Wednesday, September 11, 2013

IAR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Shemar Moore Talks 'The Bounce Back,' Crowdfunding, 'Justice League: War' and 'Criminal Minds'

Written by iamrogue

Shemar Moore isn't interested in resting on his laurels.

Thanks to his role as Derek Morgan on the ABC series Criminal Minds, the former The Young and the Restless star has earned legions of new fans over the previous eight seasons.

As the series enters its ninth season, though, Moore isn't just keeping an eye on the future, he's actively building towards it.  Moore is returning to features for this first time since 2005's Diary of a Mad Black Woman with his crowdfunded passion project The Bounce Back.  He's also jumping into the animation game as the voice of Cyborg in the upcoming DC Universe movie Justice League: War.

Moore is spearheading The Bounce Back as both star and executive producer. The film centers Matthew Taylor, who pens a bestselling book an creates a whole philosophy as means of self-defense following the death of his first love. In order to continue hiding his heartbreak, Taylor mounts a year-long speaking tour espousing the benefits of his system, which keeps him from experiencing such vulnerability ever again. When he meets the beautiful and unpredictable Kristin Moreland, however, Tyler must renounce his book and his philosophy for a second chance at love.

In an IAR-exclusive interview with Managing Editor Jami Philbrick, Shemar Moore recently shared his enthusiasm for The Bounce Back, the process of using social media to secure funding for the romantic comedy-drama, and the project's current status. He also joining the DC Universe as the voice of Cyborg in Justice League: War, and his fervent hope to...

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  1. I read this article earlier, and tbh, I have nothing constructive or encouraging to say about it.

    If the show ends in season 10, it ends. It would be better for the show to end on a high, but I'd like to think that show could continue and would end still on a high and with everyone in agreement for it to end.

    10 years is a long time, but I think CM could be a NCIS, CSI, L&O type of show which could continue for years, with the odd cast change occurring like it has done since its beginning.

    If certain people want off the show at that point but others want to stay and the networks want the show to continue, I'd also be happy. I think the more people that would stay in the show the better rather than having a completely new cast with one familiar face like suspect behaviour, but if say one or two left and Morgan was one of them, I'd still watch season 11. For me, Morgan being transferred to take over the another team is highly plausible and I wouldn't miss him from the team, but I would miss others more if they were to leave.

    He ain't my fav character or actor, but all the more power to him for wanting to further his career.

  2. For me the show is already on a downward spiral since the end of season 6. I enjoyed very few season 7 episodes and only one or two of season 8, but overall the show is not the same show anymore, that it has been the first six seasons. I only have continued watching for Prentiss, Rossi and Morgan. When Morgan is leaving after Emily is already gone, I will definitely stop watching.

    The longer shows air, the more ridiculous or repetitive the storylines become and the characters often become more like caricatures of their former self.

  3. I will wait to see if there is a season 10, then wait to see what the other actors have to say before getting caught up in what might happen 2 seasons from now.

  4. Hope CM will go on more than ten years and with minimal cast change. For me the breaking point would be losing Thomas Gibson.

    I have not liked much of season 6, season 7 was much better, loved much of season 8. Hope season 9 will be even better and if CM ends at the end of season 10 then hope they go out doing their best season ever!

  5. MGG and JT are the only ones up for a new contract at the end of season 9. All the rest have a contract through season 10.


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