless they want to keep CSI due to sentimental reasons or it's ratings some how surpasses that of CM.

    I know that CSI is the #1 drama in it's time slot, but CM does it one better. It's not just the #1 drama in it's time slot, it also happens to be Wednesday night's #1 drama.

  10. Anonymous,

    yes forgot CSI, I highly doubt CM would be canceled next season. CM is actually what makes CBS win Wednesday nights.

  11. I'm excited for this episode/arc/season.

    It sounds like they have a clear idea where the next two seasons should go and I don't think 9 will be its last.

    I am hesitant that the writers have never really put much focus on JJ before now. Pre season 6 they didn't really know what to do with the character and post season 6 they didn't work out who the character was in order to develop JJ. Then they always seem to recycle the same story lines for JJ whenever there is focus.

    But I think this season is a chance to look into JJ more and finally get that understanding - it is rather bad that even the actress playing JJ still doesn't truly know much about her character and has had to ask writers for 9 years about who JJ is.

    I think this season will hopefully smooth some cracks in post season 6 JJ and give her some better separation from other characters and her hopefully her role Asa. Mommy and wife. I love JJ and I'm excited to see what happens especially in the 200th where we'll see a lot of the team and familiar faces, trying to help JJ who is in jeopardy. I just hope they don't try to tone the arc down like they did with last seasons big bad which fell a little flat because of the focus elsewhere.

    The team are all going to have their moments, Hotch is awesome and already having a great season which I'm so happy about because I've missed the focus on Hotch, but JJ deserves some focus and it's just through JJ we learn about some of the others and get hopefully an exciting 200th as well!

  12. In every episode that is supposedly centered on a certain character there is usually one scene in the beginning, a reference in the middle and a scene at the end. So relax i'm sure the whole team is going to be in all episodes! That being said JJ deserves her moments just like everyone else or more. I happen to love each and every one of these characters but I am glad JJ is finally getting a story arc.

  13. Just from the pictures I can't wait for this episode!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Agreed!

    I cat waiti find out how Cruz meshes with the team especially how he and JJ interact and how he gets along with Hotch.

    I hope he isn't instantly the teams BFF, I thought Strauss became less interesting when she got on friendly terms with the team. I don't want Cruz to be a bad guy either but I would like some tension especially between him and Hotch. I'd love JJ to be caught in the middle and to see Hotch and JJ actually have some scenes together in more than one episode per season.

    I hope they address the fact that JJ and Hotch haven't seemed as close since her return and why they keep on forcing JJ and. Morgan and hopefully they'll finally mention the fact that JJ and. Hotch kept a secret and actually interacted during JJ's time away from the team.

    I think, looking from these pics alone, that JJ and Cruz seem friendly. I'm intrigued as to how well former colleagues can know each other. I don't exactly know if it was actually explained how long JJ was away from the team but I'm guessing it was less than a year, so I wonder if JJ and. Cruz knew each other before then in order to become close, or if they just experienced soemthing which bonded them?

    Idk, I have so many questions and I'm so curious, i can't wait to get some answers and see how it's all played out.

  15. "I hope he isn't instantly the teams BFF".........

    Unfortunately they've already confirmed he isn't going to be an antagonist like Strauss was earlier on. And I completely agree, her character became less interesting when she started wanting to be best buds with the team, which is why I was glad they killed her off.

    For some rather they seem to want to avoid a lot of conflict among the team members, unless it's short lived like the fall out between JJ and Reid. It's a shame because if it's well written, conflict between the different team members, as well as the new guy might prove to be rather interesting.

    I agree about Morgan and JJ. Those 2 are seriously lacking in the chemistry department and no attempt on the show's part to try and manufacture some kind of history between them is going to help.

    As far as JJ and Hotch not having scenes together as often as they use to, it's probably because she is in a different role now. When she was the media liaison there was a good reason for her to be interacting with Hotch as much as she did. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying JJ shouldn't have any interaction with Hotch, I'm merely pointing out why I believe it's not as often as it use to be.

