Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 902. The Inspired - Sneak Peek

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  1. I love and have missed this side to Hotch. I felt last season, what we saw of Hotch was a little disappointing.

    I don't need every season to be Hotch centric, but I go through withdrawals if we don't get to see Hotch as the boss. I get that Rossi, Morgan and now Blake are experienced and senior agents but often last season it didn't really feel like Hotch was in charge or giving out orders.

    I liked what we saw of Brothers Hotchner, but I was expecting more for Hotch. I'm so over Beth, and Hotchs relationship with Sean, while revealing about their estrangement didn't quite fit, nor answer that many questions about Hotch.

    Though one episode in and I'm already loving the Hotch focus, and I think at least the early part of season 9 will show some Hotch goodness. I don't need him to be stoic and unhappy, but I prefer him not to be OOC or in a teen romance. I just want more of the Hotch we know and love! and if we get some better insight into the character and some backstory along the way (and more Hotch and JJ scenes if I'm being greedy) I'll be over the moon.


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