Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 903. Final Shot - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'Final Shot', and written by Sharon Lee Watson.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week we'll get again a brand new one!


  1. This season has really started out to a great start! Lot of unexpected events. Great shot taken by Hotch @ the end.

  2. OMG! Please oh Please CM give us more episodes like this one. I absolutely loved it.
    This is the CM I've been missing. I loved the visuals they were using.I loved how they super imposed Reid into the scene of the crime as he was profiling about the shooting. I can't remember the last time they did that, but it's been along time.
    Other than too much JJ/Morgan pairing and a couple of other things this was an excellent episode.

  3. This was totally like an "old school" CM ep with the green scene and everything! We didn't see the unsub until the end, the fantasy while waiting thing was perfect to throw us all off and Hotch being Hotch in the end was brilliant.

    This baby gets a 10!

  4. Guys we got to let them know how much we appreciated this episode and that we want more like it.Ita that it was old school CM. I don't know whose decision it was to cease using the green screen, but I always thought it was a mistake and I was glad to see it's return and I hope it's here to stay.

    @rockhotch31. Actually we did see the unsub earlier in fact we saw him several time thru out the show. We just didn't know he was the unsub until near the end and I loved it.

    I was totally blown away about who the unsub turned out to be as well as his potential victim.
    And Hooray to Hotch saving the day.

    I wish I was on tweeter so I could tweet Sharon a big THANK YOU for a job well done..

  5. I already have and Sharon was kind enough to tweet back and thank me.

    And I know we saw the unsub. I even saw he was a black man through the eye holes of him mask. Yet, I never ever put it all together that they guy "protecting" the woman was the LDSK.

  6. @hotchrocket: That is the guy I was talking about and yeah it totally blew me a way that he was the unsub bc here I thought he was protecting the women from the shooter instead he turned out to be the one she needed protecting from. Thank goodness Hotch was there to save the day.

    Oh and thank you for tweeting Sharon and I hope more people do the same. After all we let them know when they screw up. So I think it's equally as important when they to something right.

  7. Totally loved this episode, it felt like a Criminal Minds classic worthy of season 1 to 5!

    I give it a 9.0/10!

  8. Best episode in a long, long time! Great job Sharon Lee Watson. Loved the green screen scene with Reid. It was refreshing to have an episode that wasn't about a psychotic serial killer again. This was very much like the CM of the early years. Thank you so much! I have been considering giving up on Criminal Minds. Last night's episode gives me the hope that I might love it once again.

  9. LOL. In my excitement over this episode, especially with the return of the CGI and please writers don't let it be a onetime thing, I completely missed the fact that the guy wasn't really protecting the woman, but was only fantasizing about it.

  10. I really enjoyed this episode. As many others posted already, it felt like an old CM episode, and I couldn't be more happy. I still think JJ and Morgan shouldn't share any screen together, since they look too dull, but other than that and Garcia's lines (which I still skipped) I loved everything in this episode.

  11. I loved this one very much. A clever, well written story, the team were front and centre, I loved the return of the green screen, although we saw the unsub early on we didn't know it was him and the action scenes were pretty good. However, I also don't like JJ and Morgan together so much - dull, dull,dull - and not fond of Garcia anymore as she has become really silly. But overall a great episode and right back to the roots of what made CM a great show.

  12. Brilliant episode - good story good suspense and difficult to solve till it unfolded. Loved the green scene just like CM of old. Loved the team interactions but would like more of Hotch teamed with someone other than Rossi from time to time. We haven't seen Reid and Hotch together much. Absolutely brilliant t ending and it took me a few moments to realise that it was Hotch took the final shot - again a throwback to his marksmanship prowess of early CM. THIS WAS A GREAT EPISODE. I hope the intro of the new Section Chief doesn't interrupt the flow of what is shaping up to be a good season. I'd also love to see a bit of tension between the team members from time to time as that would be realistic with such high powered competent people and it would give possibilities for more story lines. Yes a great episode and well done to all!

  13. This was right on, so many of my recent complaints were absent here-a return to the former spark, and great story line, without a lot of gore or depraved stuff although I did guess early on that the unsub, was the so called protector. OK, maybe the Morgan/JJ thing still not working, and a return to the sassy sparkle Garcia without the silly would be great, but this really was good, a 9 for me, and I rarely vote the awesome.