    I'm really looking forward to the introduction of the new guy, but since I really don't give a rat's a$$ about JJ, I could care less about the history between them.But, I'm happy for JJ's fans I know they've been wanting something for JJ that didn't involve her being a wife and/or mother.

    I do think there would've been a lot less animosity towards JJ's if it wasn't for the fact that she was given this milestone episode of 200. And yes I know it's going to involve the whole team, but it's still going to be JJ centric. And a lot of people including myself don't feel she merits this milestone episode. And as someone pointed out she already had a 2 hour season finale dedicated to her character.
    Despite the way I feel I am looking forward to it somewhat, especially now that Paget is going to be making a guest appearance.

  16. I don't mind that the 200th is going to be JJ centric, I have reservations about what they're going to do it, but out of all the characters I'd prefer it to be JJ centric than any of the others. Hotch, Reid and morgan often have big episodes/arcs, I wouldn't be as interested in Rossi had another unfinished business or if Rossi was the one in danger, I like the guy but I wouldn't be as attached. If it was six years ago, I would have loved a Garcia centric episode but she's had more deviation from her character than JJ and I can only imagine the outrage if Blake got the 200th.

    I would have loved to see a team centric 200th episode, but tbh I don't think these writers manage to pull of team centric episodes that well. I can think of maybes three epsiodes in the last three years that would qualify as team centric to begin with. I'm hoping for a team centric cliffhanger finale this year.

    As for the season 7 two parter, I enjoyed it, there was a lot of JJ but for me that episode was more about Will and Prentiss than it was about JJ. We got to see JJ in protective mom mode, and become a wife, we didn't really learn anything new and we got to see her fight... I'm hoping for more insight in this season about who JJ is as an agent and some clarity on all her changes. When we get centric episodes about other characters they is often so much more. JJ deserves that kind of a attention from the writers too.

    Don't get me wrong, I can understand non JJ fans worry, I wouldn't be as happy if it were a Reid centric milestone episode, but as a JJ fan I'm excited, hesitantly excited because with these writers you're never sure if it's going to work, but excited nevertheless.

  17. JJ really? She has to be the least interesting character. They're trying really hard to make her less boring since she came back as profiler but she's just more annoying.

    Make the 200th episode about the whole team or Reid or Hotch who are much more interesting. I know people think that JJ deserves a storyline because she hasn't had a major arc. I think she just isn't interesting enough to warrant a special episode. Like everyone said, she had a 2 part finale about her...what a disappointment that was. And yes to the people saying JJ and Morgan have zero chemistry...stop pairing them together. I like JJ in a supporting role but she just doesn't work for me in a starring role.

  18. Im watching from the uk but carnt find it on any channels is it not in the uk yet if not when is the first episode going to go out here ive goggled it just keeps saying 25 th sept 2013 ???????

  19. I'm so so so looking forward to this arc.

    I thought season 9 started off strongly, stronger than the previous two seasons and I'm looking excited to see Esai on the show and to see what his connection is to JJ.

    I think all the characters deserve story lines in the show, but the 200th is JJ's and how the rest of the team intertwines with JJ's arc and I'm looking forward to it.

    I don't necessarily understand all the hate JJ sometimes gets, I can understand why people may not be happy, I have huge issues at times, but I've always enjoyed the character and thought there was a lot untapped potential which was often overlooked in favour for other characters such as Reid and Hotch. I love Hotch, I want to see more of him, but I'd prefer JJ and the other girls some more attention before they returned their focus to the male team members. Maybes if they spent more time on JJ as they have done other characters and actually figured out who the character is she might become more appealing for even more fans.

  20. Why all the JJ hate? Let's see I'm sure there are various reasons. Some are angry we didn't get the original JJ back, instead we got this Mary Sue.

    It's as if these writers are so afraid to give her any kind of major flaws. Reid may be a genius but the writers have no qualms whatsoever in giving him these kinds of flaws. It's one of the things I find really endearing about his character.

    I wasn't at all happy that they made JJ a profiler, but they made it even worse by the way she was written her first season back as a newly minted profiler. It probably would've helped if they had allowed her to make a couple of mistakes, but at last everyone knows Mary Sues don't make mistake.

    OMG! Look CBS/ABC, Isn't our girl wonderful beyond words. Aren't you glad you gave her back to us. And wasn't our decision to make her a profiler just brilliant. Anyone can see that she was born to be a profiler. I mean just look at her, brand new to profiling and she is already doing as well or in some cases even better than the seasoned profilers. Not to mention that our girl can do a pretty awesome roundhouse kick.

  21. To the person form the UK asking about CM. I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere, that in your country CM wasn't going to begin until January. I could be wrong though, hopefully it'll start sooner for you guys.

    1. Thanks thats a big help , January just seems a long time to wait

  22. To @ Anonymous posting October 6, 2013 at 4:30 PM

    Right now, the only dates confirmed are for Spain (Oct 9th) and South-America (Oct 14th), both in their respective AXN channels.

    The moment we learn new premiering dates for other countries, will tweet/RT them in our account, @criminalmindsrt.

    @ Everybody

    Please, take a deep breath and relax because, for starters we known too little yet.

    Having been hunting news from that set for several years now, is looking to us as if this season the spoilers we are getting are scarce, and most look misleading. Would be a pity if we get angry -worse if it's with each other,- only to be proven wrong... wouldn't it? ;-)

  23. In the third photo down where JJ is running, why is her left foot cut off? Just curious...

  24. does anyone know what episode number 904 is? How far are we from 200? thanks in advance

  25. Anonymous said...

    ' does anyone know what episode number 904 is? How far are we from 200? thanks in advance'

    Before season 9 started we had 186 episodes, since episode 9.04 will be seen this week and 9.03 the following ( both were switched for storyline purposes) then 9.04 will be 191 and 9.03 will be 190. 200 will 9.14

  26. Anonymous said...

    ' In the third photo down where JJ is running, why is her left foot cut off? Just curious...'

    It isn't cut off but partly hidden by grass.

  27. January seems ages away :(

  28. Ok so is "To Bear Witness"on this Wednesday 10/9/13? I'm confused :/

  29. No they've swapped this episode with the original 9.04 final shot :(

    So to bear witness is now 9.04...

  30. ok got it. thank you!

  31. Just needed to say I agree with those dissatisfied with the new JJ. I was amongst those who petitioned for her to come back to the show but I truly, truly wish I hadn't because she has come back as this annoying, snide and arrogant character that I dislike intensely. I hope the 200th episode is more team centric than they are suggesting. If it is all about JJ it will be a travesty. The 2 part season finale that featured her was a complete disaster and I haven't been able to even consider watching it again,Thank goodness I view this online and can fast forward past her scenes. I miss both the old JJ and also the Garcia who was quirky and sassy and not just plain silly as she has become. As for the new chief, they will miss a trick if they don't use this to inject a bit of tension and upset in the team. This nicey nicey family thing has gone too far - even when they inject a bit of realism, as when Prentiss returned from the dead, the dissension in the team was wrapped up unbelievably with a bowl of pasta!! How much better would it have been if that mistrust had trickled through subsequent episodes.

  32. OMG, are we now supposed to be seduced by pics of CM writers and cast frolicking, and hanging out. How about just getting down to what made CM such a great show a few years ago. If CM producers/writers read this at all they must know by now that it's difficult to trust spoilers, that we really dislike the characters becoming light years away from their former selves, and that plastering the actors all over social media sites doesn't make a good episode. Maybe it's time to really decide who has reached their level of incompetence, and help them make a career change. And it's not the actors, they have more then proven themselves. I so loved the believability and intelligence of Criminal Minds but alas we are left with absurdities. But I am faithful and watch never the less. So if you really want to honor your fans as you state, pump up the volume and create something that looks real.

    And I just hate how the fans (myself included) have in our frustrations turned against our characters, instead of seeing the bigger picture. Remember when it was a useless effort to try and pick a favorite because we loved them all equally?


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