  14. This was such a great episode, my favourite of Sharon's and a huge improvement on last weeks IMO.

    It was old school, there were twists and turns, I was never entirely sure who the UNSUB was until near the end. Everyone on the team had something to do and featured a good amount of time. I liked that we got to see everyone and even though most of the pairings were static and I'd prefer to JJ and Morgan paired up with others more! I thought it made sense for JJ and Morgan to be paired up when they were in this episode.

    It was great to see the nods to old school CM such as the green screen and continuity was there.

    I actually really liked how they're setting cup JJ's secret arc. There was something definitely going on, someone noticed but she covered it up, that was good. I like how JJ's arc is not going to be dependent on Matteo Cruz being in an episode and I'm glad they've set up the fact that something is up with JJ before we actually meet Cruz so that story line doesn't come out of left field.

    I'm loving the amount of Hotch and even the snippets of JJ and Hotch that we got, they might have been a little blink and miss but I'm hoping they have at least one conversation this season about what they both went through in season 6.

    A+ episode! I'm hoping for more like this throughout the season.

  15. I too loved this episode. I loved the plot twists and I actually liked the scene with JJ and Morgan in the jail with the general. I also liked the scene with Rein and JJ and I love that something is going on with JJ and I can't wait for that Storyline. I have nothing at all against Blake but to me her character is so boring. When she consoles someone it's so awkward. Loved Hotch! I hope we get more episodes like this one

  16. Fantastic -what an episode!!! keep it coming ! E.J. Jahnes

  17. This was a hit right out of the park. Loved it, please let it be your template for how to please the crowd. Cast and crew, we thank you!

  18. Oh Good Grief.I can just see it now.Once it is revealed to the team that she was abused ,since Morgan himself was abused the 2 of them well probably bond over it and grew even closer.

    And of course them bonding like that and becoming closer will give the show an excuse to continue shoving the dullest pairing in CM's history down our throats.

  19. Does anyone know the name of the song/artist that played over the last minute of the episode? Thanks

  20. I noticed two things...the first was Morgan didn't have his goatee. The second, when the sniper was shooting the first time, the first shot sounded like a silencer and then shots were heard. I'm not an expert but have seen a lot of crimes shows....I think the sniper used a silencer? Thoughts anyone? Oh and also, agree with everyone above. The episode was awesome A+++++++++++++

  21. @Busylizzie The song is "In The Embers" by Sleeeping At Last


  22. Since I've been among the most critical of CM Seasons 6-8, I must join the throngs who found this episode SO appealingly like S 1-4 and some of 5. Wonderful episode that I enjoyed immensely. Honestly not used to savoring every minute of a CM episode anymore. Less gore and horror, more profiling and more team interaction and that wonderful "green screen" device that was an early hallmark of the show. And...funny how this works...the unsub staying an UNKNOWN subject until the very end, with a great twist at that, coinciding with a great episode.

    I don't mind the Morgan-JJ pairing (nor Morgan's chiseled features finally be freed from that silly goatee and the softening of JJ's nearly platinum blonde hair more of a honey shade that really becomes her). I think the issue is more that they've superimposed too much of Prentiss' toughness on JJ, and that just feeling forced and unnatural. It worked with Prentiss because she was more strongly built, and the writers balanced her toughness with humor and the occasional vulnerability. The Morgan-Reid or Hotch-Reid pairings are always my personal favorite

    OK so I'm greedy: I WANT MORE OF THIS CM. If the stylists would also stop styling Reid's hair with a Cuisinart it would be the icing on the cake.


    And a long overdue but also huge Thanks to those who run this do a really amazing job.

  23. See I don't it's so much trying to turn JJ into Prentiss, I just don't think JJ and Morgan were really ever shown to have the friendship they appear to have now and it's never really been explained or addressed on the show.

    I don't even know if the writers or actors have noticed. I mean JJ and Morgan had been paired up pre season 7, but out of all the females on the show, Morgan never seemed particularly close to JJ. He also never flirted with JJ, which is great because I wouldn't want every one of his female friendships to have that undertone, but when Morgan and JJ were seen as having fun, laughing getting on well etc, it was in a group scene, never really just the two of them, like we saw with JJ and Reid or Morgan and Elle for example.

    Also for me all the BAU women get less interesting when they're paired with Morgan. I don't know why, Elle, Prentiss and JJ have all been Morgans partners now and they're all kind of the same kind of character when they're with Morgan... It's Morgan and his (insert female character and make the badass and able to hold their own against unsubs and Morgan, here) sidekick.

    So for me, it's not necessarily all on JJ for the lack of chemistry or for a personality change. It's both their lack of chemistry but I have more issues with the lack of previous obvious friendship other than work colleagues and my issues with Morgans partners having to be a female Morgan something I've felt about more than just JJ.

    But I totally agree with you about this episode being awesome and a hello a lot better than a lot of episodes in seasons 6-8

  24. I do think the show needs to get over the notion that Morgan has to have a female partner the majority of the time. I hate how they are constantly sticking JJ with him like they did with Prentiss.
    And I agree that JJ and Morgan weren't particularly close and they don't have much history together.Of course now that hasn't stopped the show from trying to manufacture some kind of history for them now.

    I feel Morgan has better chemistry with the men particularly Reid and Rossi. IMO the only female Morgan has good chemistry with is Garcia.

    Now I will admit it's possible I only feel this way because he is my favorite, but I think that Reid has good chemistry with all 3 of the ladies.

  25. It's not even that they pair Morgan with a female, it's that they equate a woman being badass in the field to Morgans style and strength. JJ could have been way more badass without her fight skills and partnering with Morgan all the time, running around with gun in her hand and being his number 2 etc. Prentiss was far more interesting in season 2 before she filled that space and even Elle came acroSs differently when paired with other team members.

    Itjust irks me that they didn't bother, until now, to delve into JJs role and make her badass in her own unique way, instead they just plopped her right into Morgans generic female partner position,

    I also think Morgan and Garcia used to have great chemistry before baby girl became a brand, the flirting became out of place and Garcia became OTT at the wrong times. I'd rather see them have a falling out or something, just to get some space between them.

    I do think Reid has good chemistry with most of the women on the team, although sometimes I think they try and force JJ and Reid's supposedly sibling relationship because it changed after 7.02 even though it was never really mentioned again, and just because JJ calls him spence! doesn't really mean much now...

    I think Rossi and Hotch have good chemistry with all the women, we just don't get to see them interact that much with their female counterparts because they're usually paired up or in scenes together.

    I think this season has started off strong and a small part that is helping is that we're starting to see more pairings/team scenes within episodes.

  26. Being a long time faithful fan of any show, particularly one that has been around as long as CM has allowed us to get a sense of more that what is going on via the screen. Frankly it is not difficult to see that some of the actors are trying very hard to project themselves outside their past roles in CM, SM is perhaps the best example. So if my guess is right, it follows that some are experimenting with new stuff to expand their resumes, and influencing producers and writers accordingly. So with the uncertainty of whether CM would be a go beyond season 8, personality changes for some of the actors was probably to be expected, as well as cast leaving (Paget B.) Maybe things are settling again, and we can continue to see the CM of old. The Last Shot, gave us a really good look at the potential of this happening once again. Bravo!

  27. I don't mind when they experiment and put these characters in different situations etc, but for the last few seasons it feels like they chose the wrong situations and they don't take enough risks which have consequences. If something isn't working or runs into a roadblock for the writers, instead of evolving or adapting they just either ignore it, wrap it up quickly or change everything completely so the original thought goes nowhere.

    I think season 9 is already stronger than the majority of 6,7 and 8. It feels like everything is settling and they're starting to understand what they want to show to be about. But I hope they don't let the real world or the actors influence their characters so much they forget about the show and characters original concept.

    I think it half worked for JJ's departure episode, at the time we didn't know she was going to come back and that they'd have to think everything through again, but it had ramifications because now they have to readdress that story line. So I hope they concentrate on who the characters used to be and understand that drawing on their experiences at work during the shows lifetime, to evolve them rather than just pulling something out of thin air.

  28. I agree with everyone; this was an awesome episode. There were 2 surprises for me: one when it was revealed that all the interaction between the unsub and his target were all in his mind, and when he was shot. First I thought, oh well, they had a sharp shooter trained on him, but when they showed Hotch? I was thrilled. We know he's a crack shot with a gun, but a sharp shooter as well? Totally believable. The man must spend a LOT of time on the shooting range. Just more proof of his dedication to the job.


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